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Moogle Voting For Final Fantasy XV Sends The Wrong Message

99 days 10 hours ago - Final Fantasy Union: "I’m not opposed to Moogles being in Final Fantasy XV. Far from it. I enjoyed Moglin’s presence in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and... | Opinion piece | PS4


Tabata Talks Chocobos, Tonberries, Cities and Story With Famitsu

186 days 22 hours ago - Final Fantasy Union: "As director Hajime Tabata said it would be, Gamescom 2015 was a big show for Final Fantasy XV and in his latest interview wit... | News | PS4


Final Fantasy XV Car's Radio May Feature Classic Final Fantasy Music

187 days 4 hours ago - Final Fantasy Union: "There has been a whirlwind of Final Fantasy XV news coming out of Gamescom and a new nugget relating to the car's radio has s... | News | PS4


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Interview: Cristina Vee

290 days 11 hours ago - Final Fantasy Union: "Hey everyone! Hope you all have been enjoying our interviews so far! We now have our interview with Cristina Vee live for you... | Interview | PS4


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review [Gaming Union]

333 days 21 hours ago - Gaming Union: "The struggle to get Final Fantasy Type-0 localised was a long and arduous one. Here is a game that released back in 2011 on the Play... | Review | PS4


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Interview: Bryce Hitchcock

335 days 2 hours ago - Gaming Union: "Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has almost arrived on Western shores after what seems like an eternity and in anticipation for the game's re... | Interview | PS4


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review [Gaming Union]

528 days 14 hours ago - Gaming Union: "Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate has now arrived on Western shores and it brings with it a host of updates that Japanese gamers were able... | Review | PS4


Kick-Ass 2 Review [Gaming Union]

634 days ago - Gaming Union: "Video games based on film properties have been around longer than many of us care to remember, and not in the good way. They are oft... | Review | PC


Will We Ever See Final Fantasy Agito In The West?

636 days 8 hours ago - Final Fantasy Union: "This is a question that has been asked by Western gamers for quite a few years now, but we still sit no closer to having an a... | Opinion piece | iPhone


5 Video Games That Should Be TV Shows

638 days 16 hours ago - Gaming Union: "TV shows based off of video games are nothing new. From the 1990s to the early 2000s, there were tons of shows enjoyed by boys and g... | Opinion piece | PC


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review [Gaming Union]

641 days 23 hours ago - Gaming Union: "The developers at Beenox are certainly no stranger to the Spider-man game franchise. Taking over after Shaba Games’ Web of Shadows,... | Review | PC


PS Vita Round-Up: May Will Add To Your Collection

650 days 15 hours ago - Gaming UNion: "The month of May looks to be quite an exciting one for Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld. Not only do we see portable versions of cla... | Article | PS Vita


Uncharted 4: Detailing The Pressure To Perform

653 days 11 hours ago - Gaming Union: "t’s safe to say that gaming in the last generation has become a lot more focused on sequels, prequels and spin-offs of certain franc... | Opinion piece | PS4


inFamous: Second Son Review [Gaming Union]

688 days 21 hours ago - Gaming Union: "Sony introduced quite a few new franchises into the PlayStation family last generation, with Sucker Punch Production’s inFamous bein... | Review | PS4


JRPG Gamer's Guide: March 2014 Edition

711 days 5 hours ago - Gaming Union: "February was quite the month for JRPG fans, but with its close comes yet another fantastic month to be a JRPG gamer. So get your... | Article | Xbox 360


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review [Gaming Union]

732 days 5 hours ago - Gaming Union: "Whether you have loved it or hated it so far, Lightning has returned to finish up the Final Fantasy XIII saga, but despite the react... | Review | Xbox 360


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Interview with Rachel Robinson

734 days 3 hours ago - Gaming Union: "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is almost upon us (well, in North America at least!) and in the build-up to the game's release... | Interview | Xbox 360


PS Vita Round-Up: Welcome To A Fun-Filled February

739 days 17 hours ago - Gaming Union: "Welcome to this month’s PS Vita round-up, where we are going to talk about demons, crazy bears, and LEGO." | Article | PS Vita


JRPG Gamer's Guide February 2014 Edition

744 days 14 hours ago - Gaming Union: "Depending on your tastes in JRPGs, 2013 was quite an amazing year. Hopefully we’ll see just as many, if not more, fantastic titles h... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


What's The Deal Nintendo?

751 days 3 hours ago - Gaming Union: "On one hand it's hard not to feel bad for Nintendo given the current state of things. Everyone knew there was going to be a huge sla... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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