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IGN Game Scoop: Why Gamers Hate Free-to-Play

723 days 14 hours ago - Exploring why we recoil when given a game for "free." | Video | Industry


The Order: 1886 - Used Games, Ready at Dawn, and GameStop's Survival

723 days 18 hours ago - IGN discusses where the industry is headed when devs are arguing with retailers in stores. | Video | Xbox 360


IGN- Playstation Conversation: The Best Rated-M Games Money Can Buy

848 days 16 hours ago - The best M-Rated games money can buy. | Video | PS3


THQ Dissolved, Saints Row, Company of Heroes Devs Acquired

917 days 20 hours ago - IGN- Following THQ’s auction of its assets, the new homes of THQ franchises are slowly being revealed. According to multiple IGN sources as well as... | News | Industry


Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Teenage Murderer Says He Loves Violent Video Games. NBC Thinks There’s A Connection.

918 days 4 hours ago - Kotaku- Last week, 15-year-old Nehemiah Griego killed his entire family: both parents and three siblings. He confessed to the crime, saying he did... | News | Culture


IGN- Mass Effect PS3 Review

961 days 17 hours ago - Mass Effect’s extremely late appearance on the PlayStation 3 seems to prove the old adage “nothing is impossible”. After all, Microsoft published t... | Review | PS3


This Is What It Looks Like To Ride A Dragon In Skyrim

966 days 20 hours ago - Shot this afternoon, here's what it looks like to ride a dragon in the world of Skyrim. You get this ability toward the end of Dragonborn, the new... | Video | PC


Animal Crossing Apocalypse: After the End of the Wild World

967 days 7 hours ago - Do you remember 2005's Animal Crossing: Wild World? I sure do. Despite its mild nature and repetitive content, I found myself alarmingly addicted t... | Article | Nintendo DS


Interested In The Tech Behind The Wii U’s GamePad? This Breaks Down How It Works.

967 days 10 hours ago - Perhaps it's not surprising, but what this video from The Clan of the Grey Wolf reveals is that much of the tech behind the Wii U's GamePad is stuf... | Video | Wii U


Ask The Creators of Assassin’s Creed III Questions. They’re Here To Answer Them Right Now

967 days 18 hours ago - Did you play Assassin's Creed III? Did you have any questions about it? Questions other than why the tree climbing is so awesome or how in the worl... | Article | PC


His Sick Mother Wanted To Play Mass Effect, But Couldn’t. So He Played For Her.

967 days 18 hours ago - For Daniel Starkey, Mass Effect isn't just the story of fighting the reapers and saving the galaxy. It's also a story about his mother, the person... | Article | PC


You Can Use The Wii U’s GamePad To Make Movies, Like This Short Horror Film

967 days 20 hours ago - Remember the Blair Witch Project? I thought that crap was real thanks to how the movie was shot with "found footage." This short horror film is sh... | Video | Wii U


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review | ConsoleXP

978 days 17 hours ago - Call of Duty is huge right now, there’s no denying it. It seems like anyone you speak with has at least heard of the series, if not played it. And... | Review | PC


IGN Readers Skipping Work for Black Ops 2

989 days 13 hours ago - Last week, we asked you to tell us about your launch day plans for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. And you responded in droves. | News | PC


Kotaku | These Old Folks’ Reactions to Black Ops II Are Adorable

997 days 13 hours ago - Gather a bunch of 50- and 60-year-olds in a focus group, show them Black Ops II’s violent, self-regarding trailer, and ask them what they think. Re... | Video | PC


Dishonored Review | ConsoleXP

1004 days 15 hours ago - First person. In the gaming industry, that term does not scream originality. For the past five or so years, the market has been flooded with copy... | Review | PC


The Walking Dead: The Game Retail Bundle Details

1012 days 3 hours ago - A promotional flyer has revealed details on the retail release of The Walking Dead: The Game. As told to IGN by reader Alexander Hann, GameStop is... | Rumor | Xbox 360


XCOM Enemy Unknown Review | IGN

1024 days 22 hours ago - Imagine that aliens are invading the Earth and you’ve been put in charge of the defense of the entire planet. That daunting proposition is at the h... | Review | PC


The Escapist | Dishonored Review

1025 days 11 hours ago - You will do many things in Dishonored that you have done in other games - you'll sneak, you'll snipe, you'll knife guys in the neck, you'll upgrade... | Review | PC


Resident Evil 6 Review | ConsoleXP

1028 days 16 hours ago - After the launch of Resident Evil 4 in the year 2005, the series took a new turn from survival horror to a more action oriented game play which was... | Review | Xbox 360


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