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Why your next PC should be an ORIGIN PC

1003 days ago - Marcus of SelectButton spent some time with Jorge of ORIGIN PC during QuakeCon 2012 to find out what exactly separates ORIGIN from the competition... | Opinion piece | PC


RotoSchutzen review | SelectButton

1018 days 15 hours ago - RotoSchutzen may have an odd name, but this Xbox Live Indie title is definitely something to see according to Marcus from SelectButton. He spent so... | Review | Xbox 360


The Walking Dead: Episode 2 review | SelectButton

1019 days 11 hours ago - TellTale Games continues their Walking Dead game series with Episode 2: Starved for Help that catches back up with the group balancing between life... | Review | PC


QuakeCon 2012 Interview with Ricardo Bare | SelectButton

1021 days 1 hour ago - Marcus of SelectButton sat down with Ricardo Bare, Lead Designer at Arkane Studios, and chatted with him about his work on Dishonored and the effor... | Interview | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Press Select Podcast 14 - Quakecon Day 0

1023 days 17 hours ago - Kevin, Marcus, and Andrew sat down to discuss gaming news, reviews, and culture at the QuakeCon convention grounds a day before everything started.... | Podcast | Culture


A-Band Review | SelectButton

1024 days 6 hours ago - An Xbox Live Indie Game title that seeks to bring out the drummer in everyone, this more in-depth title seeks to make those former drummers for tit... | Review | Xbox 360


Total War: Shogun 2: Rise of the Samurai Review | SelectButton

1101 days 5 hours ago - Creative Assembly pushes players even further back in time with their Rise of the Samurai expansion for Shogun 2. Marcus of spent... | Review | PC


JAM Live Music Arcade Developer Interview | SelectButton

1103 days 22 hours ago - Kevin of sat down with developer Zivix to discuss their upcoming music title. He spent the time asking all of the important questi... | Interview | Xbox 360


TERA Review | SelectButton

1104 days 1 hour ago - TERA, the new MMO from Bluehole Studio, is supposedly going to change the face of MMO gaming. Kevin of took a lot of time with thi... | Review | PC


Tropico 4 Review | SelectButton

1122 days 14 hours ago - Marcus of took some time with Tropico 4 in order to learn a few things and hopefully deliver this review. He came back tanned, sme... | Review | PC


Warriors Orochi 3 Review | SelectButton

1124 days 7 hours ago - Take a step back into this combined ancient worlds of China and Japan and fight back to survive against the hydra and the encroaching darkness. Mar... | Review | Xbox 360


Blades of Time Review | SelectButton

1124 days 13 hours ago - Blades of Time, the spiritual sequel to the disappointing X-Blades, features the same lead as she finds herself trapped in a distant land without a... | Review | PC


Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat Review | SelectButton

1124 days 18 hours ago - Kevin from takes a literal swing at this double pack of combat simulation games based on the popular show from SpikeTV. He managed... | Review | Xbox 360


The Darkness II Review | SelectButton

1125 days 1 hour ago - Players return to the role of Jackie Estacado in The Darkness II, the sequel to 2007's original The Darkness. Rookie reviewer Ian of SelectButton.c... | Review | PC


Scarygirl Review | SelectButton

1154 days 8 hours ago - Scarygirl and her "scary" world don't necessarily live up to their monikers in this cute game. With the concept and overall design from Nathan Jure... | Review | PC


Choplifter HD Review | SelectButton

1158 days 15 hours ago - It takes a real set of brass to be brave enough to pilot a helicopter behind enemy lines to bring back those that need saving, and in Choplifter HD... | Review | PC


Shoot Many Robots Review | SelectButton

1160 days 15 hours ago - Marcus of takes a spin in the world after the robot apocalypse as Pickles Walter Tugnut (don't call him Pickles though, it won't e... | Review | PC


GrimGrimoire Review | SelectButton

1162 days 21 hours ago - Marcus of takes a trip back to the last generation of consoles to try out the re-released GrimGrimoire and deliver a review of thi... | Review | PS3


Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Review | SelectButton

1164 days 6 hours ago - Is it time to truly start fearing those evil alien blobs? Kevin of sits down with this sequel to the PSN original to deliver a rev... | Review | PS Vita


Puddle Review | SelectButton

1167 days 14 hours ago - Puddle takes a number of those flash puzzle games that involve liquid and pushes it a step further with even crazier antics, but does it push the e... | Review | PC


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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