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The Reasons for the PS4's Success Aren't Actually Obvious

175 days 2 hours ago - PS4 is a smashing success, even with the competition matching its price. Why has it tickled the purse strings of so many consumers, even without a... | Opinion piece | PS4


Nintendo's 3DS Successor: the 3DS

183 days 15 hours ago - The new 3DS is for all intents and purposes, a successor. It's also a massive marketing blunder. | Opinion piece | 3DS


Divinity: Original Sin Will Suck You Into Its Dense World And Never Let Go

228 days 13 hours ago - Divinity: Original Sin is a rich game full of hours of content. But is it worth it for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike? Read our review to he... | Review | PC


You Still Can't Buy a PS4-Equivalent PC for $400

244 days 13 hours ago - Arguing over which console can do what resolutions shouldn't matter if you can build an equal or better PC for the same price. Or can you? | Opinion piece | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

You’re a Fool for Not Buying the Mario Kart 8 Bundle

255 days ago - Nintendo didn't settle for your average everyday console bundle with this one. Read why this die-hard Wii U hater was converted to Wii U owner from... | Opinion piece | Wii U


HD Release of Another World Was Made Using Amiga Editor

256 days 15 hours ago - The new release will utilize the full HD rendering capabilities of the newer consoles, with improved background art, high-quality anti-aliasing, an... | News | PC


Beta Testing the PS4

461 days 6 hours ago - 1985FM Editor Nathan Mayer talks about the experience beta testing new consoles, including the PS4. | Article | PS4


Let the Speculation Over SteamOS Begin

523 days 5 hours ago - Valve dropped their bombshell yesterday on the Steam Operating System, and now a slew of possibilities open up for what they have store for the fut... | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox One Stumbling Out of the Gate

544 days 9 hours ago - 1985FM: "To some, it might seem like Microsoft is on the back foot now. Sony set the tone for how the 8th generation should play out—a fact decided... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


The Problem With Next Generation Predictions

692 days 10 hours ago - At this point, the press is rampant with speculation about how the next generation is going to play out. In this editorial from 1985FM, we talk abo... | Opinion piece | PS4


1985FM Flashback: Root Beer Tapper

705 days 19 hours ago - Join us as we look back at the root beer dispensing arcade classic, Root Beer Tapper, as played on a ColecoVision. | Review | Retro


Tomb Raider Review [1985FM]

719 days 16 hours ago - 1985FM: "This is not the wise-cracking, gun-toting Lara Croft we’ve known. This is someone new. This is Lara before she became the tomb raider. And... | Review | PC


What PS4's Hardware Means for Gamers

725 days 21 hours ago - 1985FM takes an in-depth look at the hardware for the next PlayStation, and its possible ramifications on the buying decisions of gamers, and on ga... | Opinion piece | PS4


1985FM Episode 27: Playstation Conference Special

737 days 22 hours ago - 1985FM's video podcast covering the editors' reactions to Sony's headline-making press event unveiling their next-gen PlayStation 4 console, and th... | Videocast | PS4


1985FM Flashback: Vortex

740 days 17 hours ago - 1985FM looks at the flawed and ambitious SNES mech shooter Vortex, powered by the famous and infamous Super FX chip. | Review | Retro


Gabe Newell Doesn't Believe in Cloud Gaming

751 days 7 hours ago - 1985FM Writes: “Cloud gaming works until it starts to be successful, at which point, it falls over,” Gabe Newell said at his keynote speech at DICE... | News | Industry


Five PS4/720 Games You'll Play Before The Consoles Release

755 days 10 hours ago - 1985FM Writes: "Ramping up engines, tools, and a team of artists and programmers to put together the future of interactive entertainment isn’t a tr... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


1985FM Flashback: Galaga

762 days 5 hours ago - This week on 1985FM's Flashback series, we look at Galaga, the hit 1981 arcade game, and the port it received on the Atari 7800. | Review | Retro


Can Nintendo Save the Wii U?

764 days 14 hours ago - 1985FM takes a look at the Wii U's chances of success in light of Nintendo's recent announcements. | Opinion piece | Wii U


1985FM Flashback: Streets of Rage 2

771 days 17 hours ago - 1985FM starts a new series called Flashback, where we take a look at retro games and what makes them interesting. This week the game of choice is S... | Review | Retro


WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review

Now - Ryan steps back into the ring for the first next-gen WWE game. | Promoted post
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