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Interview: In Real Life Interview: Lawrence Tabak talks eSports, gaming kids, writing

26 minutes ago - From the interview, "In Real Life is an upcoming young adult novel about Seth, a troubled kid who dreams of a career in eSports. The novel opens as... | Interview | Culture


Hyrule Warriors Review: No Need for the Hyrule Historia | Technology Tell

3 hours ago - From the review, "Hyrule Warriors doesn’t do much of note with the Zelda mythos. [Lucas White] mean, not that Zelda ever does much with it either b... | Review | Wii U


Hyrule Warriors Epona DLC is essential

7 hours ago - From the article, "Everyone is super excited about the Hyrule Warriors Epona DLC announcement. They should be. Epona is a classic character in the... | Opinion piece | Wii U


I adore half of Skyrim’s civil war quest line

11 hours ago - From the article, "For those of you who’ve never played Skyrim, or who haven’t done the Civil War quest line, it’s a fairly straight forward quest.... | Opinion piece | PC


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Elite: Dangerous Chronicles 1: Collision Alert | Technology Tell

13 hours ago - From the preview, "I decided it was time to do things the right way. I deployed weapon hardpoints, locked-on, slowly accelerated. (Ok, not so slowl... | Preview | PC


Hack ‘N’ Slash Review: Hack the world | Technology Tell

1 day 12 hours ago - From the review, "The entire premise is unlike any other game [Jerimiah Mueller] have ever seen. On the surface, Hack ‘N’ Slash appears to be anoth... | Review | PC


Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! Review: The minimum maximum | Technology Tell

1 day 13 hours ago - From the review, "If this new version makes a splash, it’ll make for a hell of a comeback story. Unfortunately, while the core game is solid enough... | Review | PS3


Gauntlet Review: I Wish It Was Longer | Technology Tell

1 day 13 hours ago - From the review, "Gauntlet is amazingly fun. I loved every minute I spent with the game. The action is tight, the level design is excellent, the gr... | Review | PC


Rituals Preview: A Story within a Story | Technology Tell

1 day 13 hours ago - From the preview, "Rituals puts the Unity engine to good use in building its environment, discarding any attempt at realism in favor of a world tha... | Preview | PC


Here’s Your September 26, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

4 days 1 hour ago - There are 31 indie game bundles available this week, and the Humble Bundle for PC and Android 11 is among them. | News | PC


Meet Tomodachi Life’s most delicate, precious flower

4 days 2 hours ago - From the article, "If there’s one thing Tomodachi Life is known for, it’s spitting out abominations. Have you had any characters hook up in your ga... | Article | 3DS


My Skyrim daughter’s bunny now resides in Sovengarde

4 days 2 hours ago - From the article, "That rabbit stood against dragons. That rabbit stayed alive through bandit camps and camps full of Forsaken. Yet, it could not s... | Article | PC


Disney Infinity 2.0 photo diary: Groot and Rocket meet Miku

4 days 12 hours ago - From the article, "Instead of a standard, Disney Infinity 2.0 figure review, we’re going to be innovative. It’s photo diary time again." | Image | Culture


I feel bad about killing wolves In Oblivion

4 days 23 hours ago - From the article, "Leaving aside the fact that when you kill things in Oblivion, it leaves a big blood splatter, the wolves just look different. Wo... | Opinion piece | PC


ThuuMic Is the coolest Skyrim mod I can’t get to work

5 days 1 hour ago - From the article, "They call it Thuumic, and it allows you to audibly say the dragon shouts into your computer microphone, which then happen in Sky... | Opinion piece | PC


The Sims 4 Review: Building a Foundation | Technology Tell

5 days 10 hours ago - From the review, "The release of every Sims game is one tinged with shades of joy and regret. Happiness comes from knowing there is an entirely new... | Review | PC


Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright Review: Puzzling Trials | Technology Tell

6 days 14 hours ago - From the review, "Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright manages to work these formats into one experience rather effectively. The game begins with a t... | Review | 3DS


Skyrim’s stray dog may be a secret archer

7 days ago - From the article, "Why does Skyrim‘s stray dog have a high archery skill? No, that’s not the set up to a dumb riddle involving a stupid pun using t... | Article | PC


My Skyrim daughter will get her pet bunny killed

7 days ago - From the article, "The problem is, my kid now brings her bunny around Skyrim with her everywhere. Look, I’m not saying rabbits can’t be great pe... | Article | PC


Dragon Quest Review: History in your pocket | Technology Tell

7 days ago - From the review, "There’s no better feeling than playing a game you know you love. You’ve played it before, perhaps even dozens of times, and you k... | Review | iPhone


PS4 Game Release Dates

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