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MMOGames: Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn Review

325 days 2 hours ago - Deadeyemcduck dives in to the world of Eorzea for a Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn review, check it out at | Review | PC


Strife Interview with Producer Tim Shannon

325 days 15 hours ago - Strife jumped into the online gaming scene just a couple of months ago, and it has since made waves for its “community friendly” features, which de... | Interview | PC


EverQuest 2 Tears of Veeshan Pre-Order Now Available

325 days 17 hours ago - EverQuest 2 Tears of Veeshan is an upcoming expansion pack for the classic fantasy MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment. Recently, SOE announced tha... | News | PC


SWTOR Titans of Industry Patch Now Live

386 days 11 hours ago - Star Wars The Old Republic is a scifi themepark MMORPG set in the popular Star Wars Universe. Recently, developer BioWare announced that Game Updat... | News | PC


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4) Review

Now - Drew takes on the prince of darkness for the 1,347th time. | Promoted post

Age of Wushu Releases 7 New Expansion Trailers

386 days 16 hours ago - Age of Wushu is a free to play martial arts MMORPG which is preparing to launch its first expansion pack on the Chinese servers in just a few days. | Trailer | PC


MMOGames Invades ArcheAge Korea

388 days 20 hours ago - ArcheAge is a sandpark fantasy MMORPG by Korean developer XLGames set to release in North America and Europe under publisher Trion Worlds. While We... | News | PC


SEGA Releases 3 New Phantasy Star Online 2 Videos

388 days 20 hours ago - Phantasy Star Online 2 is an online fantasy RPG currently live in Japan and awaiting an English release. While the eyes of western gamers watch the... | Video | PC


Age of Wushu Showcases New Weather System

388 days 20 hours ago - Age of Wushu is a martial arts themed MMORPG that many players in North America are currently enjoying. As a Chinese developed title however, eyes... | News | PC


DayZ Berezino Diaries #1: The Bloodbag Conspiracy

401 days 2 hours ago - Dan & Erika set out to take over Berezino for themselves, follow them on their adventure. | Article | PC


ArcheAge Progress Update Released

401 days 19 hours ago - ArcheAge is an upcoming sandpark fantasy MMORPG developed by XLGames and published in North America and Europe by Trion Worlds. As Western players... | News | PC


SWTOR Introducing Tauntaun Mount

401 days 19 hours ago - Star Wars The Old Republic is a scifi MMORPG based on the popular Star Wars Universe, developed by BioWare who are currently in the middle of their... | News | PC


RIFT Summerfest Begins July 25th

401 days 19 hours ago - RIFT is a free to play fantasy MMORPG by developer and publisher Trion Worlds that is preparing to launch its summertime celebrations with Summerfe... | News | PC


Guild Wars 2 Cutthroat Politics Voting Begins

401 days 19 hours ago - Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy MMORPG by ArenaNet that recently introduced politics in to the game, asking players to step up as candidates for a new va... | News | PC


Marvel Heroes Reaches 1.5 Million Registered Player

401 days 20 hours ago - Marvel Heroes is a free to play action MMORPG based on the popular Marvel Universe developed by Gazillion Entertainment. Recently the developer ann... | News | PC


RaiderZ EU Shutting Down Next Month

401 days 20 hours ago - RaiderZ is a free to play fantasy action MMORPG published in Europe by Gameforge. Yesterday the publisher announced that they will unfortunately be... | News | PC


New Pathfinder Video Released

402 days 9 hours ago - Pathfinder Online is an upcoming next-generation sandbox MMORPG by developer GoblinWorks. Recently at PaizoCon the developers showcased some of the... | Video | PC


Ultima Forever Delays Release

403 days 2 hours ago - Ultima Forever is an upcoming online mobile RPG by Mythic that recently launched in Canada but has unfortunately left the rest of the world waiting... | News | iPhone


EVE Online Industrial Ship Rebalancing Announced

408 days ago - In a recent dev blog, CCP Rise discussed how industrial ships are next on the list with a major makeover under way changing how the ships are used... | News | PC


Ragnarok Online Prequel Announced

415 days 14 hours ago - Ragnarok Online is a fantasy MMORPG that has been around for quite a while now, but Chinese developer Dream² is taking a chance reinventing the lon... | News | PC


MMOGames: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Play EVE Online

419 days 16 hours ago - EVE Online is a unique scifi sandbox MMO by highly renowned Icelandic developer, CCP Games. Here's why you should be playing it. | Opinion piece | PC


Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) Review

Now - Jae digs into the latest in the Tales series. | Promoted post
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