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The Real Reason PS4 Doesn't Have EA Access

484 days 20 hours ago - GGG gives their reason why they think Sony doesn't want EA Access available on PS4. | Opinion piece | PS4


3DS falls behind PSP in US sales during same time period

485 days ago - Despite the release of Super Smash Bros, the Nintendo 3DS fell behind Sony's older PSP console in terms of US sales during the same time period. | News | PSP


PS4 has 2nd best ever selling September in NPD history

485 days 1 hour ago - After doing some research (and a little math) it turns out that the PS4 had a bigger September than previously thought, putting up the second best... | News | PS4


Why Bayonetta 2 still will flop commercially

488 days 11 hours ago - GGG writes about the disappointing possibility that the glowing reviews for Bayonetta 2 may not help it sell better but not for the reason you'd th... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Microsoft fails to justify 'launch parity' clause

492 days 9 hours ago - GGG argues that Microsoft should be treating indie developers like "first class" too and their 'launch parity' policy stands in the way of that. | Opinion piece | Xbox One


PS4 falls behind Dreamcast in Japan sales during same time period

493 days 4 hours ago - Sony's PS4 console has officially fallen behind Sega's final console in sales when compared during the same time period. While this doesn't mean mu... | News | PS4


Smash Bros pushes 3DS to its limits

498 days 3 hours ago - GGG writes about how they believe the 3DS is severly tested by Super Smash Bros. | Opinion piece | 3DS


COD:AW pre-orders declining could be a good thing

500 days 13 hours ago - GGG writes about why the news of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare having substantial less pre-ordes than its predecessors could be a good sign for whe... | Opinion piece | PC


After Vita, where does Sony's handheld development go?

507 days 10 hours ago - GGG debates what platforms Sony might release low-budget, mobile-friendly games should they decide to not release a successor to the PS Vita severa... | Opinion piece | PS4


Nintendo accidentally advertises PS Vita again

514 days 9 hours ago - You would think Nintendo of Europe would learn to not accidentally advertise Sony's PS Vita handheld online after making that mistake back in May.... | News | Wii U


Did Nintendo Just Drop 2DS Price?

514 days 11 hours ago - It looks like Nintendo may be announcing a price reduction for the stand alone 2DS SKU soon. | Rumor | 3DS


Destiny Review: Group Date I SA Current

515 days 12 hours ago - In their review of Destiny, SA Current writes: "Destiny lays the foundation for a new franchise and hopefully Bungie will improve upon the first ga... | Review | Xbox 360


What Microsoft buying Mojang means for Playstation, Nintendo, PC and mobile fans

521 days 8 hours ago - GGG writes about what the potential sale of Mojang to Microsoft could mean for other console, PC and mobile players. | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox 360 getting $50 price cut Oct. 7th, new SKU outed

527 days 6 hours ago - A leaked retailer ad reveals that the $299 250GB Xbox 360 SKU will get a make-over come early October with new bundled games and a bigger hard driv... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Mad about new 3DS? You were warned

532 days 22 hours ago - GGG writes why they think the announcement of the 'New' 3DS models and their many exclusive features shouldn't be a huge surprise to seasoned Ninte... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Lizard Group's PSN DDoS Attack Reasoning Doesn't Check Out

537 days 22 hours ago - GGG writes about why they don't like Lizard Group's reasoning for their PSN DDoS attack today. | Opinion piece | PS3


Stop Telling Sony Why PS4 Is Selling Well

540 days 21 hours ago - GGG writes about why they think the reaction to Sony's Shuhei Yoshida saying that they don't "completely understand" why the PS4 has been successfu... | Opinion piece | PS4


No New 3DS Model This Year To Accompany Smash Bros 3DS

547 days 20 hours ago - GGG makes an argument for how the newly announced special edition Smash Bros 3DS XL system means we won't be getting a third consecutive 3DS redesi... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Notch openly bashes Wii U, says it only has 'two games'

548 days 7 hours ago - Notch, the man behind Minecraft, lashed out several times today voicing his disdain for Nintendo's Wii U console. | News | Wii U


Rise of Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity is a head-scratcher

548 days 22 hours ago - GGG makes an argument for why the Xbox timed exclusivity for Rise of the Tomb Raider doesn't make a whole lot of sense. | Opinion piece | PS4


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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