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Final Fantasy XIII-2; Fans, this game has fixed everything

1360 days 2 hours ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "Thanks to Square Enix we’ve all had the chance to play a whopping 1.7GB demo of the soon-to-be-released Final Fantasy... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Review: Boom Street/Fortune Street | Otaku Gaming

1363 days 2 hours ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "This game has all the charm of the other Mario Party games, but Fortune Street is different in that it has real depth... | Review | Wii


Review: Six Guns (iPad) | Digitally Downloaded

1365 days 19 hours ago - Gameloft has, with Six Guns, descended into a level of game development depravity so low there should be a circle of hell reserved just for it. | Review | iPad


Icon Games Entertainment Limited gives us an interesting insight into download sales figures

1369 days 10 hours ago - It's not all that often that publishers share sales figures, but Icon Games, on the back of a successful year, has been good enough to give the pub... | News | PSP


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

3DS Virtual Console Christmas buyer's guide

1388 days ago - It’s been a reasonably slow start to the 3DS’ Virtual Console. Since the console launched back in June, we’ve only seen 24 Game Boy or Game Boy Col... | Opinion piece | 3DS

Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIII-2; stuck between a rock and a crazy place

1388 days 22 hours ago - Square Enix can't win right now; if they make the game people want, they get criticised. If they go out on a limb and try something creative, peopl... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Review: Pokemon Rumble Blast | Otaku Gaming

1391 days 21 hours ago - Pokemon Rumble Blast might be little more than a stop-gap for the next real Pokemon game, but it’s anything but a lazy cash-in. | Review | 3DS


Ranking the Elder Scrolls games; from Arena to Skyrim

1392 days ago - Digitally Downloaded writes "So by now most of us have had a chance to properly digest The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s a good game, for certain,... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Pushmo - called Pullbox in some regions | Digitally Downloaded

1392 days 23 hours ago - The eShop is well and truly away now. After the rather spectacular Zen Pinball and the quirky Freakyforms comes Pushmo, a charming little puzzler f... | Review | 3DS


Opinion: Dear devs (especially you, Molyneux); stop with the moralising already

1393 days 20 hours ago - Zane from Digitally Downloaded writes: "The games should not act as a patronising parent, standing over the player, rebuking them for every action... | Opinion piece | Industry


Import Review: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD | Otaku Gaming

1395 days 21 hours ago - Sam from Otaku Gaming writes: "What it does, it does well. I wish that there was a stronger following outside of Japan, because the Monster Hunter... | Review | PS3


Review: Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts | Digitally Downloaded

1395 days 21 hours ago - Despite the fact Grotesque Tactics 2 tries to put a fresh spin on the story with the humor it presents, the game itself is really a lightweight tit... | Review | PC


Review: Assassin's Creed Revelations | Digitally Downloaded

1397 days 19 hours ago - Assassin’s Creed Revelations is a terrible, broken game. Not in terms of its technical production values – it looks and sounds the part of a blockb... | Review | PC


Review: The Bard's Tale (iPad) | Digitally Downloaded

1398 days 15 hours ago - Slight foibles aside, this is a great game to have on the iPad, and yet more proof that the device is a genuine contender as a gaming device. This... | Review | iPad


Review: Zen Pinball (3DS eShop) | Digitally Downloaded

1400 days 10 hours ago - The 3DS eShop's finest moment to date. | Review | 3DS


Import Review: Pulseman (Wii Virtual Console) | Digitally Downloaded

1403 days 2 hours ago - Game Freak is most commonly associated with the Pokemon series, but it’s certainly not a young company. In fact, it began releasing games for non-N... | Review | Wii


Review: Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades | Digitally Downloaded

1403 days 21 hours ago - Real Warfare is a fantastic RTS whose artificial intelligence and unit customisation marks it as something above the norm. | Review | PC


Review: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim | Digitally Downloaded

1405 days 8 hours ago - It’s a very, very good game for sure, but Skyrim has flaws, and they are flaws that, were they in any other game, would border on unforgivable. It’... | Review | PC


Review: Back to the Future | Digitally Downloaded

1405 days 8 hours ago - The videogame history of the Back to the Future franchise has been... spotty. No, on second thought, make that bad to non-existent. | Review | PC


Review: Stronghold 3 | Digitally Downloaded

1405 days 22 hours ago - Arnar from Digitally Downloaded writes: "I can’t help to wonder what went wrong in the making of this game. There are so many things in the game th... | Review | PC


Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post
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