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Are Violence And Games Linked?

1010 days 9 hours ago - This has been an ongoing debate ever since Mortal Kombat hit the gaming scene back in the 90s. Since then there have been school shootings where vi... | Article | PC


I'm Not Having Fun (But That's Okay)

1035 days 21 hours ago - 2012 was the year that saw a shift in the landscape of videogames. Downloadable titles finally started becoming events as large as the market defin... | Article | PC


Pixel Judge :Steam Boxes – Answers Bring More Questions

1040 days 18 hours ago - For a long time there were rumors about Valve making their own console. As with many rumors, there were not many reliable details, so it was hard t... | Article | PC


Pixel Judge Previews Don't Starve

1042 days 16 hours ago - Don’t Starve, the child of studio Klei Entertainment, bringers of the ultraviolent Shank and Mark of the Ninja. Don’t Starve is a very different br... | Preview | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Rise of Free To Play

1042 days 17 hours ago - Take a look at your PC game library. Chances are quite a few titles you play did not ask for a cent when you downloaded them. Games like League of... | Article | PC


Klei Entertainment Interview

1049 days 23 hours ago - Hello everyone, it's Ben from Pixel Judge and today I've got the pleasure of speaking with Jamie Cheng from “Klei Entertainment”, the team behind M... | Interview | PC


The Evilness Behind Piracy

1050 days 6 hours ago - Internet piracy... a term that evokes a great deal of emotions and reactions for all sorts of different people involved in the video game industry.... | Article | Industry


StarCraft II Creative Development Q&A - Part 11

1050 days 11 hours ago - Blizzard Writes: "In part eleven of our continuing series, Brian Kindregan, co-lead writer of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and lead writer of... | Interview | PC


Kentucky Route Zero Trailer Is Refreshing

1051 days 15 hours ago - At first glance this does not look like you typical point and click adventure game, but it is inspired by classics such as the secret of Monkey Isl... | News | PC


Promised XCOM Second Wave Patched In

1051 days 15 hours ago - Loved XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Finished the Campaign wishing there were more? Want a reason to play through it all over again? It seems that Firaxis ha... | News | PC


Pixel Judge Reviews Zombies

1070 days 18 hours ago - Even after a mass media saturation, zombies remain a downright iconic horror of the modern age. The shambling corpses have long stood in for the fe... | Review | PC


Pixel Judge: The Death of an MMO

1071 days 5 hours ago - The death of an MMO, has a nice, but sad ring to it don’t you think? When I think about those two terms together, namely ‘MMO’ (massive multiplayer... | Article | PC


Pixel Judge Reviews Far Cry 3

1072 days 5 hours ago - Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. In some ways Far Cry 3... | Review | PC


Pixel Judge Reviews Hitman Absolution

1094 days 20 hours ago - Hitman: Absolution, the long awaited sequel to the Hitman franchise, has finally arrived. Hitman: Blood Money was known as a revolutionary game, wh... | Review | PC


Pixel Judge: DayZ Standalone Gets Engine Details Outlined

1112 days 16 hours ago - The upcoming DayZ standalone has been shrouded in mystery for quite some time, with only a few details available. Now however, the technical engine... | News | PC


Pixel Judge | The War Z Preview

1113 days 15 hours ago - The WarZ is in development by Hammerpoint Interactive, who have previously been working on War Inc. Taking elements from the popular Day Z mod, thi... | Preview | PC


Sui Generis-A unique open world RPG

1114 days 12 hours ago - Sui Generis, a project by the new studio Bare Mettle Entertainment out of the UK, is a PC only RPG that will use a custom graphics engine and promi... | News | PC


Pixel Judge reviews Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

1122 days 10 hours ago - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has its history set in the classic of Half-Life 2. Age of Chivalry, which brought the gory slaughter directly to our doo... | Review | PC


Pixel Judge reviews Hotline Miami

1122 days 14 hours ago - There are no clean escapes in Hotline Miami. There is nothing clean at all about Dennotan’s vision of Miami, in fact. Even through the typically de... | Review | PC

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