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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "

An Insomniac’s View on the #1reasonwhy Discussion

1163 days 15 hours ago - Luke Crane, who works at Kickstarter as a Games Project Specialist and self-publishes his own RPGs asked the question “Why are there so few lady ga... | Opinion piece | Industry


Microsoft files patent for device that enforces licenses through visual surveillance

1184 days 12 hours ago - Microsoft has filed a patent for a system that could potentially use a camera to determine whether you're breaking its content-viewing rules or not... | News | Xbox 360


Not Enough Shaders Preview: Toki Tori 2

1192 days 13 hours ago - I already played a few minutes of Toki Toki 2 on PC at Gamescom. Now i took the time to play the same built on my PC at home. Did my positive impre... | Preview | PC


The Importance of Protecting Freedom of Speech and Expression in Video Games.

1195 days 15 hours ago - The freedom to speak your mind and express yourself is something that a lot of people take for granted, presumably due to living in the west where... | Opinion piece | Wii


Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

You Shall Not Pass Up a Chance to See the Latest LEGO Lord of the Rings Trailer

1272 days 19 hours ago - If Peter Jackson had cast LEGO minifigs to star in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, then maybe I wouldn't have fallen asleep so much. | Trailer | Wii


Film Crit Hulk Smash: A Few Words On The Ending Of Mass Effect 3

1278 days 9 hours ago - You guys hated the ending of Mass Effect 3, but Film Crit Hulk loved it. | Opinion piece | PC


Pando Networks CEO Sees a War Coming Over Digital Distribution

1284 days 4 hours ago - Cloud gaming and digital distribution are starting to grow by leaps and bounds and one tech CEO says he sees an epic showdown between traditional a... | News | Industry


Critical Path: Spector, Carmack, Levine, Meier, Kojima And Other Amazing Devs Talk Game Design

1290 days 23 hours ago - Ambitious game-design documentary crams together interviews with the industry's biggest names. Ever wanted to hear your game design heroes waxin... | Article | Culture


Valve Would Consider Cloud-Gaming If Customers Like Gaikai

1295 days 14 hours ago - Steam may end up offering streaming game services - but will likely wait for the cloud gaming market to prove itself first. | News | Industry


5 great horror games with bad graphics

1296 days 18 hours ago - 5 great horror games with bad graphics video with Rob Welch. | Video | PC


Kotaku:You Can Drive A Cab, Shoot A Deer, Dance On Stage, And Hit A Ball In Yakuza 5

1304 days 17 hours ago - In the Yakuza series, the protagonists do many things: Lead mobs, beat each other up, meet porn stars in clubs… Now, in Yakuza 5, it looks like we'... | Preview | PS3


The Evolution of Stars: The Unusual Astronomy of Mass Effect, Halo, and StarCraft II

1305 days 19 hours ago - Science fiction games are littered with dead and dying stars. Mass Effect has its supernova-blasted Mu Relay, eezo mines near neutron stars, and Ad... | Article | PC


Kickstarter: Legends of Aethereus

1306 days 14 hours ago - ThreeGates was formed in late 2010 by a group of people who all have years of experience in the game industry. The team has worked in the games fie... | Interview | PC


Interview: Christian Allen

1306 days 22 hours ago - Christian Allen is the creative director of Serellan LLC, and has previously worked on the Ghost Recon series. The company recently had a successfu... | Interview | PC


Club Nintendo Gifts Suck Less Now That You Can Download a Free Game

1308 days 9 hours ago - It happens every July: Club Nintendo announces its loyalty gifts for members who reached gold or platinum status in the past year, and everyone cra... | News | Wii


An Interview With Coma Studios

1308 days 23 hours ago - Today I interviewed Carlos Coronado and Dani Navarro of Coma Studios about their upcoming game and current Indiegogo project Coma. Coma is an atmos... | Interview | PC


This $1,238,099.99 Video Game Auction Boggles the Mind

1309 days 23 hours ago - For a minimum bid starting at a more than a million dollars, a collector is offering his entire catalog of video games for Nintendo home systems fr... | Article | Culture


One Shot, One Kill, No Skill: Why a Regular Gamer Started Paying to Cheat at Video Games

1328 days 4 hours ago - The tale of how a man from Canada became a person who pays a monthly fee to cheat at video games is like many stories about good people who slide t... | Article | PC

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