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The Ghosts And Ghouls Of Nintendo

424 days 6 hours ago - With Halloween this week, what better way to drill up excitement than looking at some of the ghostly happenings from Nintendo? | Opinion piece | Retro


Pokemon X And Y Brings Pokemon Into The 3DS Era(GamerHub TV Review)

433 days 11 hours ago - Is a trip to the Kalos region to be a Pokemon master worth your time? | Review | 3DS


Rune Factory 4 Combines Monster Fighting And Farming( GamerHub TV Review)

435 days 14 hours ago - Is the Pokemon/Harvest Moon styled combo worth your time? | Review | 3DS


Take To The Open Seas In The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD( GamerHub TV Review)

462 days 7 hours ago - The Legend of Zelda finally comes to the Wii U. Is it worth its weight in rupees? | Review | Wii U


Far Cry 4 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken finds his inner tiger in Kyrat. | Promoted post

Pokemon Rumble U Scores An Effective Hit( GamerHub TV Review)

478 days 15 hours ago - Nintendo finally throws their hat into the NFC ring with Pokemon | Review | Wii U


A Look Back: Super Mario

510 days 12 hours ago - Relive some classic video game moments in the Super Mario Franchise. | Opinion piece | Retro


Spelunker Does Not Make Me Want To Continue Cave Exploration. GamerHub TV Review

517 days 10 hours ago - The jump to modern times from the eighties wasn’t kind to Spelunker. | Review | Retro


EA Software Showcase: Hands On With Madden 25. GamerHub TV Preview

519 days 11 hours ago - Most things get better with age and the Madden franchise is no exception. | Preview | Xbox 360


EA Software Showcase: Hands On With NHL 14: NHL 94 Anniversary Mode.GamerHub TV Preview

523 days 11 hours ago - Go back in time in NHL 14 with the greatest old school hockey game of all time, NHL 94. | Preview | Xbox 360


A Look Back: Arcade Games

539 days 20 hours ago - The idea of the arcade isn't what it used to be but they still hold memories for a lot of people. | Opinion piece | Retro


Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis On The Move Moves The Right Way(GamerHub TV Review)

595 days 13 hours ago - Is Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move just another eshop puzzle game? | Review | 3DS


My Type Of Countdown: Top 5 Innovations In Super Mario Brothers 3

597 days 19 hours ago - Super Mario Brothers 3 is one of the best Mario games around but what makes the game so great? | Article | Retro


What Got Me Excited During The Nintendo Direct Presentation

610 days 17 hours ago - The most recent Nintendo Direct had the feel of an E3 presentation and it looked like Nintendo was treating it like their E3. | Opinion piece | Wii U


A Look Back: Preorders

624 days 9 hours ago - Being able to go into a store on a major game or system launch day and buying it is becoming a thing of the past. Preorder it to make sure you have... | Opinion piece | GameCube


My Type Of Countdown: Top 5 Easter Bunnies Of Gaming

634 days 4 hours ago - With Easter coming, it got me thinking, who are the top 5 Easter Bunnies of the Gaming world? | Article | Retro


A Look Back: Ducktales

638 days 10 hours ago - A piece of your childhood will return this summer with Ducktales Remastered. Time to take a look back at the original. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


A Private Investigation Into Lego City Undercover(GamerHub.TV Review)

640 days 18 hours ago - Chase McCain is back in Lego City to take down Rex Fury but he needs your help. Will you be there to lend him a helping hand in cleaning up the und... | Review | Wii U


My Type Of Countdown: Top 5 Pirates Who Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously

651 days 9 hours ago - With Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag being revealed recently, it got me thinking about the top 5 pirates in TV and video games that you shouldn't ta... | Article | GameCube


A Look Back: Pokemon

658 days 9 hours ago - It was the 17th anniversary of the Pokemon series recently and the franchise doesn't have any plans of slowing down anytime soon. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Re-release, Good Idea or Lazy?

666 days 12 hours ago - Some of the video game companies are trying to cash in on the nostalgia older players feel toward the games of the past. Is this a good marketing i... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post
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