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Fez PS4 Review: Owls Creep Me Out I Gimme Gimme Games

23 hours ago - GGG writes in their review of Fez for PS4: "In the end Fez is a fantastic game that everyone should get around to playing no matter what the platfo... | Review | PS4


New 3DS model could be coming with Super Smash Bros this summer

3 days 22 hours ago - GGG argues that if history repeats itself, Nintendo may be hiding another 3DS re-design and why they might release it alongside Super Smash Bros 3D... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Watch Dogs is being set up to fail on Wii U by Ubisoft

4 days 12 hours ago - GGG writes that while its nice that Ubisoft wants to give Wii U owners a chance to play Watch Dogs rather than cancelling it, that they're sabotagi... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Wii U 32GB Nintendo Land bundle only $199 until April 19th

5 days 1 hour ago - Shopko's Easter sales event has old Nintendo Land Wii U bundles on sale for $199 in store and online until April 19th. | News | Wii U


inFamous: Second Son (PS4) Review

Now - Ken abuses his powers in the latest entry in the inFamous series. | Promoted post

InFAMOUS Second Son Review: Adventure in Seattle I Gimme Gimme Games

5 days 1 hour ago - GGG writes in their review: "InFAMOUS Second Son is everything we want from next-gen games: FUN! Its got some great characters, an engaging story a... | Review | PS4


FarSight Studios: Wii U isn't as powerful as PS3, more like Wii 1.5

6 days 10 hours ago - FarSight Studios, developer of The Pinball Arcade, made some very controversial comments recently by voicing their extreme displeasure with the Wii... | News | PS3


Skylanders Wii U bundle on sale for $249 with $50 gift card today only at Best Buy

6 days 19 hours ago - Best Buy has an amazing deal on the Wii U today, selling the Skylanders Swap Force bundle for $249 today while also giving out a $50 gift card for... | News | Wii U


Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U release strategy could be a mistake

7 days 8 hours ago - GGG writes about how the news of the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros shipping this summer is bittersweet as it could severely effect the boost Nint... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified now only $9.99 new

11 days 17 hours ago - The PS Vita's only Call of Duty game just got a massive price cut. | News | PS Vita


Trials Fusion is 720p on PS4

14 days 10 hours ago - New info on the game's product listing on the Playstation Store reveals that despite the PS4's impressive hardware, Trials Fusion will run at 720p... | News | PS4


PSA: PS4 Store Credit and Trial Codes Expire Tomorrow

15 days 1 hour ago - Don't forget early adopters, the codes for a free trial of Playstation Plus, a free month of Music Unlimited, and $10 PSN credit that shipped with... | News | PS3


Please stop name dropping Shenmue III when you say you 'listen' to fans

15 days 5 hours ago - GGG writes that while its nice and all that Microsoft and Sony executives say they would like to help revive the Shenmue franchise that these comme... | Opinion piece | PS4


Steamworld Dig PS4 Review: A Fistful of Fun I Gimme Gimme Games

18 days 10 hours ago - GGG writes in their review of Steamworld Dig: "There really isn't anything wrong with Steamworld Dig and the PS4 re-release is the best way to p... | Review | PS4


WTF is going on with Sony's first party studios?

19 days 10 hours ago - GGG writes about why all the layoffs and high-profile employee departures at Sony's first party studios recently have them worried. | Opinion piece | PSP


But Down The Books, Pick Up A Joystick: Video Games And Education

20 days 8 hours ago - GGG writes about how video games are changing the US's education system for the better. | Opinion piece | Culture


Titanfall servers down, game completely inoperable for time being

21 days 9 hours ago - Right now Xbox One owners who want to play Titanfall are being dismissed with an error message saying that the servers are down, reminding players... | News | Xbox One


Wal-Mart store oblivious to PS4 camera shortages, clearances it out for $20 off

23 days 18 hours ago - It looks like one small part of the world isn't aware that the PS4 camera is in high demand and low supply as one specific store has discounted the... | News | PS4


Inafune: Mega Man Legends 3 is still the game I want to make the most

25 days 14 hours ago - Former Mega Man series lead and now head of Comcept, Keiji Inafune said recently that the video game he wants to work on the most, out of all poten... | News | Industry


PS4 has nearly 4x as much indie support as Xbox One

26 days 7 hours ago - GGG compares recent numbers for indie developer support from both Microsoft and Sony and notices a massive gap in indie developer interest between... | News | PS4


Metal Gear Solid 5's Ending: Like It or Hate It? Too Dark?

26 days 22 hours ago - GGG gives an opinion on Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes dark ending and debates whether it was too dark or excessive. Remember this article cont... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


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