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Top 5 Changes We Want to See in Star Wars Battlefront Based on the Beta

2 hours ago - PSLS's Top 5 video takes a look at the things they want to see improved in Star Wars Battlefront, based on the beta version. | Opinion piece | PC


Quick Tips – Star Wars Battlefront Beta Final Star Card Unlock, the Sharpshooter Trait

5 days ago - In PlayStation LifeStyle's latest Quick Tips video they’ve gone ahead and unlocked the most expensive item in the Star Wars Battlefront beta. | Video | PC


Top 5 Things You Need to Try in the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

7 days 3 hours ago - What should you try in the Star Wars Battlefront beta? Check out PSLS' video to find out. | Video | PC


Quick Tips – PS4 Update 3.00

11 days 2 hours ago - In this latest edition of PlayStation LifeStyle’s Quick Tips, they take a look at not a game, but a firmware update. | Video | PS4


MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

Joining PlayStation 4 Communities via Friend Search

12 days 2 hours ago - Here's how to join PS4 communities via the friend search function | Video | PS4


Top 5 Changes We Want to See in Rainbow Six Siege

14 days 2 hours ago - PSLS lists the Top 5 changes they want to see in Rainbow Six Siege at launch. | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 Best Video Game Intros

21 days 2 hours ago - In this week’s Top 5 Tuesday video, PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at the best video game intros on PlayStation platforms. | Opinion piece | PC


Shuhei: Sony Has “Many” Unannounced PlayStation VR Games, “Almost All” JP Publishers Working on VR

22 days 2 hours ago - Scheduled to launch in the first half of 2016 for PlayStation 4, with a price like a new gaming platform, Shuhei revealed that PlayStation VR has “... | News | PS4


Rumor: PS2 Game Siren Spotted in PS4’s Live From PlayStation

22 days 2 hours ago - First posted on Reddit, then noticed by members on NeoGAF with the caveat that it could be a fake, a user uploaded a PlayStation 4 screenshot that... | Rumor | PS4


Quick Tips – Destiny: The Taken King

25 days 1 hour ago - It’s time for another episode of PlayStation LifeStyle’s Quick Tips! For this episode, PSLS give their suggestions on how to do well in Destiny: Th... | Video | Xbox 360


Yoshida: People Will “Totally Understand” Why Gravity Rush 2 Is PS4 Only

25 days 3 hours ago - In an interview conducted at Tokyo Game Show 2015 by PlayStation LifeStyle’s Heath Hindman, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, ta... | News | PS4


Destiny Easy Exotic Farming With Three of Coins Exploit

25 days 5 hours ago - PSLS reports on a way to earn a silly amount of Exotic Engrams through the Three of Coins! | News | Xbox 360


Now Loading…Apple TV Assaulting Consoles?! Do You Even Want It To?

30 days 2 hours ago - The PlayStation LifeStyle crew weigh in on what they think of the Apple TV as a gaming device. | Opinion piece | Tech


Versus - PSOne vs. PS2 vs. PS3

31 days 13 hours ago - It’s Versus time once again over on PlayStation LifeStyle! With PlayStation’s 20th anniversary happening this week, PSLS thought it would be a good... | Opinion piece | PS2


Top 5 Reasons Why Gamers Hate Call of Duty

35 days 2 hours ago - It's Tuesday and that means another entry in PlayStation LifeStyle's top five video series. In this week's episode, PSLS takes a look at the top fi... | Opinion piece | PC


Spoiler Alert – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Ending

36 days 2 hours ago - Here we are with another episode of PlayStation LifeStyle’s “Spoiler Alert;” where not only can you catch the latest game endings, but also have a... | Podcast | PC


Quick Tips - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

39 days ago - In the latest episode of PlayStation LifeStyle's Quick Tips video series, we take the hottest game of the month -- Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom... | Video | PC


Now Loading…Uncharted 4 DLC Announced Before Release and Micro-Transactions

39 days 2 hours ago - In this Now Loading, the PSLS staff talks about Naughty Dog announcing DLC well ahead of release and what we think of it, as well as what we think... | Opinion piece | PS4


Top 5 Best Metal Gear Solid Easter Eggs

41 days 15 hours ago - In this week’s PlayStation LifeStyle Top 5 Tuesday vid, they pick the top five best Metal Gear Solid Easter eggs (excluding those in Metal Gear Sol... | Opinion piece | PC


Last Chance for August’s Free PlayStation Plus Games, September 2015 PS+ Titles Go Live Tomorrow

42 days ago - Here’s the full list of titles being added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection for September 2015. | News | PS3


Get Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS - Now 60% off!

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post
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