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Top 10: Most Memorable Bosses in the Metal Gear Solid Series – Part One

889 days 18 hours ago - Having just finished a playthrough of all the Metal Gear Solid games (Portable Ops excluded), coupled with the excitement for the upcoming Metal Ge... | Opinion piece | PS2


Borderlands 2 Review | TheGamersChallenge

890 days 1 hour ago - Subtlety is a trait rarely explored in video games. Everything is usually as bombastic and explosive as possible, particularly in the FPS genre. Bu... | Review | PC


How Naughty Dog Held my Hand in the Crazy World of Gaming

890 days 9 hours ago - As with many people, my first foray into gaming occurred at a tentative, impressionable young age. Whilst visiting a friend, I distinctly recall th... | Opinion piece | PS2


Retro Review: Dino Stalker | TheGamersChallenge

890 days 10 hours ago - Two years had gone by, we’d advanced a console generation and I was content to think that maybe my favorite franchise had ended. I hadn’t expected... | Review | PS2


New looped animations from White Night, a completely black and white game

Now - White Night is a noir horror game inspired by classic horror movies and games, with a focus on strong visual storytelling. | Promoted post

Snake Eater – The least successful Metal Gear Solid game?

891 days 7 hours ago - Metal Gear Solid is perhaps one of the most successful game franchises in history. It has retro roots in the form of the Metal Gear MSX2 titles. Fo... | Opinion piece | PS2


Resident Evil 6 - Xbox Live Demo: Extensive Review

893 days 7 hours ago - It started with excitement. Although I’d watched the trailers and gameplay footage of the title beforehand, I still couldn’t help but feel a little... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes | TheGamersChallenge

893 days 17 hours ago - Lego is quite the miraculous toy. Not only brilliant in its simplicity and fuel to the desires of children to both construct and destruct. What is... | Review | PC


Are Modern Video Games Too Easy?

893 days 17 hours ago - Last year I finally got round to playing Uncharted 2. Better late than never, and I had a thoroughly good time playing it. However, upon finishing... | Opinion piece | Industry


Essential PS3 Exclusives – Part 2

894 days 3 hours ago - We’re back with Part 2! If you haven’t read Part 1 yet (then really, what’s wrong with you?) hurry up so we can crack on with showcasing more of th... | Opinion piece | PS3


FTL: Faster Than Light Review |

894 days 22 hours ago - Listen up cadets! You want to be a Federation captain eh? Want to defy the rebellion and do your race a credit? Well you’ve come to the right place... | Review | PC


inFAMOUS 2 – Review | TheGamersChallenge

894 days 22 hours ago - I was happy to get my hands on inFAMOUS 2, I really enjoyed the first game and the birth of a super hero/villain it depicted. Sucker Punch made a f... | Review | PS3


Retro Review: Tombi! | TheGamersChallenge

895 days 2 hours ago - For some time, Tombi was considered one of the finest games that most people would never play. You’ve likely heard of it, and you may even have pla... | Review | PS2


Are “Ports” a good thing?

896 days 3 hours ago - Since the early days of development for multiple platforms, ports have been a gateway for for IPs to jump across to other consoles. This generally... | Opinion piece | PC


DLC and Patches – Blessing or Curse?

896 days 4 hours ago - Is downloadable content the future of gaming, or an unnecessary expense to everyone? On the one hand, it enables us to extend the play time of... | Opinion piece | PC


Tales of the Abyss 3DS Review -

896 days 17 hours ago - Porting Tales of the Abyss to the 3DS was a smart move by Namco. Despite being one of the best titles in the critically-praised ‘Tales of’ series,... | Review | Casual games


Gaming Magazines: A Dying Art Form?

897 days 5 hours ago - You know believe it or not, there was a time before the internet, a time when we had to read things on paper! Saying that, I’m the type of person w... | Opinion piece | Industry


The Gamer's GTA V – What We Know So Far

898 days 5 hours ago - Grand Theft Auto was first released in 1997 for PCs and since then the franchise has gone from strength to strength, selling over 76 million units... | Preview | PC


Team Fortress 2: Mann vs Machine

900 days 3 hours ago - It’s a good thing when companies have the time and resources to constantly work at anything until it’s just right. Working on ‘valve time’ may be a... | Opinion piece | PC


Retro Re-Releases: Sega Heritage Collection

901 days ago - Sega have recently released this trailer, showcasing their three upcoming HD re-releases of Nights into Dreams, Jet Set Radio and Sonic Adventure 2... | Opinion piece | Retro


Retro Money’s Still Money, Folks

902 days 13 hours ago - I own a PS3. Nothing remarkable there – that’s me and about sixty-four million other people, then. When I’m not being terrible on some online game... | Opinion piece | PS2


N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post
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