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Making the Next Smash a Smash Hit

977 days 1 hour ago - The reveal of the next version of Smash Bros. is finally on the horizon. Christopher Erb of VGU.TV throws some less than likely candidates for new... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Pizza Hut Review | VGU.TV

1018 days 10 hours ago - VGU.TV's Christopher Erb takes a look at the new Pizza Hut app for the Xbox 360. Much like Pizza Hut pizza itself, it's not exactly pretty. | Review | Xbox 360


Top Ten Licenses Gearbox Software Could Acquire and Ruin

1018 days 19 hours ago - In the wake of Gearbox Software's acquisition of the Homeworld franchise following THQ's demise, many fans are wondering whether their beloved spac... | Article | PC


2013 in Games: Year of the Corporate Snake

1038 days ago - Christopher Erb at VGU.TV takes a look at the various bald-faced lies doled out by the games industry so far this year, which is quickly turning in... | Opinion piece | Industry


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Pokémontinental Drift: How Approaching Reality is Weakening Pokémon’s Fantasy

1043 days ago - This opinion piece by Christopher Erb examines the growing drift of Pokémon designs from a healthy balance of recognizability and originality to wi... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


#YOLOSWAG Lets You Fight Back Against Obnoxious Tweets

1077 days 8 hours ago - Indie dev Aran Koning's #YOLOSWAG is a simple arena shooter that bases its onslaughts on whatever Twitter hashtags you choose. | News | PC


Can't There Be a Good Xbox MMO?

1077 days 9 hours ago - VGU.TV's Andrew Nino explores the sad legacy of MMO attempts on the Xbox and Xbox 360, and why massively multiplayer gameplay has had such a hard t... | Opinion piece | Xbox


Roundtable: Best Remake

1077 days 22 hours ago - The VGU.TV staff share their opinions on their favorite video game remakes, and what makes a good remake. | Opinion piece | Culture


Indie Royale Mash Bundle Out Now

1079 days 23 hours ago - Indie Royale's latest bundle, the Mash Bundle, compiles five games from across several genres, which seem to be fairly varied and gamepad-friendly... | News | PC


Portal 2's Chell Getting Limited Edition Figure from NECA

1081 days 13 hours ago - NECA, Valve's official merchandising partner, is producing a batch of Portal 2 Chell figures limited to just 15,000, which are due to go on sale ne... | News | PC


The Loneliest Hearts in Videogames

1093 days 20 hours ago - If you're of the leaning that refers to February 14th as "Singles Awareness Day," you may find some solace in these poor souls, who are likely way... | Opinion piece | Culture


Kingdom of Loathing Survives a Decade

1095 days 10 hours ago - Browser-based, stick-figure role-playing game Kingdom of Loathing is still going strong after ten years, as something of a surprise to its creators. | News | PC


Grave Prosperity Review (PC) | VGU.TV

1098 days 8 hours ago - LDC Studios' free-to-download Grave Prosperity has a spirit hearkens back to the tense, fixed-camera, early days of survival horror. It also has ga... | Review | PC


Is Christmas Coming Too Early for Next-Gen Gaming?

1101 days 1 hour ago - Christopher Erb airs his concerns over why a 2013 holiday release may be foolhardy for two systems who have yet to even be unveiled this year, as w... | Opinion piece | PS4


Brentalfloss Webcomic Portrays Gorey-esque Game Deaths

1101 days 2 hours ago - Brentalfloss' game-centric webcomic has taken a break from its usual content with a nod to Edward Gorey's classic Gashlycrumb Tinies cartoons. Enti... | News | Culture


Halo 4 Still Holds Secrets, Says 343 Industries

1101 days 3 hours ago - According to the latest Halo Waypoint bulletin, there are plenty of secrets players have yet to find in Halo 4's campaign. So many, in fact, that h... | News | Xbox 360


Project: Metroid hopes to become an official LEGO set

1102 days 18 hours ago - LEGO CUUSOO user Zurtech has proposed a trio of Metroid-themed LEGO sets, based mostly on existing pieces as to avoid the fate of a similar Zelda-t... | News | Culture


Hotline Miami's Richard takes a tour of the classics | VGU.TV

1111 days 6 hours ago - The latest fan video by YouTuber PulpitPower shows what would happen afterhours if a Hotline Miami cabinet shared arcade space with some timeless c... | Video | Culture


The Free Bundle already offering second batch of free games | VGU.TV

1112 days 9 hours ago - Indie pseudo-bundle The Free Bundle is on its second stack of freebies, despite having been around for less than a month. The original five-pack an... | News | PC

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