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Has Pikmin 3 been Discontinued?

8 hours ago - High prices and low availability might imply that Pikmin 3 has been discontinued. The game was a major Wii U title when it first launched, but a... | Rumor | Wii U


No, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2 Isn't Coming 2015

8 hours ago - More than 42,000 people have shared a fake press release apparently confirming the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2. | News | PC


I Will Buy Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 – So Should You

7 days 1 hour ago - Final Fantasy VII is coming to PS4, and although it isn't the shiny remake many of us would have wanted, it's still an incredibly tempting offer. | Opinion piece | PS4


Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Pre-orders Were High

11 days 1 hour ago - Pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix were high, with at least one store having no stock for customers who hadn't already bought the title ahead... | News | PS3


Are you bored?

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Year End Review: Nintendo Continues to Climb

13 days 1 hour ago - From GamesReviews "We all know about Nintendo’s struggles in 2013. At least, that’s what too many people seem to want to focus on. However, if y... | Opinion piece | PS4


Dead Island 2 Beta is PS4 Exclusive for 30 Days

16 days 3 hours ago - If you bought Escape Dead Island and plan to play the Dead Island 2 beta on PS4, you're in luck - you'll get it a month earlier than anybody else. | News | PC


Ubisoft could work on an Assassin's Creed for Kids

25 days 9 hours ago - Comments from an Ubisoft staffer have suggested that the Assassin's Creed franchise might continue branching out to children, in the very least in... | Opinion piece | PC


Blizzard Web Engineer Calls for #GamerGate Employment Blacklist

27 days 10 hours ago - Blizzard Web Engineer Matt Schnee yesterday called for an employment blacklist of GamerGaters on Twitter. | News | Culture


Ninja Gaiden Petition Looks to bring Franchise to Steam

31 days 19 hours ago - A petition to bring all three titles in the new Ninja Gaiden trilogy to Steam is gaining traction. | News | PC


Six Minutes of Assassin's Creed Unity Glitches

34 days 2 hours ago - Assassin's Creed Unity is out - and it's broken. After the significant consumer confidence boost that was Black Flag, Ubi have once again dropped t... | Video | PC


Just Cause 3 Will Be the Game to Judge The New Gen By

34 days 9 hours ago - From GamesReviews: "There's a lot of talk, always, about maxing out consoles, about things that were impossible only a few years ago, and the co... | Opinion piece | PC


Advanced Warfare is the best thing ever... For Battlefield

36 days 2 hours ago - From GamesReviews: "For years, EA have tried to take the battle to Activision and for years they've fallen short. The PR smack talk every year D... | Opinion piece | PC


The Next Sonic Game Could Be Called Runners

36 days 23 hours ago - With Sonic Boom not quite on shelves, it might be a little early to talk about where the franchise is going next. Even so, a possible SEGA leaker m... | Rumor | Wii U


Shadow Moses like You've Never Seen it

42 days 12 hours ago - Solid Snake has been on many a mission, but perhaps the fan favourite takes place in the original Metal Gear Solid. One artist has recreated some o... | News | PC


Gabe Newell on How he Responds to all those Emails

50 days 14 hours ago - Gabe Newell is the billionaire head of the company behind PC distribution platform Steam, and is likely working hard overseeing projects that will... | News | PC


Getting the Pokemon Demo is a Good Idea

54 days 14 hours ago - From GamesReviews: "Get the Pokemon demo. Do whatever you have to do, but get the demo." | Opinion piece | 3DS


Dark Souls: Prepare to Die gets Steam Achievements

57 days 14 hours ago - Do you enjoy the painful masochistic nature of Dark Souls? Reckon you're a big fan? Now, if you're a PC player, you'll get to prove it, with steam... | News | PC


New-Gen GTA V Blow Out on its Way

58 days 1 hour ago - If you're interested in the new-gen re-release of Grand Theft Auto V, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled over the next week or so. The next issue... | News | PC


Current AC: Unity Build Suffers from Slowdown

59 days 7 hours ago - Early reports indicate that the current demo build of Assassin's Creed: Unity suffers from frame rate issues on Xbox One. | News | PS4


Final Fantasy XIII PC Pre-load available, File Size Revealed

69 days 18 hours ago - Final Fantasy XIII is going to be released on Steam tomorrow, and Square Enix are helping out those that have already bought it by allowing them to... | News | PC


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