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"is now sad that Keiji Inafune... the KING of Mega Man... is leaving Capcom."

MonkeyPaw Games Interview – Keeping Obscure Japanese Games Alive

753 days 23 hours ago - MonkeyPaw Games hopes to bridge the gap between East and West with their weekly releases of Japanese retro games in their Retro Rush promotion. | Interview | PSP


Class of Heroes 2 releases on PSP today

979 days 22 hours ago - Possibly one of the last PSP games ever made (and already confirmed to be one of the rarest physical editions), Class of Heroes 2 released on PSN t... | News | PSP


Tomba! 2 coming to PSN soon?

1138 days 19 hours ago - It's already out for the European PSN, but MonkeyPaw Games is reporting that they're trying to get Tomba! 2 onto the North American PlayStation sto... | News | PSP


Sony adds 26 more PSOne games to Vita store

1258 days 17 hours ago - Sony has enabled 26 more PSOne titles on the Vita store including Tomba!, Alundra, Grandia and Klonoa. These titles weren't available when the firm... | News | PSP


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

MonkeyPaw Games To Bring Tomba To PSN

1357 days 17 hours ago - MonkeyPaw Games has announced that Tomba! will be making its triumphant return to PSN. A cult-hit for the PSone in the late 90s, Tomba! was created... | News | PSP


Kotaku Interview: MonkeyPaw Games discusses past Kickstarter and future localization of JRPGs

1376 days 14 hours ago - MonkeyPaw Games' Kickstarter project on Class of Heroes 2 didn't fund, but it still raised plenty of awareness for the import PSP title, which will... | Interview | PSP


1up Retronauts Podcast: Victor Ireland talks about the rise and fall of Working Designs

1385 days 11 hours ago - The man behind the JRPG-friendly publisher talks about a beloved slice of gaming history. Victor Ireland, former president of Working Designs, talk... | Podcast | PSP


1up Podcast: Vic Ireland Discusses Kickstarter and the resurgent RPG

1386 days 8 hours ago - Former Working Designs boss joins the Games, Dammit! podcast crew to talk about his crowd-funded localization venture on Kickstarter and the future... | Podcast | PSP


ANNCast: LUNAR, Bomberman and classic JRPG memories with former heads of Working Designs and Hudson

1397 days 13 hours ago - Anime News Network talks everything from classic JRPG titles and retro gaming memories in a podcast interview with Victor Ireland (Gaijinworks/Work... | Interview | PSP


RPGFan Interview with legendary JRPG evangelist Victor Ireland (Working Designs/Gaijinworks)

1398 days 16 hours ago - RPGFan talks with legendary JRPG evangelist Victor Ireland about his memories working at Working Designs and what he hopes to achieve with making J... | Interview | PSP


VGrevolution talks with Victor Ireland about contents of Class of Heroes 2 Deluxe Pack

1400 days 8 hours ago - VGrevolution recently had the chance to talk with Gaijinworks president Victor Ireland (founder of the legendary Working Designs) about the content... | Interview | PSP


RPG Site talks with Victor Ireland about Kickstarter and dream projects

1407 days 7 hours ago - RPG Site talks with the President of Gaijinworks and formerly of Working Designs about his ongoing Kickstarter effort and some of his dream projects! | Interview | PSP


RPGamer interviews Victor Ireland about Kickstarter, JRPGs and Class of Heroes 2

1408 days 11 hours ago - RPGamer recently had the exclusive chance to talk with Victor Ireland about his recent Kickstarter collaboration with MonkeyPaw Games for a limited... | Interview | PSP


MonkeyPaw and Gaijinworks Kickstart a Class of Heroes 2 localization

1413 days 9 hours ago - MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks work towards a $500,000 goal for their new Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is a calling of arms for all J-RPG fa... | News | PSP


Class of Heroes 2 turns to Kickstarter for localization

1413 days 20 hours ago - J-RPG fans finally have a voice on Kickstarter. MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks today announced their $500,000 Kickstarter in hopes of localizing a... | News | PSP


MonkeyPaw Games announces new Kickstarter calling out all J-RPG fans

1414 days 16 hours ago - MonkeyPaw Games has announced a new Kickstarter campaign with Victor Ireland of Gaijinworks (formerly of Working Designs) looking to raise $500,000... | News | PSP


BurgerTime World Tour Review (GameZone)

1552 days 20 hours ago - GameZone checks out the latest Xbox LIVE Arcade game by MonkeyPaw Games. Is the beef still fresh or is the old BurgerTime formula frozen in time? F... | Review | Xbox 360


BurgerTime World Tour Review (GamePro)

1553 days 18 hours ago - Yet another retro revamp hits the downloadable marketplace, this time bringing along some good, greasy, fast food fun. Game Pro takes a look at Mon... | Review | Xbox 360


BurgerTime World Tour Review (Unscripted 360)

1556 days 18 hours ago - The re-imagined arcade classic returns and Unscripted 360 has the latest review. Just how fun is this new puzzler platformer? Unscripted 360 goes t... | Review | Xbox 360


SG Interactive throws down with team Raptr in Project Blackout live match today

1785 days 13 hours ago - SG Interactive will be battling the gaming mammoths of Raptr today at 5pm for a public and live-streaming match of Project Blackout, a free to play... | News | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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