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"War.... War Never Changes"

Max Level Weekly Roundup 10/13/2013

773 days 22 hours ago - Emily: "Better late than never, right? I’m back with another episode of Max Level’s Weekly Roundup. It’s been a slow week in the gaming world, but... | Videocast | Culture


Video Game News of the Week Round Up

781 days 22 hours ago - Emily: "Did you miss out on any important gaming news this week? Never fear, Emily is here! This week, I’m talking about Nintendo Direct, Half-Life... | Videocast | Culture


Mega Evolutions Equal Mega Failure in Pokemon X and Y

785 days 6 hours ago - Jeff: "Pokemon—now the second best-selling gaming franchise of all time—has maintained its popularity for more than a decade, and it has made new f... | Opinion piece | Culture


Battlefield 101: Five Basic Training Tips

786 days 2 hours ago - Brian: "Battlefield 4! It’s here!…kinda…The game is currently running its beta phase and if you are anything like me, you probably pumped 5+ hours... | Article | Culture


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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The Max Cast Episode 16

788 days 23 hours ago - Max Level: "This week Brittney and Barry sit down with Emily, one of Max Level’s new writers, and we talk about Steam OS! We also discuss the first... | Podcast | Culture


Media Mayhem: Violence in Video Games

790 days 1 hour ago - Emily: "Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. With the release of highly-anticipated Grand The... | Article | Culture


Beyond Two Souls Demo Playthrough and Commentary by Barry

792 days ago - Max Level: "Barry[@Bovice47] got his hands on the Beyond Two Souls Demo and can’t wait to get his copy of this story driven, action adventure game.... | Video | PS3


The Max Cast – Episode 15

794 days 7 hours ago - Max Level: "This week is all about GTA:V! Brittney and Anthony discuss all the ways that they love GTA while Chez rants about his hatred for the ga... | Podcast | Culture


What makes a "Perfect" Game?

795 days 21 hours ago - Jeff: "Perfection is something for which everyone strives. But, for the gaming industry, perfection is an adjective that is painfully elusive. For... | Article | Culture


The Max Cast EP 14

802 days 8 hours ago - Max Level: "Welcome back to The Max Cast! We are finally back from hiatus with a new episode and a new cast member! Listen as we welcome Anthony in... | Podcast | Culture


Cookie Clicker: Your Browser Just Got Stupidly Addicting

802 days 12 hours ago - Emily: "It’s 3 am. You wipe your eyes and stare around at the once familiar room. “Goddamn it,” you mutter to yourself. Another late night, and you... | Article | Culture


Let's talk about SEX!...Appeal in video games PT 2

804 days 14 hours ago - Armi: "In part one of my series on Video Game Character Sex Appeal, I introduced art historian Henri Wofflin, his theories, and how hair styles mak... | Article | Culture


Bayonetta 2 Hands-on Gameplay Footage from PAX Prime

811 days 23 hours ago - Barry: "If you like intense sexy carnage, then Bayonetta 2 is the game for you. Bayonetta is back with short hair and looking sexier as ever. Equip... | Video | Wii U


Killzone: Shadow Fall Hands-On Multiplayer Footage from PAX Prime

813 days 5 hours ago - Barry: "Finally got to play one of my most anticipated games for the ps4, Killzone: Shadow fall, at Pax Prime. The game looks amazing and feels lik... | Video | PS4


The Game System With The Best Launch Titles

819 days 9 hours ago - Jeff: "Such a lineup invokes the question: which console had the best lineup of release titles–ones that stood as quintessential games throughout t... | Article | Culture


The Max Cast Podcast Ep 13

820 days 5 hours ago - This week we discuss our dream Justice League cast, GameStop’s future, and our favorite horror games! | Podcast | Culture


The Breakdown of Saints Row IV $1,000,000 Package

835 days 5 hours ago - Emily: "1. Commander and Chief Addition of Saints Row IV - $60 When you pre-order Saints Row IV at GameStop, you are more than likely getting th... | Article | PC


BioShock Infinite - Clash in the Clouds DLC: "Underwhelming, but fun"

838 days 1 hour ago - Emily: "Earlier this year, Irrational Games brought us Bioshock Infinite, and if you’re like me, you’re probably still picking up pieces of your br... | Review | PC


Assassin's Creed Japan: A Case Made to Ubisoft

842 days 10 hours ago - Jeff: "The Assassin’s Creed franchise—one that started in Medieval Jerusalem—has become one of the most popular series in the video game industry.... | Article | Culture


The Max Cast EP 12

844 days 21 hours ago - Max Level: "This week we discussed The Wolverine and all of it’s lameness. The personality needed to work in the gaming industry and what defines a... | Podcast | Culture


See what games are coming out in 2016

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