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"Not piloting a mecha"

Deep cuts at Xbox Europe as Nadella swings axe

409 days 10 hours ago - Microsoft is making big cuts to its Xbox EMEA Team - MCVUK | Rumor | Xbox One


Microsoft to shutdown Xbox Entertainment Studios

410 days 5 hours ago - Microsoft will shut down the Xbox Entertainment Studios, ending an ambitious foray into original video programming - Recode | News | Xbox One


Skullgirls Encore muscles onto PS4 and PS Vita this year

416 days 21 hours ago - New edition of acclaimed fighter will include all DLC content | News | PS4


Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Gets PS4 Release Date

423 days 11 hours ago - Oddworld Dev gives info on release date (July 22) and three difficulties | News | PS4


The Wii U Games You Need to Play in August

Now - Let's take a look at what Nintendo will be offering throughout the month. | Promoted post

Crytek UK staff no longer going to work

424 days 3 hours ago - The bulk of employees at Crytek's UK office are no longer going to work, according to people familiar with the situation - Kotaku | Rumor | Industry


Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Officially Coming West for PS3 and PS4

459 days 8 hours ago - Look for it this fall - IGN | News | PS3


Why Xbox One's ambitious media strategy failed

471 days 7 hours ago - And how its legacy may impact Microsoft's chances of catching PS4. - Eurogamer | Opinion piece | Xbox One


As Microsoft Abandons Kinect, The Xbox One Loses What Made It Unique

474 days 9 hours ago - What we have now is an Xbox One that looks in the mirror and sees a PlayStation 4. The metamorphosis is complete. - Forbes | Opinion piece | Xbox One


3 Reasons the Xbox One May Struggle to Catch The PS4

491 days ago - Gamespot's Tom Mc Shea explains why it may not be easy for the Xbox One to catch up to the PS4. | Article | PS4


Larry Hryb recalls that the Xbox One was originally "very complex to explain."

505 days 13 hours ago - At PAX EAST, Hryb took a shot at Sony's claim that it will ship 100 games in 2014. "Saying something and shipping something can be two different th... | Article | Xbox One


Action-RPG Transistor coming May 20 (PS4/PC)

508 days 1 hour ago - Mark your calendar for May 20, 2014 - Supergiant Games | News | PC


Can Microsoft turn things around for Xbox One?

510 days 10 hours ago - How the platform holder plans to put Xbox back in the number one spot after a troubled launch - EDGE Magazine | Article | Xbox One


Phil Spencer: We shouldn't have sugar-coated the Xbox One controversy

536 days 6 hours ago - Speaking at the SXSW Gaming Expo 2014 in Austin, Texas, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has conceded that Microsoft's Xbox One messaging across the May 20... | Article | Xbox One


PvZ Garden Warfare has no Microtransactions...for now

555 days 15 hours ago - PopCap producer Brian Lindley says Garden Warfare will "definitely" not have in-game payments at launch, and is coy about resolution. | Article | PC


Microsoft Not Letting Gamers Pre-Load Titanfall After All

556 days 1 hour ago - Despite previous information to the contrary, Microsoft has provided a statement denying users' ability to pre-purchase and pre-load Titanfall. | News | Xbox One


Fall Of The Empire

557 days 3 hours ago - How Inner Turmoil Brought Down LucasArts | Article | Industry


Shinji Mikami and the fountain of youth

557 days 4 hours ago - The creator of Resident Evil saw a lack of opportunities for young game directors in Japan. So he started a company to create some - Polygon | Article | Culture


A Message From Ken Levine: Irrational Games Shutting Down

559 days 7 hours ago - A Message From Ken Levine | News | Industry


In Theory: Can Microsoft produce a new, cut-price Xbox One?

573 days 12 hours ago - Digital Foundry on the business case and the production realities. | Article | Xbox One


Why 'Paymium' compromises console game design

578 days 10 hours ago - Paymium is a tax forced onto players by an inefficient industry, and better alternatives are available. It will take players rejecting the model en... | Opinion piece | PS4


LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post
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