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"This is an eggbeater."

Achievement Hunter Interview – Supanova 2014

439 days 2 hours ago - Attack On Gaming interview two of the Achievement Hunter cast, Michael and Lindsay at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney. | Interview | Culture


Attack On PR Stunts: Our Thoughts After The Watch_Dogs Nexus 7 Scandal

486 days 13 hours ago - "[...] If this was a launch event with a full build of the game, this move would make more sense, a lot more sense, in fact. But the moment word of... | Opinion piece | Industry


Behind The Scenes: EA Australia’s Gamescom Conference

733 days 22 hours ago - "Last night down in Sydney, EA Australia held a re-screening of the Gamescom conference that their company had held over in Cologne earlier this we... | Article | PC


The Speculative Issue With Free-To-Play

739 days 22 hours ago - "Free-to-play gaming is something that is quickly becoming a norm within the gaming realm. Free to play titles seem as though they are currently do... | Article | Culture


Check What Xbox One Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all Xbox One games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Rise of the Triad Is The Most Important Shooter Today

742 days 15 hours ago - "There’s no denying it, there has been an unoriginal movement in the First Person Shooter category of games for a long time now. Too many games hav... | Article | PC


Dungeon Dashers Preview | Capsule Computers

771 days 21 hours ago - "Dungeon Dashers is an up and coming dungeon crawler game from Jigxor. It’s described as a fast-paced turn-based dungeon crawler, which may sound i... | Preview | PC


Shootmania Storm Review | Capsule Computers

865 days 1 hour ago - "The Shootmania Storm video game is much like the other -Mania games in the -Mania series by Nadeo, in that not only do you get to play the game. B... | Review | PC


Malevolence: Sword of Ahkranox Preview | Capsule Computers

918 days ago - "Malevolence: Sword of Ahkranox is a rather unique feeling, looking and playing game in todays gaming environment. The team behind the title have t... | Preview | PC


Ace Combat Assault Horizon: ENHANCED EDITION Review | Capsule Computers

925 days 22 hours ago - "The Ace Combat series has been around for a fair few years now, since the Playstation 2 and Xbox era if I recall correctly, and the franchise has... | Review | PC


Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 070 – Seventy-B

928 days 22 hours ago - "This is our final podcast of this format, it is also the second attempt at a 70th Podcast, hence the B. I hope you all enjoy it, for we will retur... | Podcast | PC


Capsule Computers Lame of the Year Awards 2012

929 days 3 hours ago - "Hello everyone and welcome our first ever annual Lame of the Year awards in gaming. This year was a pretty lame year in gaming with a whole bunch... | Article | PC


Laikes PC Download Deals 29/01/2013

941 days 5 hours ago - Jamie Laike of Capsule Computers compiles a list of the best PC deals currently on the market this week. | News | PC


Strike Suit Zero Review | Capsule Computers

948 days 21 hours ago - "Did anyone ever watch Robotech? I’m going to assume yes as it is not only quintessential Anime viewing for Otaku, but it is also essential viewing... | Review | PC


MasterAbbott’s iOS Game Suggestions #47

952 days 23 hours ago - This MasterAbott guy continues to list iOS games that he prefers to play. Check out his latest suggestions within. | Article | iPhone


Laike’s PC Download Deals 15/01/2013

955 days ago - Jamie Laike of Capsule Computers goes through a comprehensive list of all the best deals in gaming this week. | News | PC


Game Saved – Episode 1 Pokemon and Lego: The Walking Dead

955 days 17 hours ago - Mari Shishido writes: "Game Saved is a video series where Mari Shishido will, most likely, know what she is talking about when she covers recent... | Video | PC


Age Of Empires Online No Longer Cost Effective To Develop

966 days 20 hours ago - Age of Empires Online is no longer serving content. Find out more within. | News | PC


Interview with FUSE Creative Director Brian Allgeier | Capsule Computers

983 days 4 hours ago - "Shooter games aren’t exactly hard to come by these days, but as the creative director Brian Allgeier, Fuse is a different animal from your norm. I... | Interview | Xbox 360


Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 069 – 69! Dude

983 days 7 hours ago - Capsule Computers writes - "This is our wicked 69th podcast. This podcast, you’d think, was filled with sexual innuendo and the like. Is it? Fi... | Podcast | PC


Metro Last Light – Interview With Jeremy Greiner | Capsule Computers

988 days 22 hours ago - Benjamin Webb of Capsule Computers writes - "At a preview event earlier this week, us here at Capsule Computers had an opportunity to sit down... | Interview | PC


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