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"get ready for a rude awakening"

Greenpeace slams Nintendo

2336 days 3 hours ago - Nick Farrell writes: "WEIRDIE BEARDIES at Greenpeace have taken time out from chasing Japanese whale boats, er, scientific vessels, to go... | Article | 14


Robot invented to crawl through veins

2336 days 10 hours ago - Sylvie Barak writes: "SCIENTISTS FROM Israel's Technion University have unveiled a tiny robot, made using Micro-Electro-Mechanical System... | Article | 14


IBM's antitrust cage gets rattled

2336 days 13 hours ago - Sylvie Barak writes: "THE ANTITRUST KNIVES are out again, and this time IBM may be about to feel the cold stab of both European and Ameri... | Article | 14


Norwegian ISP: dig your own fiber trench, save $400

2392 days 13 hours ago - Nate Anderson: "Lyse has become the largest fiber-to-the-home provider in Norway thanks to an innovative business model that asks customers... | Article | 14


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Gears of War 2 content pricing: Microsoft responds to Ars

2392 days 18 hours ago - Ben Kuchera: "Microsoft's pricing decisions on the retail and download packages for the newest Gears of War 2 content are... interesting. We... | Interview | 2,11


'World of Warcraft is as addictive as cocaine': report

2466 days 9 hours ago - The Local writes: "The computer game World of Warcraft is the most dangerous game on the market with a high risk of addiction, according to a... | News | 11,12


Microsoft admits to, defends banning Lesbian Xbox Live user

2466 days 11 hours ago - Ben Kuchera writes: "Xbox Live isn't known for the social graces of its users, and one gamer was harassed for outing herself as a lesbian... w... | News | 2,8,11,12


Apple and Psystar finally agree-to keep trade secrets secret

2466 days 11 hours ago - Chris Foresman writes: "Apple and its unlicensed Mac clone maker nemesis Psystar jointly filed a motion to protect confidential information du... | News | 14


Punch-Out enters ring May 18

2466 days 11 hours ago - Tom Magrino writes: "On the Wii, May 18 will see the arrival of Punch-Out, the long-awaited remake of the classic NES boxing game, with Glass... | News | 3,5,11


Hands on: uberVU, an interactive inbox for the conversation

2466 days 12 hours ago - David Chartier writes: " "The conversation" about content on the Web broke free from the comment form a long time ago. As people are... | News | 14


Apple, MPAA, RIAA attack DRM circumvention requests

2479 days 5 hours ago - Ars Technica: "Apple has issued a strident defense of iPhone DRM, calling it a business model issue that the Copyright Office has no business... | Article | 11,12,14


FTC warns of "day of reckoning" for online advertisers

2480 days 1 hour ago - Ars Technica: "The Federal Trade Commission is backing the idea of self-regulation for online behavioral advertisers, but two commissioners ex... | News | 14

700 comments tell the FTC "No DRM!"

2480 days 2 hours ago - The Federal Trade Commission's DRM conference coming up in March has already attracted 700 user comments... nearly all of them negative. Gamers cur... | News | 11,12,13,14


NCsoft full-year revs rise 5%

2480 days 2 hours ago - Gamespot: "Guild Wars publisher sees growing sales during 2008, profits drop 40% on marketing spend; Aion exceeds expectations in Korea." | News | 11,14


Report gives iPhone 51% of US smartphone ad market

2480 days 2 hours ago - Ars Technica: "The latest metrics report from mobile advertising firm AdMob shows the iPhone making 51 percent of online ad requests among sma... | Article | 14


Pirate Bay trial starts Monday; pirate bus en route

2480 days 2 hours ago - Ars Technica: "The Pirate Bay goes on trial in Sweden this upcoming Monday, and the site's backers are ready to unleash a media juggernaut of... | News | 14

Disney layoffs hit Turok, Bolt studios

2494 days 20 hours ago - "Add another publisher to the list of those laying off developers in tight economic times. Disney Interactive Studios has confirmed for GameSp... | News | 11,13


Google plugs 'high- risk' holes in Chrome

2495 days ago - "Google has shipped a high-priority Chrome browser patch with fixes for three security vulnerabilities that expose users to cross-site scripti... | News | 14


Nintendo earnings soar, Wii nears 45 million

2495 days 1 hour ago - "DS sales top 96 million as Mario Factory's nine-month earnings hit $17.1 billion; record full-year estimate lowered slightly due to Yen fluct... | News | 3,5,11,13


Lawmakers Aim to Tax DLC

2495 days 13 hours ago - "North Carolina joins New York in an effort to tack a sales tax on downloads." | News | 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13


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