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"ACII Black Edition is finally mine!"

Square-Enix President and CEO Mike Fisher Resigns

990 days 3 hours ago - Square-Enix president and CEO Mike Fischer has left the Japanese company. After nearly three years with the developer/publisher, Fischer departed f... | News | Industry


Kojima: "Creation Is In Some Sense, Telling A Lie Which Makes You Feel Good"

1041 days 7 hours ago - Hideo Kojima doesn't plan on making an impact this April Fool's Day but might be planning something soon. | News | Industry


CD Projekt Red Confirm Cyberpunk 2077 To Have "Multiplayer Features"

1061 days 4 hours ago - CDPR has confirmed Cyberpunk 2077 will ship with some type of multiplayer feature It’s not known whether the feature will be a full-on multiplayer... | News | PC


The Future of Metal Gear Lies in Player Freedom, Says Kojima

1222 days 5 hours ago - Last week, Metal Gear Solid series creator, Hideo Kojima, spoke at British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), where he answered a number... | News | Xbox 360


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Policenauts, Silent Hill and A Metal Gear JRPG - An Audience With Hideo Kojima

1227 days 2 hours ago - Hideo Kojima is open to reviving Policenauts and Snatcher as well as lending a hand to a new Silent Hill game - though it's unlikely he'd be able t... | News | Industry


Metal Gear Solid 4 Patch Includes Full Install Support

1305 days 3 hours ago - Kojima Productions has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4's upcoming patch will include not just Trophy support but full install functionality as we... | News | PS3


Sly Cooper 4 Won’t Be Having Any Wardrobe Malfunctions with These Clever Costume Changes

1389 days 22 hours ago - Kotaku writes: You know, I never realized how much I missed Sly Cooper until I recently laid hands on an in-development build of the master thief's... | News | PS3


"Project RPG" revealed by City Interactive, former Witcher developer

1404 days 8 hours ago - Project RPG has been unveiled by City Interactive and German studio Deck13. The yet-to-be-named title will be helmed by Tomasz Gop, a former sen... | News | PC


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Jihl Nabaat DLC Leaked

1455 days 23 hours ago - The next coliseum downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes in the form of Final Fantasy XIII villain Jihl Nabaat, a 2ch post has leaked. | News | Xbox 360


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Nearly Done

1553 days 18 hours ago - Final Fantasy XIII-2 is due for Japanese release on December 15, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that it's in a nearly complete state.... | News | Xbox 360


Dynasty Warriors Online has Ninja Gaiden Sigma Costumes

1558 days 6 hours ago - Earlier in the week, Famitsu got the first word on a Ninja Gaiden costume for Musou Orochi 2. While we've yet to get official online media for that... | News | PC


Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC Review - Xrossplatform

1775 days 2 hours ago - Bioware’s final DLC mission pack for Mass Effect 2 sees Commander Shepard investigate claims that a Reaper invasion is imminent. Can Shepard save t... | Review | PC


FIFA 11 Review - Xrossplatform

1946 days ago - The FIFA franchise is one of the most successful and long-running sporting sims around. The 18th title in the yearly series, FIFA 11, has been cham... | Review | PC


The Broken Game

1947 days 4 hours ago - Seemingly as of late, developers are putting less and less effort into games to have them at their best upon release. Release dates are often pushe... | Opinion piece | Culture


Portal 2, Better than the first

1979 days 19 hours ago - Short-and-sweet Portal was a hit 3 years ago, and in 2011, Valve releases Portal 2. It’ll be longer than the first, it’ll have more puzzles than th... | Opinion piece | PC


Do some game developers listen too-much to fans?

1985 days 5 hours ago - Any good game developer listens to what the players of their games have to say, be it good or bad, or be it constructive or destructive criticism.... | Opinion piece | Culture


Will TGS be FF Versus XIII's saviour?

1986 days 22 hours ago - Xrossplatform writes: After being announced over 4 years ago at E3 2006, fans can be excused for being a little agitated at the slow progress of FF... | Opinion piece | PS3

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