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Turn Your Android Smart Watch Into A James Bond Gadget

13 hours ago - Make your Android Wear device look like the watch from Goldeneye on the N64 using this free app! | News | Android


Firefly's Signature Ship Serenity Coming To Destiny

14 hours ago - Bungie have shown off an image of the Firefly's signature ship Serenity, used in their upcoming game Destiny, and It looks awesome | News | Xbox 360


Portal 2 Mod That Removes Portals From The Game

7 days ago - Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative is a mod for Portal 2 that will take away your trusty portal gun and replaces with a fancy new device! | News | PC


The Playstation 4 Could Bring 3D Gaming To The Mainstream Market

7 days 14 hours ago - Sony may have failed to make 3D work with the PS3, but 3D gaming with the PS4 has fixed everything that was wrong with 3D on the PS3. | Opinion piece | PS4


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Guy Gets Head Smashed By Titan - GTA Online

11 days 6 hours ago - The initial plan was to try and land the titan on the roof of the bank. There were a few miscalculations with the speed and height when coming in t... | Video | Xbox 360


Dead Space 3 Online Coop Let's Play

12 days 14 hours ago - Our first time ever playing any Dead Space game. Didnt go too badly! !NOTE: There is some bad language in this | Videocast | PS3


Driveclub's Dynamic Weather Revealed With Developer Interview

14 days 11 hours ago - Details on dynamic weather in Driveclub have been revealed in an awesome new video with in game footage. | News | PS4


Hilarious Sniper Elite 3 Testicle Shot Montage

19 days 21 hours ago - Sniper Elite 3 kill montage full of awesome testicle shots. | Video | Culture


Minecraft Gamer Begins 17 Day Journey To The End Of The World

19 days 22 hours ago - He is required to travel 30k kilometers to reach the end. The cart travels at 20m/s. Travelling 30,000,000m at 20m/s comes out at 17.361111111 day... | News | Culture


PS Plus EU July 2014 Game and Trophy Breakdown

27 days 14 hours ago - Playstation plus lineup for July 2014 has been released with the games broken down based on review score, trophies and our picks for the month | Opinion piece | PS3


Video Games With WWE Commentary From Jim Ross

28 days 11 hours ago - Scenes from famous video games with hilariously timed commentary from WWEs Jim Ross | Video | Culture


Amazon Reveal Release Date For 3 New Dualshock 4 Colors

34 days 9 hours ago - The release dates for 3 new Dualshock 4 colors have been revealed on Amazon. | News | PS4


Modder Behind Watchdogs E3 2012 Mod Discusses Differences

34 days 9 hours ago - At this stage we have all seen and heard of the Watchdogs mod for PC that upgrades the games visuals to make it look more like the E3 2013 demo. Th... | Interview | PC


The Order 1886 Special Editions Listed On Amazon

34 days 15 hours ago - Two awesome special editions of The Order 1886 are up for pre order on Amazon. | News | PS4


VR Fan Brings New Dimension To Gaming And Oculus Rift

35 days 10 hours ago - New virtual reality fan that can work along with the Oculus rift brings smart wind to video games. | News | PC


Big Games That Were Missing From E3 This Year

39 days 13 hours ago - Like with every E3 event there are leaks before the event takes place. This gives us a good idea of what to expect from the show in terms of what g... | Opinion piece | Industry


Sony Waste Opportunity To Win E3 2014 By Boring Viewers

42 days 11 hours ago - Sony could have ran away with E3 this year but instead they decide to bore us with pointless statistics and a bloated press conference. | Opinion piece | PS3


Nintendo's Short and Sweet Press Conference Gives Hope For The Wii U

42 days 11 hours ago - I don't own a Wii U but after watching Nintendo's E3 presentation this year I really want one. In past years Nintendo have focused on party games t... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Microsoft Deliver Dull E3 Press Conference

42 days 11 hours ago - Microsoft started out strong with their E3 presentation. A video hardly had time to end before another started playing, they kept developers on sta... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


New super Smash Bros Mii fighter trailer

42 days 14 hours ago - Nintendo have released new footage of Smash Bros wii u | Trailer | Wii U


Mind Zero (Vita) Review

Now - Jae checks out this familiar Vita RPG. | Promoted post
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