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Sony Is Indeed Open To Bring PlayStation Suite To Other Platforms, Including iOS

1764 days 9 hours ago - SCE CEO Kaz “Ridge Racer” Hirai talked around in a roundtable discussion after the event. "We have a completely open stance. With carriers and w... | News | PSP


If E3 Was Like Highschool

1993 days 15 hours ago - "With all the rumors, backstabbing, parties, and secret hook-ups, E3 is already kind of like High School. But what if E3 really was a High School.... | Article | Arcade


Engadget: Microsoft's Game Room for Xbox 'rewinds' the hits in our hands-on demo

2085 days 8 hours ago - "Microsoft showed off its new retro-tastic Game Room UI for Xbox 360 in playable form at GDC last week. While the "make a virtual represe... | Preview | 2


Review: Deadly Premonition (Destructoid)

2102 days 12 hours ago - "We knew it would be a disturbed, crazy, very silly game, and we were prepared for more than enough cheesy, ironic humor. We were ready to lau... | Review | 2


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Metal Gear Arcade AOU 2010: Japanese Trailer

2107 days ago - "Legendary soldier Solid Snake returns to the battlefield in 3D with the unveiling of Metal Gear Arcade at the AOU Expo in Japan." | Video | 1,7,11


PSP Go Disassembly

2136 days 16 hours ago - "Here's the PSP Go, stop-motion disassembled and reassembled in under 2 minutes." | Video | 4, 14


The myth of the Sony 'kill switch'

2138 days 7 hours ago - "For nearly 20 years Sony in Japan has been plagued by the myth of the "Sony Timer" – but is there really a kill-switch that destroy... | Rumor | 14

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