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Soul Calibur V Update

1170 days 14 hours ago - Andriasang: Famitsu has its first look at Soul Calibur V following its announcement last week. Here's what's said in the magazine, as passed along... | News | Xbox 360


Soul Calibur V is 10% Complete

1170 days 18 hours ago - Andriasang: A few bits about Soul Calibur V have emerged from an interview in this week's Famitsu. Here are the details, based off the usual magazi... | News | Xbox 360


Tales of Xillia Trailer Schedule Revealed

1170 days 19 hours ago - Andriasang: Looking for new Tales of Xillia footage? Sorry... none of that here today. But we do have a schedule of when you'll get some new footage. | News | PS3


Yakuza Of the End Weapon Customization Screenshots

1170 days 20 hours ago - New weapon customization screenshots for Yakuza Of the End. | Screenshot | PS3


IndieMonth: Final Phase

Now - IndieMonth is indie-ing. I mean ending. Maybe both. Today is the last day, and it's a doozy! | Promoted post

Take a Look at Keiji Inafune and Atelier Totori in Neptune

1172 days 14 hours ago - Andriasang: It's hard to believe, but Keiji Inafune is actually the least surprising thing about these tiny Neptune Mk2 screenshots that retailer M... | News | PS3


Virtua Fighter Crosses with El Shaddai

1172 days 14 hours ago - Andriasang: Sega and Ignition are teaming up for a totally unexpected crossover between El Shaddai and arcade fighter Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. | News | Arcade


Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Goods

1174 days 17 hours ago - Andriasang: Square Enix is celebrating Dragon Quest's 25th anniversary with more than just the recently announced Wii compilation of the first thre... | News | Wii


Rebecca and Creatures at the Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Site

1175 days 2 hours ago - Andriasang: From the Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D official site today comes a look at some of the game's creatures. See if you recognize these... | News | 3DS


Your Atelier Meruru Packaging

1175 days 7 hours ago - Andriasang: Gust has revealed the packaging for upcoming PS3 title Atelier Meruru. Here she is, with comparison pics from predecessors Atelier Toto... | News | PS3


No More Heroes Red Zone Screenshots

1175 days 8 hours ago - Andriasang: Full res shots of the new PS3 version of No More Heroes. | Screenshot | PS3


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Screenshots

1175 days 10 hours ago - 21 new screenshots from Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. | Screenshot | Xbox 360


Binary Domain goes playable at E3... and other bits from Sega and Microsoft's retailer briefings

1175 days 11 hours ago - Andriasang: As reported earlier (warning: cute puppy pic!) in the week, Microsoft and Sega also had meetings on Friday. Games Maya delivered a few... | News | Xbox 360


Your Guide to Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

1175 days 13 hours ago - Andriasang: We're now less than a month away from release for the download version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (the disc version will... | News | Xbox 360


Sonic, Vanquish Top Sellers for Sega in 2010

1175 days 21 hours ago - Andriasang: Sega Sammy's group sales and earnings were up last year. According to the company's earnings report, released today, sales rose 3.1% ov... | News | Nintendo DS


Weak Console Sales and Final Fantasy XIV Trouble Lead to Losses at Square Enix

1175 days 23 hours ago - Andriasang: In a statement today, CEO Yoichi Wada said "Our Group experienced significantly lower sales and profit during the fiscal year mainly du... | News | Industry


Armored Core V Beta Test Detailed

1176 days 16 hours ago - Andriasang: From Software formally announced the release time frame for Armored Core V today. As is often the case, the time frame leaked out of Fa... | News | Xbox 360


Capcom Collaborates With EA For Resident Evil

1176 days 19 hours ago - Andriasang: It's the 15th anniversary for Resident Evil, and Capcom is celebrating with a big collaboration. The company is teaming up with EA to p... | News | Culture


Neptune Mk2: Parody Characters and Villains

1176 days 19 hours ago - Andriasang: Meet the supporting cast for Compile Hearts' PS3 sequel. | News | PS3


Konami Pledges Support for 3DS and NGP This Year

1176 days 23 hours ago - Andriasang: Konami shared its fiscal 2011 earnings report today. For the period spanning April 2010 through March 2011, the company saw net sales o... | News | PSP2


The Towers of Pandora's Tower

1176 days 23 hours ago - Andriasang: The story of Pandora's Tower, the all original (except for maybe the cover) Wii action title from Nintendo and Ganvarion, has hero Ende... | News | Wii


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