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The Last of Us Review: No compromise | Connect

958 days 11 hours ago - By Sergiu Knife The Walking Dead, The Road and 28 Days Later are some of the best films focused on humanity's ability to survive, even in a worl... | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review | Gamesource

958 days 12 hours ago - Gamesource writes: While we dream about the next generation and look at the emergence of a line up for Playstation 4, Naughty Dog's dare with a... | Review | PS3


Watch Sony’s The Last of Us Q&A from E3

958 days 14 hours ago - CapsuleComputers writes: Thankfully, what was perceived to be an untimely release for The Last of Us – during E3 week – has not had a negative e... | Interview | PS3


The Last of Us is beautifully heartbreaking | GmaNewsOnline

959 days 5 hours ago - By Michael Logarta Other games have tackled the zombie apocalypse before, but none give the player the sense of desperation and desolation that... | Review | PS3


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Why The Last of Us expands the concept of video game | Vadejuegos

959 days 7 hours ago - The keys to a more courageous commitment by Naughty Dog Vadejuegos writes: To uncover The Last of Us I looked askance at those responsible. A... | Review | PS3


The Last of US Review | LazyGamer

959 days 9 hours ago - "Transcends genre and even medium - it is simply a work of pure masterpiece." By Zoe Hawkins I had actually avoided most information about Th... | Review | PS3


Get Your Game On: ‘The Last of Us’ is PS3’s masterpiece | TheWeekender

959 days 10 hours ago - By Robbie Vanderveken Since its announcement in 2011, anticipation has been very high for Naughty Dog’s new masterpiece, “The Last of Us” and it... | Review | PS3


The Last Of Us: Game Review | TheHinduBusinessLine

959 days 12 hours ago - By Sabyasachi Biswas What Naughty Dog has created with Last of Us is a treat in ways more than one, for one very simple reason – the game is con... | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review – A Lesson in True Moral Ambiguity | TechnoBuffalo

959 days 18 hours ago - By Ron Duwell The Last of Us is the biggest leap the company has ever taken in nailing what games truly need to become if they want to be morall... | Review | PS3


‘The Last Of Us’ Review: Survival Or Surrender | BloodyDisgusting

959 days 18 hours ago - BloodyDisgusting writes: If this is the Playstation 3′s swansong, I can’t help but lament that it just might be singing too soon. Never have we... | Review | PS3


The Last Of Us Review | PlatformNation

959 days 18 hours ago - By Tim Poon The Last of Us is a massive story and enormous emotional undertaking and substantial mechanical device. It presents a complex woven... | Review | PS3


The Last of Us: Review | GBase

960 days 6 hours ago - GBase writes: Honestly? The Last of Us has blown me away as rarely before a video game. Where the term "video game" this work is almost not fai... | Review | PS3


The Last Of Us Review | CclOnline

960 days 10 hours ago - SPOILERS - Mark Reviews the latest outing from Naughty Dog By Mark Relton Perfection not a word I use often to describe any game, but this na... | Review | PS3


The Last Of Us Review | Darkstation

960 days 18 hours ago - Darkstation writes: With all of the sequels, with all of the first person shooters, with all of the over-promise and under-delivery of games the... | Review | PS3


Playstation 3 The Last of Us Gaming on a New Level

961 days ago - By Michael Smith The Last of Us features that perfect blend of believable characters; great character developing plot, and a world so real that... | Article | PS3


The Last of Us Game Review | OnlineCasinoArchives

961 days 10 hours ago - By Sam Peterson One of this year’s biggest releases for the PS3, The Last of US, has received a warm reception from gamers. The Last of Us pr... | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review – Naughty Dog’s Swan Song to the PS3 | n3rdabl3

961 days 14 hours ago - By David O'Neill I’ll start by saying right off the bat– The Last of Us is not just a master piece of this gen, but of all gaming. Sensationalis... | Review | PS3


Review: The Last Of Us | Fortitude Magazine

961 days 16 hours ago - By Danny Fieldhouse The game is just brilliant. Fantastic. A jewel in the Ps3′s crown just before the release of the Next Gen consoles, and what... | Review | PS3


Review: The Last of Us | VR-Zone

964 days 8 hours ago - By David Farrell The Last of Us is a game which players will fondly reminisce about many years from now. It isn’t perfect, but it is neverthele... | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review : A generation defining experience | AttackOfTheFanboy

965 days 14 hours ago - By William Schwartz The Last of Us is at or near the top of a very short list of must play games in 2013. The Last of Us not only fulfills the e... | Review | PS3


PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post
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