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Activision places $500 million bet on its next blockbuster franchise Destiny

522 days 3 hours ago - Activision Blizzard Inc intends to spend $500 million developing and promoting "Destiny," potentially breaking industry records as it seeks to bui... | News | Xbox 360


Mega64: Kutaragi's Way

564 days 15 hours ago - Lifetime achievement award winner Ken Kutaragi ("father of the PlayStation") presents the history of PlayStation in his touching, personal new film. | Video | Culture


YoYo Games and Sony Announce GameMaker: Studio Partnership for PlayStation Platforms

569 days 18 hours ago - Today at GDC, we're thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Sony to offer GameMaker: Studio support for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita a... | News | PS3


Does 900p vs. 1080p Really Matter? - Podcast Unlocked

594 days 7 hours ago - Thief is the latest game to ship in a lower resolution on Xbox One than PS4. How much does it matter? | Video | PS4


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

The Order: 1886 leaked gifs and screenshots

599 days 12 hours ago - Ready at Dawn is going to unveil The Order: 1886 around the world tomorrow. A new trailer awaits, but we would like to show you a sneak peak of thi... | News | PS4


Thousands attempt to play one game of Pokemon using emulator on Twitch

602 days 5 hours ago - If you fancy wasting away part of your Valentine's Day then head over to Twitch Plays Pokemon which, thanks to a clever emulator, is enabling thous... | Video | Culture


PlayStation Blog EU: February PlayStation Store sale kicks off today

611 days 23 hours ago - Today we’re welcoming February in with a fresh batch of new deals in PlayStation Store. For the next few weeks another wide selection of titles wil... | News | PS3


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare split-screen co-op is exclusive to Xbox One

617 days 10 hours ago - Battle for brainz in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare split screen CO-OP or Boss Mode exclusive to Xbox One Kinect and SmartGlass. Brian Lindley... | News | PC


IGN: Game Of The Year Is The Last Of Us

637 days 15 hours ago - When it came to my pick for Game of the Year 2013, it wasn’t really a contest. The other nominees were exemplary in their own right, but the fact o... | Opinion piece | PS3


Sony Hired Star Wars 1313’s Creative Director

639 days 12 hours ago - Dominic Robilliard, creative director on the canceled Star Wars 1313, has joined Sony Computer Entertainment America. Working as design director, R... | News | PS3


Teen, MILF, MILF, Hentai: What does your console of choice say about your sexual fetish?

673 days ago - Shortly after the PS4's launch, Pornhub announced that it was the first porn site to fully support the PS4. Destructoid reached out to Pornhub foll... | Article | Wii


Microsoft shuttering Victoria operations

673 days 13 hours ago - Less than two years after opening a game design studio in downtown Victoria, Microsoft has closed its doors, leaving at least 30 people out of work... | News | Xbox 360


Tetsuya Nomura And Other Square Enix Staff Are Working On New Puzzle & Dragons Battle Tournament

675 days 5 hours ago - We recently saw that Puzzle & Dragons will be collaborating with Final Fantasy Tactics spinoff Crystal Defenders. Looks like they’ll be borrowing m... | News | Mobile


PS4 has sold over 250k PS4s in the UK

677 days 1 hour ago - Over 250k PS4 consoles were sold in the UK in the machine’s first 48 hours on sale. Retail sources have confirmed the extent of PS4’s tremendous... | News | PS4


PS4 fastest-selling console in UK history

677 days 3 hours ago - Sony's PlayStation 4 is the fastest-selling console in UK history, according to official sales figures. Chart-Track said PS4 beat the eight-year... | News | PS4


Doom Creator John Carmack Officially Leaves id Software

686 days 15 hours ago - John Carmack, the programmer responsible for Doom, Quake, and more, has left id Software completely. “John Carmack, who has become interested in... | News | Industry


Microsoft to sever all ties with KSI

686 days 16 hours ago - "At the Xbox One launch in London last night, KSI performed a song with three other artists, which was one part of a ten-hour event featuring a mai... | News | Xbox One


The Declaration of Play. This is #4ThePlayers

686 days 17 hours ago - Watch our Declaration of Play. This is #4ThePlayers | Video | PS4


Ninja Theory’s Antoniades: Xbox One is “completely the wrong direction”, mobile is the future

687 days 21 hours ago - Speaking at the Slush business conference in Helsinki last week, Ninja Theory’s design chief Tameem Antoniades was less than complimentary about th... | Article | PC


Good News About Kotaku's Once-Broken PS4...

694 days 9 hours ago - Kotaku's malfunctioning PS4, the one we mentioned in our review of Sony's new console, has been fixed. It turns out that the fix was an easy one. W... | Video | PS4


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post
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