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GamerNode: Bulletstorm Hands-on Preview

1929 days 10 hours ago - In most first-person shooters, players are taught to kill in order to survive. With Bulletstorm, Epic Games and People Can Fly have shown that it i... | Preview | PC


The "Killing Your Golden Goose" Award - Activision

1964 days 14 hours ago - GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes... "GamerNode's 'You Win!' Awards have made a return. This latest award goes out to Activision, one of the biggest p... | Opinion piece | Industry


Grinding is Poisoning the Videogame Industry

1979 days 9 hours ago - GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes... "Life is a daily grind. We commute, go to work or school, and do things such as chores, homework, and other proje... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Essential Elements of Videogames

2006 days 3 hours ago - GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes..."There are several different elements that go into a game when it is made. Several factors that developers ne... | Article | 1,2,5,12


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

The Mind of a Game Developer: Inside Ken Levine's Vassar College Q&A Panel

2039 days 20 hours ago - On February 20, one of the most well-known figures in the videogame industry returned to his alma mater to share his knowledge and offer advice bas... | Article | 13,15


Heavy Rain Has Revolutionized Videogames

2043 days 6 hours ago - To say it has QTE is doing Heavy Rain a disservice in a way. The way that these real-time action prompts, what GamerNode prefers to call them, are... | Article | 1,11


Ken Levine: "Media has always been about f***ing and killing"

2050 days 12 hours ago - During a Q&A panel at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY on February 20, co-founder and creative director of Irrational Games Ken Levine voiced... | News | 13,15


Ken Levine: Irrational Games showing no product at PAX East

2054 days 22 hours ago - The studio formerly known as 2K Boston will not be showing off any product at the upcoming PAX East convention, according to co-founder and creativ... | News | 13,15


Free DLC bundle launching with new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 copies

2058 days 8 hours ago - Following the mold that has started with Mass Effect 2, Electronic Arts will have a "VIP" code included in all new copies of upcoming sho... | News | 1,2,12,13


Official StarCraft II beta FAQ arrives on

2059 days 23 hours ago - Fans of StarCraft II that are anxiously awaiting any information regarding the game's closed multiplayer beta, set to begin later this month, now h... | News | 12

100° - Bioshock 2 Review

2063 days 6 hours ago - "...BioShock 2 really can't compare to the excellence that was the original BioShock. But that isn't so much a detriment to BioShock 2 as it i... | Review | 1,2,12


Activision shuts down Luxoflux and Underground Developement, lay off several at Red Octane

2064 days 6 hours ago - After Activision Blizzard's conference call and quarter sales report yesterday, several studios are having the hammer brought down upon them by the... | News | 13,15


Players report Bioshock 2 freezing in multiplayer

2065 days 9 hours ago - Players from around the internet are reporting that Bioshock 2 is freezing on them when trying to play multiplayer sessions of the game. They are r... | News | 2,12


Ubisoft Q3 sales drop from last year

2067 days 9 hours ago - Despite the massive success from third-quarter hit Assassin's Creed II, Ubisoft has reported today that its sales as a whole for the quarter have d... | News | 13,15


The Old Republic explains the Sith Inquisitor

2071 days 6 hours ago - Many fans awaiting BioWare and Lucasart's upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic wonder why there are going to be two different classes for th... | News | 12


GamerNode H2H: Ezio vs. Altair

2137 days 19 hours ago - This latest Head 2 Head competition has been inspired by the release and critical success of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed II. Players of the game get... | Article | 1,2,4,5


Fox News' Bias on Gaming is Insult to Journalism

2156 days 19 hours ago - As a journalist, nothing aggravates or infuriates me professionally more than seeing a news media outlet showing blatant bias towards a subject. It... | Article | 13


Story in MMORPGs: The Coming Revolution

2193 days 11 hours ago - You are one of the millions in your world worthy of defeating the largest threat to come about. In order to defeat this great evil, you need to sta... | Article | 12


Game Industry Finally Feeling the Effects of the Recession

2230 days 8 hours ago - Over the past year, game journalists and everyday video game fans have argued whether or not the video game industry is recession-proof. Until just... | Article | 13

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