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Until Dawn will last you nine hours on one playthrough

5 days 7 hours ago - Gamereactor talked to Will Byles, Creative Director at Supermassive Games, and found out more about Until Dawn's potential longevity. | News | PS4


Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 - Demo Impressions | Gamereactor UK

14 days 10 hours ago - Has Konami cooked up a FIFA killer with this year's PES? | Preview | PC


Quantum Break: "your choice, your version of the show"

15 days 17 hours ago - "So how the experience goes, you play through an act of the game," Remedy's Sam Lake told Gamereactor. "It ends in a special scene that we are call... | Interview | Xbox One


Sam Lake on Alan Wake 2: "we haven't given up on that dream"

15 days 18 hours ago - During Gamereactor's interview with Sam Lake at Gamescom, where for the most part we discussed Quantum Break, we asked about the oft-requested Alan... | News | gamescom


Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (XB1) Review

Now - Ken revisits the fourth entry in the saga of Dante (and Nero). | Promoted post

Crackdown 3: "technically, there is no limit"

16 days 15 hours ago - Gamereactor caught up with series creator David Jones after seeing the game in action for ourselves during Gamescom, and we had plenty of questions... | Interview | Xbox One


Europa Universalis IV: The Two Year War | Gamereactor UK

16 days 18 hours ago - It's happy birthday EU, as Gamereactor considers the past two years and looks forward to the future, as well as talking with Paradox's Johan Anders... | Article | PC


Paradox on expanding Europa Universalis IV

17 days 12 hours ago - Paradox Development Studio's Johan Andersson recently talked to us about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV, ahead of an article that we... | News | PC


Microsoft's Promise of Awesomeness

17 days 17 hours ago - The first-party push has Microsoft promising the world. But can they deliver it? During this year’s Gamescom Gamereactor grabbed a word with Sha... | Interview | PC


Crackdown 3 Hands-on | Gamereactor UK

20 days 20 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "Crackdown 3 should provide fans exactly what they want and expect. You get more of what you know, but it's all better and more matur... | Preview | Xbox One


FIFA 16 Hands-on & FUT Draft Preview | Gamereactor UK

20 days 23 hours ago - Gamereactor takes a closer look at the rebalanced FIFA, the new FUT Draft, and much more. | Preview | PC


The Taken King is Destiny "evolved"

21 days ago - Bungie's lead concept artist, Jesse van Dijk, talked to Gamereactor during Gamescom about Destiny's incoming expansion, The Taken King. Accordin... | Interview | Xbox 360


Hangar 13: Mafia III is an "unabashed single-player game"

21 days 13 hours ago - Hangar 13 boss Haden Blackman talked to Gamereactor at Gamescom about all things Mafia III. Our interview is coming in its entirety on Monday, but... | News | PC


Halo 5: Guardians - Gamescom Impressions | Gamereactor UK

23 days 12 hours ago - It's not just multiplayer that makes a Halo game. We take a closer look at Guardian's story campaign. | Preview | Xbox One


Mafia III Preview | Gamereactor UK

24 days ago - There's a turf war going down in New Orleans, and Gamereactor has witnessed it firsthand. | Preview | PC


Homefront: Hands-on with The Revolution | Gamreactor UK

24 days 23 hours ago - The revolution will be played, as Homefront's fight for release moves ever forward and we get to finally play it. | Preview | PC


Over 1000 studios are working on ID@Xbox games

25 days 10 hours ago - ID@Xbox director Chris Charla confirmed during Gamescom that there's over 1000 studios creating games for ID@Xbox, as well as detailing a few of th... | News | PC


Worms WMD - World Exclusive Preview | Gamereactor UK

30 days 16 hours ago - Team 17 are back with new Worms, and this time they're bringing with them some weapons of mass destruction. | Preview | PC


Doom - QuakeCon Hands-On | Gamereactor UK

33 days 12 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "It's a title that knows its roots, capable of bringing you back to those simpler 90s-style dynamics that were laid down as the found... | Preview | PC


Treyarch on how "guns up" changes Black Ops 3's multiplayer

37 days 5 hours ago - Multiplayer director Dan Bunting told Gamereactor: "We wanted to really keep players in the fight the entire time, and we have this philosophy, we... | Interview | PC


The Banner Saga 2: "we want to make combat more nuanced"

38 days 10 hours ago - Gamereactor talked to Stoic's John Watson about the refinements coming in the second part of The Banner Saga. "The second one is intended to be... | Interview | PC


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