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SteamOS Aims To Destroy Xbox One With Movie, Music Streaming

189 days 13 hours ago - The all-in-one system was supposed to be Microsoft's pledge to entertainment-philes; it was supposed to usher in a new era of a system that encompa... | Opinion piece | PC


Lycett Warns About Upcoming ASRT DLC

237 days 1 hour ago - “I know there will be controversy around this one” The good news is that Sega and Sumo Digital have another bit of DLC lined up for the PC ver... | News | PC


ASRT DLC: Simon From Yogscast Joins the Roster & Humble Bundle Detailed.

237 days 6 hours ago - A few days ago, Sumo Digitals Steve Lycett hinted that the next piece of ASRT DLC would be controversial, PC exclusive and ‘a popcorn moment.’ Many... | News | PC

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