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"Who took the Jam out of your donut?"

Music in Gaming Part I : In The Beginning

537 days 16 hours ago - Originally PolyStomper was going to make a top 5 list with the best compilation soundtracks of pop culture music in a game. Realizing that would e... | Opinion piece | Culture


What’s next for EA Sports and NHL 15? – Part 3

549 days 11 hours ago - PolyStomper wraps their 3-part series on EA and their NHL series, and will talk about what EA needs to focus on, what the next generation of consol... | Opinion piece | Culture


Console Wars: The Movie – can it be any good?

550 days 20 hours ago - Although the movie has only just recently been announced, the gloves are coming off. Any kid that grew up during the early Nineties knows you were... | Opinion piece | Culture


Hilarious retro video game ads

552 days 13 hours ago - The Eighties, a period in time known for the mullet (although Walking Dead is bringing this one back), leg warmers and sandwich makers. One other t... | Opinion piece | Culture


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

The 'Top 5' developers with the best track record

555 days 6 hours ago - The top 5 developers with the best track record are here, this is what we have waited for. In the previous numbers we have seen big studios like EA... | Article | Culture


Gameplay vs Graphics in racing

555 days 9 hours ago - In 2014 we now have two more systems, (the Xbox One and PS4 for those of you living under a rock), and the age-old discussion of Gameplay vs Graphi... | Opinion piece | Culture


Which Developer has the best track record? – Part 4

556 days ago - Polystomper breaks the Top 10 of the developers with the best track record and here are the big names in the video games. It should come as no surp... | Article | Culture


What’s next for EA Sports and NHL 15? – Part 2

556 days 5 hours ago - Part 1 of our series was geared towards what EA sports understands about hockey, the great gameplay enhancements over the years that definitely com... | Opinion piece | Culture


Which Developer has the best track record? – Part 3

557 days 1 hour ago - PolyStomper brings you the next five developers with the best track record as we countdown towards number one. This part of the countdown may have... | Article | Culture


Which developer has the best track record? – Part 2

558 days 11 hours ago - Yesterday PolyStomper published the top five out of the top 25 developers track records, today we bring you the next five as we countdown towards n... | Article | Culture


Which developer has the best track record?

559 days 12 hours ago - Over the course of the last 30 years, which developer has the highest overall average of best games reviewed? PolyStomper takes the top 25 develope... | Article | Culture


The Kickstarters you should be backing – Feb 2014

562 days 20 hours ago - Kickstarter and indie games go hand in hand these days, pretty much every indie game released in the last 12 months have been funded by some kind o... | Article | Culture


What’s next for EA Sports and NHL 15? – Part 1

564 days 11 hours ago - As NHL 14 drives through the second half of the year, I can’t help but look forward to NHL 15 on Xbox One and PS4. What does it mean? What will we... | Opinion piece | PS4


Polystomper Plays: Minecraft Super Smash Mobs with Mr3picman & Monketbutt123

565 days 8 hours ago - The boys are back in town! This time playing the Minecraft mini game, Super Smash Mobs. If you have ever played Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo y... | Video | PC


Another Castle – Alpha, now available

565 days 10 hours ago - The long anticipated and popular Kickstarter funded game ‘Another Castle’ has gone Alpha (V.03) and is now available to buy from the developer’s we... | News | PC


Xbox 360 Titanfall delayed to drive Xbox One sales

567 days 1 hour ago - Titanfall beta signups opened this evening, and only the Xbox One and PC versions are available for access. With many people wondering, why? Why wo... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The best video game controller ever

568 days 5 hours ago - Since the birth of video games one thing has remained constant, we have always needed a way to control our games. Whether it be helping us make a p... | Opinion piece | Culture


PolyStomper Plays : Pixelmon Minecraft with Mr3picMan & Monketbutt – Part 2

569 days 12 hours ago - Mr3picman & Monketbutt from are back to play part 2 of their gameplay of Pokemon Minecraft mod Pixelmon. Today they find the perfec... | Video | PC


PolyStomper Plays : Another Castle

570 days 14 hours ago - Another Castle is a ‘roguealike’ classic platforming game. You play as Andy, who’s looking for a random item, which may be a magical sword, a wizar... | Video | PC


PolyStomper Plays : Minecraft MCInfected

573 days 23 hours ago - Mr3picman & Monketbutt123 play the Minecraft Mod MCInfected. Can they survive the hoard? Can they stop their brains from being eaten? Today the pa... | Video | PC



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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