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"Nazi Killa! Death to all Nazis, Killers of innocent Men, Women, Childrenl."

Tiroviz Inficolor 3D Glasses now available in France, US "soon".

1708 days 19 hours ago - Released in unison with Namco's ENSLAVED 3D Update and Pigsy's Perfect 10 DLC for Xbox & 360, French can now play the Main Game and DLC in 3D. B... | News | Xbox 360


Enslaved dev diary explores Pigsy's fascination with 'The Perfect 10'

1711 days 6 hours ago - If there's anything this developer diary for the upcoming Enslaved DLC, "Pigsy's Perfect 10," has taught us, it's don't judge a book by its cover.... | Video | Xbox 360


History, Mystery and Story: Games and the 10 Minute Rule

1713 days 1 hour ago - [The "10 minute rule" governs the creation of films, but is there a similar rule that could apply to game narrative? Game writer and academic Leann... | Article | Wii


Xbox Live Indie Games to begin a Winter 'Uprising' next month

1719 days 5 hours ago - Xbox Live Indie Games have had a difficult time getting attention -- sometimes from Microsoft itself. But, that will (hopefully) change with a new... | News | Xbox 360


VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

Windows 7 Phones Selling Out As XBOX 360 Users Go Moblie

1720 days 10 hours ago - Not to be overshadowed by its cousin Kinect, the Windows 7 Phone was released this past Monday, and reports are that it, too, has been selling out.... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Disney Interactive likely to invest less in console games following $234M loss

1721 days 5 hours ago - Losing $234 million over the course of 12 months is pretty unimaginable to most individuals. For Disney, it's not such a big deal, especially when... | News | PC


Microsoft: Xbox Live Gold subscribers use service 3 hours per day

1721 days 16 hours ago - More than half of Xbox Live's 25 million users are paying subscribers, which means that over 12 million players make use of the service's online mu... | Article | Xbox 360


Windows Phone 7: A Developer's Perspective

1724 days 6 hours ago - It’s now two years since App Store opened its doors, providing developers of any creed an easy route to putting their work on the masses' devices.... | Article | Mobile

Key Kinect Technology Devised in Cambridge Lab

1724 days 6 hours ago - One of the cornerstone technologies of Microsoft’s Kinect — the ability to track a person in real time without having them wear sensors and somewha... | Article | Xbox 360


Square Enix First Half Profits Drop 75 Per Cent

1724 days 13 hours ago - Square Enix has published its first half results covering the six month period ending September 30. The company reported a decline in profit to 172... | News | Industry


Wizards of the Coast Announces Magic The Gathering for PS3/Home and Expansion 3

1745 days 12 hours ago - Announcements in video: •Expansion 3! •PS3 Version! •PSN Home Space & Items! | News | PC


Xbox Live Arcade "past tipping point"

1746 days 6 hours ago - The Xbox 360's download games service Xbox Live Arcade may have passed its tipping point, one of the platform's most successful developers has said... | News | Xbox 360


Netflix prepping disc free streaming for PS3

1835 days 11 hours ago - Netflix says it will deliver on its promise to provide a streaming service via Sony’s game console that doesn’t require a disc within the next few... | News | PS3


New Windows Phone 7 developer beta enables hardware graphics scaler

1837 days 23 hours ago - One of the Xbox 360’s secret weapons against the PS3 was its hardware scaler chip, which allowed the games console to create great-looking HD games... | News | Mobile


1993: Roger Ebert w/ Sega Activator

1853 days 20 hours ago - Never knew this existed, view for yourself. Sega's Activator Body Ring was it the first motion controller? Check out Siskel and Ebert give it a go ... | Video | Wii


Dark Knight Xbox 360 spotted in Taiwan

2550 days 14 hours ago - At a MS game exhibition in Taipei, Microsoft Taiwan confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII would be available for the Xbox 360 in Taiwan although exact... | News | 1,2,13,14


"Dead Space" on Blu-ray Disc this October includes game cheat codes

2564 days 15 hours ago - Starz is planning to release the computer animated "Dead Space: Downfall" to Blu-ray Disc on October 28th which serves as a prequel for t... | News | 1,2,13,14


Sony's PSP Skype headset finally arrives Stateside

2639 days 7 hours ago - If you've got a PSP-2000 and a hankering for some VoIP on the run, Sony has finally brought its Skype-friendly PSP headset to US retail. Unfortunat... | News | 4,13,14


Nvidia buys 3DFX

2640 days 22 hours ago - NVIDIA has finally completed all the outstanding matters relating to its acquisition of graphics company 3DFX. | News | 1,12,13,14


GTA IV hijacks top UK chart slot from Wii Fit

2641 days ago - GTA IV, which sold a record-breaking 926,000 copies over its first five days of release, has - unsurprisingly - captured the top of the UK sales ch... | News | 1,2,3,13


Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post
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