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Review: escapeVektor: Chapter 1 | Digitally Downloaded

1084 days 14 hours ago - Has Nnooo finally provided gamers with a reason to click on to the WiiWare download service? | Review | Wii


Play iPad Atari games with a joysitck and real buttons

1084 days 16 hours ago - Keen to get into Atari Greatest Hits on the iPad, but worried about the lack of physical buttons? Well, that’s not a problem any more. | News | iPad


Ten rare PS2 games that we'd love released on the PlayStation Network

1084 days 17 hours ago - The PS2 was a console with many, many, many good games that flew under the radar. Some are being remade with HD and trophy support, and this is a g... | Opinion piece | PS3


Spiderweb Software RPGs go cheap

1085 days 6 hours ago - Get your hardcore old school RPGs cheap and on sale, thanks to Spiderweb Software. | News | PC


Top Xbox One Exclusives to Look Forward To

Now - What are you excited for? Here are the ones we're really getting revved up for. | Promoted post

Looking back: Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon | Otaku Gaming

1085 days 12 hours ago - One of the true hidden gems of the Wii’s RPG library is Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon. | Review | Wii


First Impressions: A Game of Thrones: Genesis | Digitally Downloaded

1086 days 12 hours ago - Digitally Downloaded's Arnar L writes "So far, I‘ve played through the tutorial, a half a game of house vs. house and finished about six or seven m... | Review | PC


The five best Warriors games on PS3

1086 days 16 hours ago - There are a lot of Warriors games out there for the PS3, especially including Japanese imports. Which ones are the best value? | Opinion piece | PS3


New screens: Musou Orochi 2 (Warriors Orochi 3 in the west) + release date

1087 days 10 hours ago - Another day, another spectacular set of screenshots on Tecmo Koei's upcoming demon/ Samurai/ Dynasty Warriors mashup. Musou Orochi 2 looks like it'... | Screenshot | PS3


Review: White Knight Chronicles 2 | Otaku Gaming

1087 days 12 hours ago - White Knight Chronicles 2 does a lot of things well, but innovative is most definitely not what it is. It’s as traditional as the original game, wh... | Review | PS3


Are graphics better today?

1087 days 23 hours ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "I guess when it all comes down to it, the question here is not: are my eyes bleeding? But rather: am I having fun? I... | Opinion piece | Industry


Review: FIFA 12 (iPad) | Digitally Downloaded

1088 days 6 hours ago - Presentation glitches aside, FIFA 12 is a very, very easy game to recommend. | Review | iPad


Review: Mercury Hg | Digitally Downloaded

1088 days 15 hours ago - As an audio-visual experience (especially at the PlayStation Plus reduced price), this game is a must have. | Review | PS3


Review: Celestial Mechanica | Digitally Downloaded

1088 days 16 hours ago - The gameplay is not the greatest and there are other games that do more interesting things with the format. Celestial Mechanica almost feels like i... | Review | PC


Review: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (3DS VC) | Digitally Downloaded

1089 days 11 hours ago - Mario has had more outings than just about any other character in gaming. Even so, there’s nothing quite like what the latest eShop release, Super... | Review | 3DS


Zombie Driver coming to PSN and XBLA

1090 days 1 hour ago - Anyone have fond memories of Carmageddon? This is kind of like that. | News | Xbox 360


Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 | Otaku Gaming

1090 days 1 hour ago - Where EA is trying more and more to attract the casual players in with its sports games with single button controls and cute, silly, big heads, PES... | Review | PS3


Tecmo Koei's newest Warriors game to feature user-generated content

1090 days 11 hours ago - Tecmo Koei have been good enough for formally announce its newest Warriors project, Warriors Orochi 2 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. For the first time... | News | Xbox 360


It's like Farmville, but hardcore; Farming Simulator 2011 gets Platinum Edition

1091 days 1 hour ago - Publisher, Excalibur, is set to release a 'platinum edition' of its 2011 Farming Sim in October. Now, Farming Simulator 2011 is not Farmville. It's... | News | PC


Ten guilty pleasures sitting on my PlayStation 3

1091 days 9 hours ago - Everyone has a pile of these games – games that they know are not that great, or even downright bad, and yet the games somehow click with that pers... | Opinion piece | PS3


Review: Arkedo Series - 02 Swap (PSN) | Digitally Downloaded

1091 days 13 hours ago - Though 02 Swap is a limited and basic game, it plays really well and has near endless incentives to keep playing, to see the top scores run up the... | Review | PS3


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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