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"Kitty got wet. "

The 1099 Episode 08: Kevin VanOrd of Trion Worlds

4 days 3 hours ago - "On this week's episode, Kevin VanOrd, former GameSpot senior editor and current English editor at Trion Worlds, joins host Josiah Renaudin to talk... | Podcast | Culture


The 1099 Episode 07: Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games

11 days 11 hours ago - "In this week's episode, former GameSpot editor-in-chief and current developer at Supergiant Games, Greg Kasavin, joins host Josiah Renaudin to tal... | Podcast | Culture


The 1099 Episode 06: Gamertag Radio's Danny Peña

14 days 11 hours ago - On this week's episode, Gamertag Radio's Danny Peña joins host Josiah Renaudin to talk about what podcasting was like 10 years ago, how to amass a... | Podcast | Culture


Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Completed in Under 8 Minutes

521 days 19 hours ago - GR said, "The prologue to The Phantom Pain has just been bested by someone what seems to be record time." | Video | Xbox 360


The Xbox One Games You Need to Play in August

Now - A new month has rolled up which means new releases are on the horizon. Microsoft has a fairly good line-up on the way for August, so let’s take a l... | Promoted post

Rumor: NBA 2K15 to Include Celebrity Teams

526 days 10 hours ago - GR said, "2K Sports might be adding a celebrity cast to the next NBA project." | Rumor | PS4


Early Titanfall Concepts Included Survival Horror Elements

526 days 18 hours ago - GR said, "Titanfall isn't exactly a scary game, but the development team did play around with survival horror elements early on." | News | PC


Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is Slower than Dragon Age 2

532 days 18 hours ago - GR said, "Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, the upcoming RPG coming out of BioWare, has a slower pace than its predecessor." | News | PC


Wii U Can't Handle EA Sports UFC, PC Port Possible

537 days 16 hours ago - GR said, "The first UFC game coming out of EA Sports won't make it to the Wii U, but a PC version is possible." | News | PC


The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 2: A House Divided Review | Gameranx

540 days 17 hours ago - GR said, "The Walking Dead returns to form with "A House Divided," which is one of the most complete episodes to date." | Review | PC


Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Comes With Controller Support on PC

540 days 17 hours ago - GR said, "The PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition will offer controller support, unlike its predecessors." | News | PC


Console Wars Film Adaptation Being Directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

550 days 18 hours ago - GR said, "A movie about how the video game industry got so huge is being made, but the duo putting it together might surprise you." | News | Culture


Cliff Bleszinski Responds to Gears Changing Hands

578 days 17 hours ago - GR said, "One of the main minds behind Gears of War has no interest in being involved with the new project." | News | Xbox One


Even Joe Rogan Thinks the Oculus Rift is Going to Change Everything

595 days 19 hours ago - GR said, "The popular comedian is absolutely smitten with the Oculus experience." | News | PC


Alien: Isolation Will Run at 1080p on Xbox One, PS4

597 days 18 hours ago - GR said, "The chilling Alien: Isolation will run at 1080p on both of the next-generation platforms." | News | PS4


Battlefield 4 has the Best Easter Eggs

613 days 18 hours ago - GR said, "If you're looking for the most authentic Easter eggs out there, check out what DICE has done in Battlefield 4." | Image | PC


EA: We're the Best Company in the World

620 days 8 hours ago - GR said, "Apparently, EA is the best company out there. At least, according to EA." | News | Industry


Battlefield 4 PS4 Impressions: A Hobbled Assault | Gameranx

644 days 15 hours ago - GR said, "The multiplayer's solid, but widespread data corruption makes it difficult to recommend Battlefield 4 on the PS4." | Review | PS4


Madden 25 Review: Not Quite Next Gen | Gameranx

648 days 18 hours ago - GR said, "Pieces and parts of Madden 25 look and feel like a next-generation product, but this NFL experience is a bit too uneven to be considered... | Review | PS4


Bethesda Registers Domain with Multiple Fallout 4 References, Dec. 11 Reveal Possible

652 days 19 hours ago - GR said, "This newly registered domain has one too many Fallout 4 hints to not be related to the post-apocalyptic series." | Rumor | Dev


Watch the First 15 Minutes of BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Right Here

654 days 20 hours ago - GR said, "The BioShock Infinite DLC is out today, and here are the first 15 minutes of exclusive gameplay for your viewing pleasure." | Video | PC



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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