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Bioshock Infinite – Beasts of America trailer analysis

1082 days 18 hours ago - "It’s been over 6 weeks since the last morsel of delicious Bioshock Infinite info, with Irrational having temporarily stopped the drip-feed in orde... | Article | Xbox 360


007 Legends Review (GamingBolt)

1085 days ago - "Not only is 007 Legends a terrible game, it goes a step further and is quite possibly one of the worst Bond iterations to date." | Review | Xbox 360


Are we in denial about FIFA?

1096 days 3 hours ago - "It's been a long time coming but FIFA now seems to be caught in the vice-like grip of official licensing, the equivalent of Queens Park Rangers, c... | Opinion piece | PC


Sleeping Dogs - the perfect composite game

1140 days 12 hours ago - "Releasing Sleeping Dogs at the tail end of the summer gaming doldrums was an absolutely stellar marketing move on behalf of Square Enix. Any later... | Opinion piece | PC


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Campfire Gaming: Civilization 5 Empires of the Smoky Skies

1157 days 18 hours ago - "Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Step right up and witness the marvels of progress. I beg you please, put down your sword. And pick up a machine... | Opinion piece | Culture


Aftermath: crossing The Line with Walt Williams

1179 days 23 hours ago - 'So this is the first in a new series of interviews which I’m calling Aftermath, in which I’ll be taking to key creators of recently released games... | Interview | PC


GamingBolt | Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch hands-on preview

1186 days 23 hours ago - says: "Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch is Ghibli's second foray into games, the first being a the little-known Magic Pengel... | Preview | PS3


Spec Ops: The Line review (GamingBolt)

1196 days 19 hours ago - GamingBolt: 'Yager have created a game that pulls no punches; a fantastically warped reality of war in an equally marvellous contemporary setting.' | Review | PC

90° - SSX Review

1313 days 6 hours ago - "SSX Tricky was one of the biggest and brightest titles of the sixth console generation and whilst not the latest title in the series, it’s certain... | Review | Xbox 360

130° - Catherine Review

1318 days 11 hours ago - "With but a brief glance at the Catherine boxart, you'd be forgiven for presuming that Catherine is nothing more a game of breasts and misogyny and... | Review | Xbox 360

150° - The Darkness II Review

1337 days 7 hours ago - The perennial binary opposition of light versus dark, good versus evil, Tron versus Tron Legacy, this is the very glue that holds not only gaming t... | Review | PC

130° - NeverDead Review

1340 days 15 hours ago - I’m not quite sure what I expected, going in to NeverDead for the first time, especially after having remained virtually undetected on my radar unt... | Review | Xbox 360


Why I Maintain that Flower Was the Best Game of 2009

1784 days 23 hours ago - As 2010 draws to it's inevitable conclusion, rather than spew out an overly premature best games of 2010 article, I thought that instead I'd take u... | Opinion piece | PS3


Violence in Videogames: A Disjointed Muse

2125 days 1 hour ago - writes: 'If you despise word walls, or semi-disjointed pondering of ideas in which I've got no professional grounding, then close... | Article | 11


A Letter to Tony Hawk

2130 days 15 hours ago - writes: 'You may or may not have read about this, but yesterday Tony Hawk defended the frankly shameful review scores for his late... | Article | 11


PixelJunk Shooter Review (

2132 days 13 hours ago - writes: 'I've not played the first two PixelJunk games, although contrary to what why I originally though, the developers aren't P... | Review | 1


Bioshock Vinyl and

2193 days 9 hours ago - writes: 'Bioshock is one of my favourite games of all time, it pains me to admit that I'd only first played it earlier this year.... | Article | 1,2,12

10° Ion Assault (XBLA) Review

2196 days 20 hours ago - writes: 'Now this is a story all about how, some Germans called Coreplay made a game called Ion Assault exclusively for XBLA, what... | Review | 2

10° DiRT 2 Review

2196 days 22 hours ago - writes: 'I'm going to start by complimenting whoever compiled the track list, composed of two Bloc Party songs, one being my favou... | Review | 1,2,12


Shortfuse Announces 'Alive and Undead' For PSN

2202 days 3 hours ago - DualShockers writes: 'Shortfuse, a developer known for producing the XBLA title Colosseum, has today announced the title Alive and Undead, penned... | News | 1


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post
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