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6 Cases of Terrible Fashion in Games

92 days 22 hours ago - AlienLion: "...when it comes to video games, the same person who designs characters’ dresses also designs the same game’s chainsaw bloodhammers.... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Mosts of 2014 in Gaming

145 days 7 hours ago - AlienLionL "How's about we look back at the year 2014 in gaming? Everyone else is doing it. Now, I haven't played every game to come out last year... | Opinion piece | Culture


Mortal Kombat X Trailer Impressions and Game Wish List

391 days 23 hours ago - AlienLion: "The debut trailer for Mortal Kombat X is here, and more details are probably to follow in just a matter of days, at this year’s E3. S... | Opinion piece | Culture


What The Game ‘Journey’ Is Really About

623 days 22 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "This is a rather unusual piece by our returning guest writer, noBanana. We have no definite opinion here but the whole this i... | Opinion piece | Culture



Now - Step into the shoes – or rather, the ectoplasm – of a peaceful ghost residing inside a haunted mansion, thriving in the cold and dark environments... | Promoted post

4 Reasons Why We Don’t Need Anymore Consoles

705 days 20 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "It’s not like you need more reasons to love the 50′s, but that’s when man invented both video games and lasers. The decade is... | Opinion piece | PS4


6 Evil Facts About Nintendo

727 days 4 hours ago - AlienLion writes: In all the recent outgushing of gaming news, Nintendo has remained as relevant as a pair of testicles on one of those Justin-B... | Article | Culture


5 Points In Support of Used Games

738 days ago - This piece is a response, of sorts, to this video by The Cynical Brit (as if there is any other kind, right?). The Cliff Bleszinski linked to it in... | Opinion piece | Culture


6 Pieces of Suspiciously Familiar Video Game Music

744 days 18 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "Video game music is its’ own genre, wouldn’t you say? It’s always had a rather unique sound and mood, usually only fit for vi... | Article | Culture


E3 2013 Conferences. Microsoft vs Sony

752 days 20 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "We’ve all waited for exactly a year and survived through a freaking apocalypse to get here, the end of June 10th, 2013. Argua... | Opinion piece | E3


3 Compromises Microsoft Must Make If The Rumors Are True

757 days 17 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "In terms of importance, most of the Xbox One features that were announced at the May 21st unveiling paled in comparison to wh... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


7 Weirdest Video Game Cameos

766 days 1 hour ago - AlienLion writes: Everyone loves crossovers; otherwise, the comic book industry would never be able to afford producing stories that are actuall... | Opinion piece | Culture


Remaster Alpha Protocol (Urgent Letter to Obsidian)

769 days 18 hours ago - AlienLion writes: Prior to release, Alpha Protocol was everywhere. Every self-respecting ‘most anticipated’ list had to include it, even from th... | Opinion piece | Culture


Xbox One Reveal. Our (negative) Impressions.

772 days 22 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "So the eagerly-anticipated 'Xbox event' has come and gone, and as always, it's time for our impressions. Before I personally... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


5 Types of Achievements/Trophies That Must Die

832 days 21 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "If you’ve been with us for awhile, then you know that we love trophies and achievements. Hoarding aside, they are fun little... | Opinion piece | Culture


5 More Things You Never Noticed In Your Favorite Games

843 days 4 hours ago - You know that TV show, Breaking Bad? After so many seasons, have you realized that the only black guy in the show sells fried chicken and meth? It’... | Article | Culture


7 Disappointing Games That Broke Epic Promises

849 days 21 hours ago - AlienLion: 2005 – 2013, or the seventh generation of gaming (let’s call it that), was certainly fun but it will probably not be remembered for i... | Opinion piece | Culture


Impressions on PlayStation Meeting 2013

862 days 22 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "PlayStation Meeting 2013 has officially come and gone, delivering exactly what we all had expected and hoped for – the annou... | Opinion piece | Culture


6 Worst Game Titles of the Seventh Generation

870 days 17 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "As the seventh generation of consoles nears its’ mud dive, we feel the need for yet another round up, as part of our send off... | Opinion piece | Culture


6 Biggest Bitches in Video Games

877 days 21 hours ago - AlienLion writes: "There is a magazine called ‘Bitch’, and as you have probably guessed, it’s run by a bunch of feminists who can, well, run an... | Opinion piece | Culture


3 Things That Next Gen Consoles Should Enforce

888 days 18 hours ago - There are probably just two types of guys who would ask for stricter rules: the guy with a secret stash of unsettling private videos and the guy wh... | Opinion piece | Industry


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