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MMOHut: Farewell Tolkien - Retiring Traditional RPG Races

1441 days 15 hours ago - MMOHut, "We owe Mr Tolkien a lot. As purveyors of the digital medium we call ‘MMO’ we are indebted to the father of modern fantasy. It’s not that T... | Opinion piece | PC


MMOHut: MMO Classes - Playing a Mage

1448 days 11 hours ago - MMOHut, "We’re back from a brief hiatus, back to exploring the Holy Trinity of MMORPGs! So we’ve taken a look at the healer and the tank, and it co... | Article | PC


MMOHut: Webzen Acquires Metin 2

1459 days 5 hours ago - MMOHut, "Webzen has announced that it’s acquired Ymir Entertainment, the developer of Metin 2, as of January 26th. Metin 2 is one of the most popul... | News | PC

MMOHut: Cardmon Hero Free 5000 TCoins Giveaway

1460 days 9 hours ago - MMOHut, "MMOHut and T3Fun have teamed up to give away key codes that can be redeemed for 5,000 free TCoins. Tcoins are the premium cash shop curren... | Article | PC


Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

MMOHut: S4 League Season 1 Announced

1461 days 2 hours ago - MMOHut, "burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today announced the launch of a brand new expansion for online third-person shoot... | News | PC

MMOHut: Collectible Card Game MMOs

1465 days 8 hours ago - MMOHut, "Oh internet, whatever would we do without you? Once upon a time if I wanted to play a board or card game I had to use something called a ‘... | Article | PC

MMOHut: MMORPG Classes - Playing a Healer

1467 days 22 hours ago - MMOHut, "We’re back to talk about that well-known and often much despised, but critical concept of the “Holy Trinity” in MMORPGs. Plenty of people... | Opinion piece | PC


MMOHut: The Importance of Open Beta in MMORPGs

1471 days 11 hours ago - MMOHut, "It is always an interesting spectacle to keep an eye on the upcoming release section on any major MMO website. Intently watching as an alr... | Opinion piece | PC


MMOHut: Erebus: Travia Reborn officially Canceled

1474 days 7 hours ago - MMOHut, "Not long ago, we posted news that Erebus had been indefinitely delayed. Recently, Outspark has changed the status of the project to cancel... | News | PC


MMOHut: MMO Classes - The Warrior

1477 days 8 hours ago - MMOHut, "There is a term in MMO gaming called the “Holy Trinity.” It’s not a religious term (arguably), but it describes the three primary class ro... | Opinion piece | PC


MMOHut: Loong: Power of the Dragon Launches January 12

1477 days 9 hours ago - MMOHut, "Loong’s official release date has been announced as this Wednesday, January 12th. The official game release will include a wipe from the p... | News | PC


MMOHut: The Golden Age of MMOs - The Good ol Days

1481 days ago - MMOHut, "When you’re a kid you’re always told to respect your elders, and for good reason. Older folk are wiser than you are and can remove their t... | Opinion piece | PC


MMOHut: Fly For Fun V17 Sneak Peek

1481 days 3 hours ago - MMOHut, "New details have been previewed for players of Fly For Fun, looking forward to V17. The new update/expansion adds a new zone and dungeon,... | News | PC


MMOHut: Pandora Saga Begins Open Beta

1481 days 10 hours ago - MMOhut, "Atlus Online has announced via email that Pandora Saga’s open beta testing will begin on January 7th, this Friday, at midnight Pacific (3... | News | PC


MMOHut: Core Blaze New MMORPG Announced

1489 days 3 hours ago - MMOHut, "Gamania’s newest MMORPG, Core Blaze – an action game using the Unreal Engine 3 – has had new details revealed about its gameplay. The game... | News | PC


MMOHut: Dating in MMORPGs

1489 days 20 hours ago - MMOHut, "In-game marriages in MMORPGs are nothing new. It's something we've become fairly used to as online gamers, and it's achieved at least a sm... | Article | PC


MMOHut: Luna Online Begins Luna Plus testing Dec 24

1494 days 22 hours ago - MMOHut, "Christmas Eve will bring about the public testing for Luna Plus, the first major expansion for Luna Online. The test will last until Janua... | News | PC

MMOHut: MapleStory Big Bang Interview

1495 days 21 hours ago - MMOHut, "MapleStory launched its historic Big Bang update on December 7, 2010. The update was absolutely massive and is expected to roll out in thr... | Interview | PC

MMOHut: Silkroad Online Launches Legend VI

1497 days 23 hours ago - MMOHut, "The latest free expansion for Silkroad Online, Legend VI: Forgotten World, is now live. The update adds the Forgotten World, a new area wi... | News | PC


MMOHut: Fear the Reaper - Death in MMOs

1499 days 9 hours ago - MMOHut, "The great thing about videogames is that you have the ability to die over and over again, only to be resurrected by the great computer god... | Article | PC


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