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Report: Warner Brothers Might Buy Machinima

150 days 17 hours ago - Sources at Machinima and Warner Brothers recently spoke to Video Game Choo Choo about the possibility of Warner Brothers outright purchasing or mak... | News | Industry


Battlefield 4 Review (PS4) | Video Game Choo Choo

228 days 10 hours ago - One day, someone may figure out why Battlefield 4 launched with so many technical errors, but for now, don't buy this game. | Review | PS4


Dead Rising 3 Review | Video Game Choo Choo

269 days 13 hours ago - "Dead Rising 3 certainly makes a strong case for the Xbox One as a gaming machine, but it's otherwise difficult to recommend." | Review | Xbox One


Video Game Choo Choo Special: Xbox One Launch Party

278 days 23 hours ago - About five minutes before the doors opened for Microsoft’s Xbox One launch party in Los Angeles, Mike decided the die had been cast and roped his f... | Podcast | Xbox One


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4) Review

Now - Drew takes on the prince of darkness for the 1,347th time. | Promoted post

Video Game Choo Choo | Hate Plus Review

305 days 6 hours ago - "Hate Plus improves on its predecessor's already great blueprint, resulting in a smoother and equally memorable experience." | Review | PC


Video Game Choo Choo Episode 18: Waifu Wrestling Federation

315 days 6 hours ago - Steven is dead, John bungles a hilarious gag, and Mike confuses an infamous hate group with the Necromongers from The Chronicles of Riddick. Also,... | Podcast | Culture


Pokemon Y Review | Video Game Choo Choo

317 days 22 hours ago - Mike Cosimano of Video Game Choo Choo writes: "Pokémon just refuses to change, as Nintendo franchises are wont to do these days. Major improvements... | Review | 3DS


Soundtrack Spotlight – “Time to Make History” (Persona 4 Golden)

457 days 10 hours ago - "To say I dug [Persona 4 Golden] would be an understatement: it’s one of my favorite games except better and now I can bring it with me wherever I... | Opinion piece | Culture


Dead Island Riptide Review | Velocity Gamer

494 days 2 hours ago - "Dead Island Riptide splits the difference between the original game's terrible and great moments to create a serviceable followup, which is still... | Review | PC


Deus Ex Human Revolution Sequel Teased?

515 days 21 hours ago - Mike from Velocity Gamer writes: "Okay, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. We all know this. So take the following with an enormous grain of salt. If yo... | News | PC


Soda Drinker Pro Review | Velocity Gamer

527 days 8 hours ago - "There is no better videogame than Soda Drinker Pro. It’s one of the rare games that manages to give players ultimate control over the player chara... | Review | PC


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate Review | Velocity Gamer

532 days 23 hours ago - "It’s rare that I get a review game that falls squarely in the middle of our ten-point scale. A game that is right in the middle of the road, as if... | Review | 3DS


Velocity Gamer Podcast Episode 30: Slit Throats

549 days 14 hours ago - Velocity Gamer Editor John Michonski joins our team for a spirited discussion about Mike’s time with DmC, Joe’s Funny Games, and whatever it was St... | Podcast | Culture


Serious Sam Double D XXL Review | Velocity Gamer

557 days 6 hours ago - "Serious Sam Double D XXL is a wonderfully absurd ride from start to finish. The controls are tight – a must when you consider the hordes you’re up... | Review | Xbox 360


Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Review | Velocity Gamer

563 days 2 hours ago - Mike from Velocity Gamer writes, "When the creators of a beloved property decide they’re moving on, sometimes it’s hard for loyal fans to see why.... | Review | PS3


Velocity Gamer Podcast Episode 28: Joe the Dream Killer

563 days 9 hours ago - Grab your Demon Soda and your Cooper Cane, because it’s just Mike and Joe this week! Joe spends half an hour talking about DmC and the Devil May Cr... | Podcast | Culture


Your Ending Sucks

583 days 10 hours ago - "It’s hard to end a story. There are times where it’s clear somebody on the writing staff really busted their ass to pull off a satisfying ending t... | Opinion piece | PC


Let's Keep Being Offensive

590 days 12 hours ago - "With this comes the equally obligatory group of people whining about how they’re sick of hearing about how women and similar parties need equal ri... | Opinion piece | Culture


Persona 4 Golden Review | Velocity Gamer

599 days 22 hours ago - "Persona 4 Golden is more of an amazing RPG, and that’s honestly all I really wanted." - Mike C, Velocity Gamer | Review | PS Vita


Hitman Absolution Review | Velocity Gamer

633 days 16 hours ago - "I can’t easily recommend this, except to anyone who is frothing at the mouth for a new Hitman game. There are harder difficulties for those of you... | Review | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post
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