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"Doesn't trust micro$$$oft and you shouldn't either."

Four Lies Told To You By The Gaming Industry (That You Forgot)

1237 days ago - Everybody has told a little white lie at some point in their lives. And when I say everybody, I do mean everybody. Game companies included. Some li... | Article | PC


Supertrailer - The best trailers of the week thrown together to make one accelerated video

1252 days 23 hours ago - This week had some exciting announcements in the form of video game trailers. The first one was a 20th anniversary collection for the pink (and hun... | Trailer | PC


Sony Unveils PS Vita Mini-game for Frobisher Says Unlocked Today Read more

1253 days 12 hours ago - Today Sony European Product Manager Mayumi Donovan has unveiled a brand new mini-game for Frobisher Says on PS Vita that is now officially unlocked... | News | PS Vita


EA treads water as videogame market shifts

1253 days 12 hours ago - SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — It’s possible that neutral is the best gear that Electronic Arts Inc. can hope for anymore. | News | Nintendo DS


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Video: Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Flies Onto PSN Today

1254 days 21 hours ago - International PR Manager Nadine Knobloch at BitComposer Entertainment AG has posted up a video today announcing that Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is... | News | PS3


A Game of Thrones Review (

1255 days ago - Why are licensed games universally horrible? Why can't all licensed games raise to the standard of the N64's GoldenEye, the Genesis' Aladdin, or th... | Review | PC


Top 10 Worst Games Of This Generation

1255 days 7 hours ago - Most of us purchased our consoles so we could sit back on a lazy evening and enjoy ourselves. But sometimes I think video game developers don't rea... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


The Future Of Square Enix

1255 days 10 hours ago - It used to be that Squaresoft and Enix couldn't go a year without releasing multiple award-winning JRPGs or JRPG spinoffs. In the SNES era alone, S... | Article | PS2


Yoshida: Sony has a culture of supporting new ideas

1255 days 12 hours ago - The Sony Worldwide Studios president discusses its PS3, mobile and Vita plans | Article | PSP


Lego Batman 2 Best Lego Game Yet

1256 days 14 hours ago - "Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes" brings back Batman and all his friends and enemies in a fantastic Lego game. In-Game's Todd Kenreck reviews the game. | News | PC

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