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Final Fantasy All the Bravest Is An Insult to Fans of the Series

1112 days 12 hours ago - Despite being filled to the brim with nostalgic elements from throughout the Final Fantasy series, All the Bravest is a cash grab through and throu... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Lightning Returns staff talk story, gameplay and worldview

1134 days 5 hours ago - The entire Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII interview with Famitsu now translated, reveals new details. | News | Xbox 360


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Re:MIX Brings New Gameplay Changes

1140 days 12 hours ago - Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Re:MIX is not just a simple remake. We have learned that the game will include additional improvements, including mapping the... | News | PS3


Fantasia World in Kingdom Hearts 3D

1485 days 13 hours ago - A new scan shows off what appears to be a Fantasia world in Kingdom Hearts 3D for the Nintendo 3DS as well as new screens of Tron Legacy. | Image | 3DS


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Kitase: Final Fantasy XIII-2 has "Darker Tone"

1535 days 8 hours ago - In a joint interview between Final Fantasy fan sites and XIII-2 Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryou, Square Enix talked a... | Interview | Xbox 360


Theatrythym : Final Fantasy takes Dissidia to 3DS

1676 days 12 hours ago - As revealed in this week’s issue of Jump, a Dissidia-themed rythym game will be headed to the Nintendo 3DS. Named: Theatrythym : Final Fantasy, it... | News | 3DS


Final Fantasy PSP Titles May Get Remastered in HD

1698 days 12 hours ago - Final Fantasy super-producer Yoshinori Kitase commented briefly this week in this week’s Dengeki PlayStation that he is in fact interested in PSP r... | News | PSP


Final Fantasy XIII-2 to have DLC Scenarios, New Game+

1703 days 13 hours ago - Final Fantasy XIII producer Motomu Toriyama talks about some of the additions added to Final Fantasy XIII-2 in order to increase the game's replay... | News | Xbox 360


Is Kingdom Hearts the Perfect Fit for Vita?

1704 days 16 hours ago - At the Sony Press Conference a few days ago, Sony's new handheld (known until then as the NGP, Next Generation Portable), the PS Vita, was formally... | Article | PS Vita


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Japanese Release Month Announced

1705 days 10 hours ago - The official Japanese website for Final Fantasy XIII-2 has revealed the release month for the title. Officially moved to early 2012 for the English... | News | Xbox 360


New Dissidia 012 DLC in action

1707 days 4 hours ago - Since the PlayStation Store recently updated with a sizable amount of new Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy DLC, one may be in a situation where they may... | Video | PSP


Final Fantasy XIII-2 E3 Teaser Trailer Analysis (Towns, New Characters, Moogles, Recruit Monsters)

1708 days 13 hours ago - With just a single weekend left until E3 2011 and Final Fantasy XIII-2′s big debut, Square Enix released a teaser trailer for the game to get us ge... | Article | Xbox 360


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Ultimania Scans

1912 days 16 hours ago - Scans of the Ultimania of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded are now available. | Image | Nintendo DS

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Famitsu Interview

1919 days 22 hours ago - Interview with the co. producers of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded about the development and features of the game. | Interview | Nintendo DS


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded European Release Date Leaked

1949 days 4 hours ago - Square Enix accidentally leaks the European release date of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded via their Twitter. | News | Nintendo DS


Final Fantasy Producer Hints at Before Crisis FFVII for 3DS

1955 days 22 hours ago - Square Enix is known to lay down pretty big bombshells on Twitter nowadays, and today is no different. After this morning’s Nintendo 3DS Conference... | News | Nintendo DS


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Scans + Screens!

1959 days 3 hours ago - Six Famitsu scans and a plethora of screens of this soon-to-be-released instalment in the series. Credit goes to FF sky and TGbus as well as Fam... | News | Nintendo DS


Final Fantasy at Tokyo Game Show 10' (Dissidia, Versus News, and More)

1969 days 14 hours ago - We've created a single page for access to all Final Fantasy related Tokyo Game Show 2010 updates. We’ll be getting all sorts of great updates tonig... | Article | Nintendo DS


Dissidia Duodecim Assists System, Lightning Details

1969 days 23 hours ago - Famitsu’s got a new interview with Tetsuya Nomura about Dissidia Duodecim, plus new scans as well! The interview provides specific information on h... | News | PSP


Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo at TGS2010?

1975 days 1 hour ago - Series director Tetsuya Nomura leaves mysterious hint on Twitter about demo of "unannounced title". | News | Nintendo DS


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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