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Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor - Power Shadow DLC first look

153 days 12 hours ago - Here's a look at the new free Power Shadow DLC and runes. | Videocast | PC


LotRO - Beorning character creation and intro - Update 15 preview HD

163 days 7 hours ago - First footage of the new Beorning class in The Lord of the Rings Online! | Preview | PC


The Chief Re-Mastered, Halo 4 Reviewed - Comics, Politics, People

846 days 3 hours ago - "So what of Halo 4 without the coding might of Bungie? 343 have delivered a superb game. The greatest compliment Promethean: not to be underes... | Review | Xbox 360


PR Power Still Paralyzing Video Game Journalism - Comics, Politics, People

849 days 15 hours ago - "After frequenting videogame websites for the best part of my adult life, there is always one overriding criticism of journalists and website alike... | Opinion piece | Industry


Want to Join the Releases.com Team? We are Looking for News Editors

Now - We are looking for news editors for the following categories. Games, TV Series, Movies and Tech. If you are an aspiring journalist in one of these... | Promoted post

Positive Effect when ending reaches critical Mass - Comics, Politics, People

850 days ago - "The option that fitted into the story was synthesis. You have built relationships with Legion and EDI, both synthetic beings, to destroy or contro... | Opinion piece | PC


Comics, Politics, People: Why so curious? – 22 Cans’ Catastrophe

850 days 15 hours ago - "I'm also sure that "what's inside the cube?" is as amazing as Pete says it is. [I'm being serious here.] There is just one problem however, I can... | Review | iPhone


December NDS sales head record breaking year for US games industry

2260 days 15 hours ago - NPD industry analyst Anita Frazier has said in light of the latest NPD hardware numbers, Nintendo DS has broken a record by being the first console... | News | 1,2,3,4,5,9,13


GTA IV 360 sales almost double that of PS3 for 2008

2261 days ago - According to the NPD annual software charts for 2008, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV 360 outsold GTA IV PS3 by nearly 2:1. | News | 1,2,13


UK Charts - week ending Jan 10th

2264 days 9 hours ago - There's no change at the top this week, as FIFA 09 is still dancing around the challenge of Activision's Call of Duty: World at War for the number... | News | 1,2,3,4,5,9,13


CES 09 - All the news

2267 days 7 hours ago - VG247: As you've probably realised, the Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas this week and we've done our level best to capture everythi... | News | 1,2,3,13,15,14


"It will be huge Ghostbusters week!" says Terminal Reality boss

2267 days 12 hours ago - Speaking to videogaming247, Terminal Reality chief Mark Randel confirmed the news that Ghostbusters: The videogame will release in June and declare... | News | 1,2,3,9


Latest Japanese software sales sees White Knight slip to 6th

2267 days 13 hours ago - In this, the last chart of the Japanese calender year sees last week's winning débutante White Knight Chronicles slip to sixth with sales down... | News | 1,2,3,4,9,13,15


Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic out early March

2268 days 3 hours ago - Tarsier Studios' PS3 exclusive, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic will be available to download from PSN on March 5th. | News | 1,13,15


Flower to release in Febraury

2268 days 4 hours ago - According to a Sony Denmark release schedule acquired by videogaming247, ThatGameCompany's lovely looking Flower will be released on PlayStation Ne... | News | 1,13,15


Skate 2 demo to hit PSN Jan 15

2269 days 10 hours ago - EA has just issued a press release stating that Black Box's Skate 2 demo will be released on PSN on January 15th. | News | 1


Not being able to rip a Locusts arm off and beat him to death with it is Cliffy's greatest regret

2330 days 10 hours ago - In an interview with Irish radio station, Red FM, Cliff Bleszinski said that his greatest regret was not being able to rip a Locust's arm off and b... | News | 2, 15


VG247: Resident Evil 5 playtest

2340 days 11 hours ago - VG247 is at the Eurogamer Expo, if you didn't know, and we've just had a good, long play on Capcom zombie-shooter, Resident Evil 5. Find out w... | Preview | 1,2


New XNA tech demo - The Unfinished Swan

2346 days 3 hours ago - VG247: Watch the rather intriguing tech demo whose premise that you need to navigate your way through an all-white maze by splattering black paint... | News | 2,13,15


GTAIV gets near perfect score from Famitsu, beats LittleBigPlanet

2346 days 8 hours ago - Japanese games magazine Famitsu has given Grand Theft Auto IV a score of 10,10,9,10 which means that three out four reviewers thought it damn near... | News | 1,2,13,15


Japanese weekly hardware figures: PS3 sales hit an all time low

2346 days 9 hours ago - The latest Media Create data is in and it shows that the PS3 has sold a mere 4,800 units for week ending October 17. The 360 outsells it yet again,... | News | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13


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