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Japan Getting New (See-Through) DualShock 3 In Dec

662 days 20 hours ago - The PS3 has never had a see-through dualshock – until now. And so on Dec. 19 will that change, and you’ll be able to at least import a roughly-$60... | News | PS3


Kotaku Timeline: Grand Theft Auto V

1043 days 5 hours ago - A timeline that tells the tale of the public emergence of the biggest, most interesting video games. The first game we're giving this treatment to... | Article | PC


Rockstar Games: What Would You Like to See in GTAV Crews?

1044 days 6 hours ago - Rockstar: "As we're busy working on Grand Theft Auto V, we'd like to take this opportunity to ask all of you for your feedback, input and ideas f... | News | PC

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