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How Do Indies Market Their Games?

1132 days 18 hours ago - My Giant: This episode My Giant has guest Mary Kurek — a Professional Networker — on to talk about marketing your indie game. Should you worry abo... | Podcast | Mobile


Keith Fuller, Speaker for IGDA Leadership Forum Shares Thoughts on Game Production Practices

1159 days 6 hours ago - Michael Johnson interviews Keith Fuller, founder of Fuller Game Production, to discuss his recent study regarding production practices in the games... | Article | Industry


TIC: Part 1 Review: Acorn-ucopia of Beauty | Armless Octopus

1282 days 11 hours ago - In a land where names are derivative, our adventurer Tic stands out amongst the crowd. In a scramble to save the robot town of Copperville, Tic mus... | Review | Xbox 360


Pop Gaming - We Asked For It!

1293 days 17 hours ago - Bitmob.com: Hardcore gamers are facing a phenomenon and are losing their favorite games to Pop-Gaming. They can point fingers all they want, but t... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

Nintendo Announces the Next Generation – My Predictions for the Wii’s Successor

1342 days 14 hours ago - Say what you want about Nintendo, but they know how to make money. If this past generation wasn’t enough of a wake-up call for gamers everywhere, t... | Opinion piece | GameCube


SFX-360: Dragon Age 2 Review

1377 days 15 hours ago - It’s been over a year since we’ve tasted the goodness of Dragon Age: Origins, a title that caught us all by surprise and piqued our interest in PC... | Review | Xbox 360


The Behemoth's Dan Paladin Draws Castle Crashers

1382 days 10 hours ago - SFX-360: After my demo of BattleBlock Theater, I decided that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to catch a video of The Behemoth Artist, Dan Paladin... | Video | Xbox 360


PAX East 2011: BattleBlock Theater Preview (SFX-360)

1384 days 12 hours ago - The Behemoth booth at PAX East 2011 was one of the most impressive set ups in the whole show. Not because they had flashy signs, powerful PCs, or g... | Preview | Xbox 360


PAX East 2011: Nexon's Brief Dragon Nest Demo

1385 days 3 hours ago - SFX-360: Nexon has been the front runner in the free-to-play model of gaming for the last few years. Leading the charge, they have released a larg... | Preview | PC


PAX East 2011: Red 5 Studios' Firefall Making a Big Splash

1385 days 13 hours ago - SFX-360: PAX East provides opportunities that can inevitably lead to the success or failure of any given game. Studios spend big bucks hoping that... | Preview | PC


PAX East 2011: New Section 8: Prejudice Inspired by Classic Shooter, Tribes

1388 days 3 hours ago - The first day at PAX has already proven to be an intense scene. New, never-before-seen games cover the conference floor and it’s all there for our... | Preview | PC


Dragon Age 2 Demo Impressions - SFX-360

1404 days 12 hours ago - As I sat at work today I saw news pouring out early in the morning about the release of the Dragon Age 2 demo on Xbox Live. Considering how much fu... | Preview | Xbox 360


Dethroning a Giant: Battlefield vs. Call of Duty

1405 days 16 hours ago - SFX-360.com: There have been few success stories as great as the one surrounding the Call of Duty series. Climbing from a pit of shooters to claim... | Opinion piece | PC


Radiant Historia Screens Keep Us Waiting

1409 days 12 hours ago - SFX-360: A new set of screenshots have found their way onto the web today, and we’ve made this pretty package for you to open and enjoy! Inside co... | News | Nintendo DS


Ubisoft Releasing Six 3DS Games for European Launch

1412 days 23 hours ago - Joystiq: Ubisoft announced an impressively large lineup of 3DS titles during Nintendo's 3DS event, all targeted at the period between launch and E... | News | 3DS


A Cigar Smoker's Guide to Video Game Music: Red Dead Redemption

1413 days 13 hours ago - SFX:360: There are fewer great moments in a person’s life than when they can sit down with a group of friends with a hand-rolled cigar, a glass of... | Opinion piece | Culture


Annoying Things Bloggers Do: Padding the News

1418 days 7 hours ago - SFX-360: Here at SFX-360, we strive for excellence. In order to achieve this, we need to know what our readers want. One of the best ways to achie... | Opinion piece | Industry


The Insidious Gamers Podcast Episode 1: Debating Mobile Phone Legitimacy

1419 days 15 hours ago - SFX-360.com: This episode marks the beginning of an era in the history of spectacular game radio.  The Insidious Gamers open up their new show by... | Podcast | Mobile


New Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy Trailer

1420 days 7 hours ago - SFX-360: New video footage is out of our favorite RPG fighter based on Final Fantasy characters, and guess what?! It has Cloud! For those who don... | Trailer | PSP


A Cigar Smoker's Guide to Video Game Music: Final Fantasy XIII

1420 days 15 hours ago - SFX-360: There are fewer great moments in a person’s life than when they can sit down with a groups of friends with a hand-rolled cigar, a glass o... | Opinion piece | Culture


LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out the latest adventure of Sackboy and his friends. | Promoted post
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