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PCWorld: Crysis 3 Review

1079 days 11 hours ago - For a series that spends so much time trying to establish just how unstoppable the series’ protagonist, Prophet, is, Crysis 3 sure does a great job... | Review | PC


PCWorld: Tomb Raider Review

1079 days 11 hours ago - Straying from the series' roots, the latest Tomb Raider is a gritty, disturbing take on the action-adventure genre. It's beautifully crafted, both... | Review | PC


Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) console launch marks effort to revive stumbling business

1079 days 12 hours ago - Sony Corp said it will launch its next-generation PlayStation this year, hoping its first video game console in seven years will give it a much-nee... | Article | PS4


How Lego City Undercover blows the franchise wide open - and could save the Wii U in the process

1079 days 22 hours ago - Arthur Matthews and Graham Linehan, creators of the classic sitcom Father Ted, were once asked why they'd chosen to make a comedy about priests. Wa... | Article | Wii U


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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I Used To Smoke Pot Every Time I Played A Video Game. Here’s Why I Stopped.

1080 days 1 hour ago - I started smoking pot during my junior year of college, after a loud and messy breakup with my first girlfriend that sent me into an absolutely man... | Article | Culture


Need fresh games for your Intellivision? Entrepreneur cashes in on nostalgia

1080 days 14 hours ago - There is one crucial detail that distinguishes William Moeller from other tech entrepreneurs. While many local firms focus on creating applicati... | Article | Retro


12 violent video games to avoid

1081 days 7 hours ago - These are the most violent video games for kids that are most popular right now - be sure you know what your kids are playing, or what they're buyi... | Article | PC


Video Games For More Than Entertainment: Raising Awareness Of Child Labour In Uzbekistan

1081 days 7 hours ago - Two things are clear about 'My Cotton Picking Life', a new computer game set in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan. One: it's not a very good game. An... | Article | PC


Are Violent Video Games Helping Soldiers?

1081 days 7 hours ago - We hear a lot of criticism about how video games are too violent, but there might be one situation where that's actually a good thing... A study... | Article | Industry


Gamers share PlayStation memories ahead of Sony launch event

1081 days 8 hours ago - Sony is expected to launch its next generation of the PlayStation gaming console at a glitzy media event tonight in New York City. To mark the day,... | Article | PS2


Five quick thoughts on the PlayStation 4

1082 days 12 hours ago - The PlayStation 4 was revealed this week. Sort of. The clouds didn’t part and the system didn’t descend from the heavens promising to cure cancer a... | Article | PS4


PlayStation 4: what are the games like?

1082 days 13 hours ago - Sony has revealed its latest games console – but what do we know about the games that will come with it? Here are the titles everyone's talking about | Article | PS4


East Vancouver indie video game developer Kerberos takes a run at solo distribution

1082 days 15 hours ago - VANCOUVER — It’s been a tough few years out there in Van City for video game developers. Some big names have bit the dust and, with them, a lot of... | News | PC


Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on why there was no box at the launch event

1082 days 19 hours ago - Sony's PlayStation 4 launch event on Wednesday has drawn excitement, criticism and curiosity from the gaming community. While some were intrigued b... | Article | PS4


The PS4 makes an invisible debut

1083 days 3 hours ago - Imagine if you went to the launch of the new Beyonce album and she showed you the cover, played a couple of drum loops, and let you hear some recor... | Article | PS4

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