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Codemasters Humble Bundle just broke 1 MM Dollars

155 days 12 hours ago - onPause writes: Just a few days ago Codemasters had started their Weekly Humble Bundle Sale with games like DiRT 3 and Overlord and today the we... | News | PC


5 Things we want to see in FIFA 15

156 days 3 hours ago - onPause writes: FIFA 14 on PS3 and 360 was already a great game and the added animations and visual upgrades were the icing on the cake for the... | Opinion piece | PC


Massive Codemasters Sale via the Humble Bundle

159 days 18 hours ago - onPause writes: Today the latest Weekly Humble Bundle Sale kicked off with an all Codemasters lineup which features Overlord, Overlord II, DiRT... | News | PC


Sony: Killzone Shadow Fall sold 2.1 Million Units

161 days 6 hours ago - onPause writes: Today Sony PlayStation Europe tweeted that PS4 exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall sold 2.1 Million units worldwide which means about... | News | PS4


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Now - Drew takes on some paranormal investigation. | Promoted post

Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month starts in February (Free Goodies)

162 days 8 hours ago - onPause writes: EA and DICE have announced that it will launch what is called the ‘Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month’ starting February 1s... | News | PC


Thank God, inFamous Second Son won’t feature Multiplayer

163 days 6 hours ago - onPause writes: inFamouns Second Son will not feature multiplayer in a traditional sense which is music to my ears. Too often do we get tacked o... | Opinion piece | PS4


onPause Review: Thrustmaster Y-250CPX Multi-Platform Headset

163 days 18 hours ago - onPause writes: One of the main factors the Y-250CPX should be on your radar is not just its great quality in the mid range gaming headsets but... | Review | PC


Age of Wonders III Rogue Leader Class revealed

167 days 11 hours ago - onPause writes: Oh hey guys, were you looking for a Rogue Class in the upcoming Age of Wonders III? Well, good news, I have this reveal trailer... | News | PC


So, I am building a Gaming PC in 2014

168 days 15 hours ago - onPause writes: After weeks and weeks of research it was time to finally nail down my specs and click the ‘Submit Order’ button. This was no eas... | Opinion piece | PC


Here’s why Early Access Games shouldn’t be reviewed

169 days 8 hours ago - onPause writes: The question that we ask now is, ‘Should we review Early Access games when they become available?, and I think the answer is no. | Opinion piece | PC


New RTS Etherium gets first Details and Teaser Trailer

172 days 17 hours ago - onPause writes: Today Focus Interactive has taken then veil off of its upcoming RTS Etherium by showing a first teaser trailer for the game wher... | News | PC


Bound By Flame gets new screens and an official website

172 days 17 hours ago - onPause writes: Today Bound By Flame did not only get a few new screenshots but also launched its official website which comes with a lot more i... | News | PC


Divinity: Original Sin hits Steam Early Access

173 days 5 hours ago - onPause writes: So the guys behind Divinity: Original Sin raised $1 Million in crowdfunding and had been hard at work to bring you the game and... | News | PC


How ‘PlayStation Now’ can win Gamers over

176 days 23 hours ago - onPause writes: "Games media got a hold of the tech in a relatively real world scenario at CES and says it works pretty well with some input lag... | Opinion piece | PS3


Steam Early Access game Blackguards gets a new Chapter

187 days 20 hours ago - onPause writes: Blackguards, the new RPG from Daedalic Entertainment, which is also a Steam Early Access game, has received an update with chapt... | News | PC


We are still far from an All-Digital Console Future

187 days 21 hours ago - onPause writes: Recently it was reported that one of the versions of the Xbox One was potentially not going to have a Blu-Ray drive in it and wa... | Opinion piece | PC


EA sends out Battlefield 4 Survey to address Issues

191 days 10 hours ago - onPause writes: Battlefield 4 had a rocky start and continues to be plagued by bugs in multiplayer which has been a thorn in EA and DICE’s eyes... | News | PC


Andreas’ Top Ten Games of 2013

193 days 1 hour ago - onPause writes: 2013 was one hell of a year and doing a Top 10 list may not even be enough to capture all of the games I loved playing this year... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 3 unannounced Games we want to see at E3 2014

194 days 1 hour ago - onPause writes: 2013 has been an incredible year for games and the industry in general with new consoles launching the the existing consoles hav... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 Video Games to play this Christmas Break

197 days 13 hours ago - onPause writes: Christmas is here everyone – Ho Ho Ho – and now you have a lot of time on your hands to play games. Not just any games tho guys.... | Opinion piece | PC


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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