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The Real Tragedy in Mass Effect 3

1349 days 3 hours ago - ARWGG: "Forget the plotholes, inconsistencies and poor writing. Forget the unanswered questions, too. Mass Effect 3 is an absolutely amazing game.... | Opinion piece | PC


Thoughts on Zynga

1438 days 18 hours ago - ARWGG: "Why does Zynga matter? Well, they claim to get an estimated 227 million average monthly active users. To put that into perspective, why don... | Opinion piece | Culture


Video Games, Violence and Dildos: A Treatise

1468 days 9 hours ago - ARWGG: Having a dildo in your game is almost like walking around in sky-blue jeggings—but then holding an AK-47; at first, people see your pants an... | Opinion piece | Culture


Uncharted 3: Drake's Inception

1539 days 15 hours ago - GameLaunchMedia: "Check out this awesome fan-made trailer blending Uncharted 3 with Inception's Mind Heist theme song." | Video | PS3


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

What is the point of games journalism?

1581 days 19 hours ago - "What is the point of games journalism?" That's the question Shaquil Hansford posed to Brendan Sinclair, News Editor at, and the ensui... | Podcast | Culture


Pixel Apocalypse: Journey Beta Impressions

1600 days 22 hours ago - John Drotar from Pixel Apocalypse details the pleasantries of time spent in the world of Journey, thatgamecompany's PSN exclusive. | Preview | PS3


An Argument Against the PSN Pass and its Ilk

1601 days 9 hours ago - It would be easy to paint Sony with the “greedy corporation” brush right about now, and it’s true that’s why so many people do it. They are a busin... | Opinion piece | PS3


Let Me Tell You Something, Reggie

1612 days 17 hours ago - Pixel Apocalypse: Lately I’ve been thinking about what Reggie told us at E3. And you know what? He’s wrong. I know he ended up making a point about... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Skyrim Preview - Pixel Apocalypse

1617 days 18 hours ago - Pixel Apocalypse writes: Skyrim’s momentum and popularity seem to keep snowballing uncontrollably as we inch closer and closer to its November 11th... | Preview | PC


We Need New Ways to Multiplay

1624 days 10 hours ago - Pixel Apocalypse writes: Online gaming in general has seemingly been restricted to what is obvious. You either shoot people, race against them, fig... | Opinion piece | PC


The Case for Saints Row: The Third

1630 days 4 hours ago - This is a game where you go around nut-checking pedestrians with sawn-off shotguns. That's right; the main character just runs around the city stre... | Opinion piece | PC


Bargain Bin Beauties - Dorritos' Crash Course

1650 days 5 hours ago - If you've wanted to experience Ninja Warrior without all the working out and physical pain, this beauty is a bargain for you. Oh, and it's complete... | Video | Xbox 360


Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Ep 34 - Irish Cops and Dingy Broads

1654 days 2 hours ago - On this episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast Nathan and Shaq go in-depth with L.A. Noire (no story spoilers:). The conversation then transitions... | Podcast | Xbox 360


The First 20 Minutes of L.A. Noire

1655 days 4 hours ago - Pixel Apocalypse brings you the first 20 minutes of L.A. Noire's campaign in full HD. Conveniently enough, the first 20 minutes includes the first... | Video | Xbox 360


Red Faction: Armageddon Demo Walkthrough

1656 days 5 hours ago - Twenty minutes of the upcoming Red Faction Armageddon in HD brought to you by | Video | PC


Bargain Bin Beauties - God of War 3

1657 days 16 hours ago - This week we’ve uncovered quite a beautiful bargain, my friends: God of War 3! | Video | PS3


Portal 2 Review - Pixel Apocalypse

1673 days 1 hour ago - Pixel Apocalypse writes: As a seasoned hater, widely renowned in the hater industry, I find it hard to like much of anything. So when I played Por... | Review | PC


Bargain Bin Beauties - PURE

1692 days 16 hours ago - This off-road ATV racing game is what SSX Tricky would’ve been if its characters lived in a hotter, drier climate. | Article | Xbox 360


The Sony Witch Trials

1697 days ago - At this point, I am physically exhausted. This McCarthyite witch hunt horrifies me. I never thought I’d live to see anything like it. You probably... | Opinion piece | PS3


Bargain Bin Beauties: Demon's Souls

1699 days 19 hours ago - The claims of its unprecedented difficulty are severely overstated—in fact, the only thing that makes the game tough is that it actually punishes y... | Article | PS3


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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