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EB Games Expo 2014 Announced

1 day 20 hours ago - Analog Addiction writes, "Australian video game retailer EB Games has announced the EB Games Expo will return in 2014. As with the last couple of y... | News | Industry


Troy Baker Returning As Two-Face In ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

16 days 13 hours ago - AA writes, "A Twitter post by the official BatmanArkham twitter account (@BatmanArkham) has revealed Troy Baker will be reprising his role as Batma... | News | PC


Arkham Knight: Advancing Video Game Narratives

16 days 13 hours ago - Analog Addiction writes, "with the latest batch of screenshots for the third game in RockSteady’s Batman trilogy – Batman: Arkham Knight – the mean... | Opinion piece | PC


The 7 Days of 'Titanfall': Day 7 - Launch Day

38 days 16 hours ago - AA writes, "Happy Titanfall launch day North America! Today is all about celebrating the launch of Titanfall with our final Beta gameplay video. Oh... | Video | PC


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The 7 Days of 'Titanfall': Day 6

39 days 19 hours ago - AA writes, "It’s Titanfall-eve! With only 24 hours to go until the first batch of pilots stand by for titanfall, Nathan ponders the hypothetical: w... | Video | PC


The 7 Days of 'Titanfall': Day 5

40 days 18 hours ago - AA writes, "With only two days to go until the North America launch of Titanfall, Nathan catches you up on all of the Titanfall news we have found... | Video | PC


The 7 Days of 'Titanfall': Day 4

41 days 10 hours ago - AA writes, "We’ve reached the half way point! Today we’re talking about how the shooting mechanics feel, loadouts and the cool melee animations. Al... | Video | PC


The 7 Days of 'Titanfall': Day 3

42 days 17 hours ago - AA writes, "Today’s gameplay features the third game mode from the Titanfall Beta, Last Titan Standing. Nathan discusses the game mode and some tac... | Video | PC


The 7 Days of 'Titanfall': Day 2

43 days 16 hours ago - Analog Addiction writes, "Yesterday, we saw hardpoint domination on the Angel City map. However, today we are going to see if newer players can use... | Video | PC


The 7 Days of 'Titanfall': Day 1 | Analog Addiction

44 days 19 hours ago - AA writes, "It is hard to believe there are only seven days until Titanfall is available. Analog Addiction is counting down the days until the laun... | Video | PC


Five Big Games, Five Analysis’ – How Successful Can They Be?

45 days 1 hour ago - Analog Addiction writes, "Last year was the year of consoles, but this year is the year of games. There are an incredible amount of titles, big and... | Opinion piece | PC


Master Chief: Man or Machine?

68 days 2 hours ago - AA writes, "What makes us human? It is a question which many science fiction stories deal with in the hope of shedding some light – and another int... | Article | Xbox 360


Analog Addiction Plays: 'The Elder Scrolls Online'

68 days 22 hours ago - AA writes, "Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be given a beta code for Bethesda’s and Zenimax Online Studios upcoming MMORPG, The Elder Scroll... | Video | PC


'S.W.A.P' Open Beta Now Available

68 days 22 hours ago - "Analog Addiction has received word that the Australian developed shooter S.W.A.P has entered its Open Beta phase." | News | PC


First Look: Learn the Basics of 'Loadout' | Analog Addiction

73 days 13 hours ago - With the official release of Loadout, AA editor Nathan Manning decided to see whether it is worth his, and your, time. | Video | PC


'Loadout' Kills Montage | Analog Addiction

74 days 17 hours ago - AA writes, "Loadout is a Free-to-Play shooter for PC. The game is developed by Edge of Reality, the team behind The Sims, Dragon Age: Origins, and... | Video | PC


Do Not Count Out 'Alien: Isolation' Just Yet

95 days 20 hours ago - Analog Addiction writes, "So. SEGA could not help itself. After the critical mediocrity of 2013′s Aliens: Colonial Marines, SEGA felt it necessary... | Opinion piece | PC


2013: The Year in Review – Xbox

112 days 12 hours ago - Analog Addiction writes, "A lot has happened in the world of video games this year. The tenth Call of Duty game was released, Grand Theft Auto V be... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Analog Addiction's Game of the Year 2013 Nominees

118 days 18 hours ago - Analog Addiction writes, "After much debate and passionate arguing, Analog Addiction has been able to cut its finalists down to five games per cate... | Article | PC


'Knack' Review | AnalogAddiction

129 days 14 hours ago - AnalogAddiction writes, "The best word to describe my experience with Knack is probably disappointing. From what we were first teased regarding Kna... | Review | PS4


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