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XCOM 2 Review: Welcome Back Commander -Victory Point

1 day ago - VP Writes: It’s been 20 years since the aliens first set foot on Earth and unleashed a full scale invasion. Even though the XCOM Project was prompt... | Review | PC


Point Taken #4: Star Wars, The Witness, The Division, Bombshell

4 days 14 hours ago - On this week’s episode of the Point Taken, Sean talks about Bombshell, Patrick revisits Destiny, while Andrew and Alex give their thoughts on Ubiso... | Podcast | PC


Firewatch Review: Walkie Talkie - Victory Point

5 days 4 hours ago - VP Writes: Where the game shines is in its writing. Henry and Delilah are both humanistic characters, and the game feels like a real conversation b... | Review | PC


Point Taken #3: Third Party Predictions

13 days 15 hours ago - On the third episode of Point Taken; Alex gives his hands-on impression of Far Cry Primal, Steven talks about his obsession with TMNT, while the re... | Podcast | PC


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Bombshell Review: Not With A Bang - Victory Point

14 days 15 hours ago - VP Writes: Bombshell puts you into the shoes of Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison in her mission to rescue the President of the United States of America.... | Review | PC


Death By Game Show Review: Hard To Remember - Victory Point

17 days 3 hours ago - Death By Game Show is presented as an hectic strategy game where timing and resources are equally important to achieve victory. Inspired by the mov... | Review | PC


Point Taken Special Episode: Far Cry: Primal Interview

17 days 12 hours ago - Here is our interview with Paola Jouyaux, the associate producer on Far Cry Primal. Jouyaux talks about the crafting a Far Cry experience in the st... | Podcast | PC


Point Taken #2: 2016 Predictions

21 days 14 hours ago - On the second episode of Point Taken, the crew talk about Nintendo NX, Hitman, The Witness, and Mortal Kombat XL. Tyler also describes why Electron... | Podcast | PC


Final Fantasy VII Remake: Why A Multi-Part Release Might Not A Bad Idea - Victory Point

23 days 12 hours ago - VP Writes: In 1997, players were captivated by the enthralling journey that is Final Fantasy VII. We were charmed by a diverse cast of characters a... | Opinion piece | PS4


Darkest Dungeon Review: The Oldest and Strongest Emotion - Victory Point

24 days 2 hours ago - VP Writes: Euphoric Highs and crushing lows are as much a key theme in Darkest Dungeon as are the Lovecraftian aesthetic or the turn-based combat.... | Review | PC


Point Taken #1: So It Begins

25 days 13 hours ago - Victory Point is proud to announce Point Taken, our podcast dedicated to the latest in the Video Game industry. On the first episode we discuss the... | Podcast | PC


Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) Review - Victory Point

68 days ago - VP writes: I was afraid to give Beyond: Two Souls a shot. David Cage is quite the interesting character and the games he and Quantic Dreams make ca... | Review | PS4


Rainbow Six Siege Review (PC) - Victory Point

68 days ago - VP Writes: As I cautiously proceeded into what was once a tasteful kitchen within a suburban house, my heart raced. I had just eliminated another h... | Review | PC


Fallout 4 PC Review: Please Stand By - Victory Point

83 days 21 hours ago - VP Writes: It is a calm morning on October 23rd, 2077 when, coincidentally, minutes after you reserved a place for yourself and your family at the... | Review | PC


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Review: London’s Calling - Victory Point

86 days 17 hours ago - The Assassin’s Creed series had a lot to make up for after last year’s disappointing installment. While Assassin’s Creed Syndicate isn’t revolution... | Review | PC


Rise of the Tomb Raider Review: Within Reach - Victory Point

96 days 15 hours ago - VP Writes: Crystal Dynamics' is back at it again with Tomb Raider. Our review | Review | Xbox One


20XX Preview: Challenge Accepted - Victory Point

142 days 17 hours ago - VP Writes: Back in 1993, Mega Man X was introduced to players of the unforgettable bulky grey platform we all know as the Super Nintendo. For those... | Preview | PC


Wilds Collection – Onimusha: Warlords - Victory Point

143 days 5 hours ago - VP Writes: Once upon a time, someone decided that the Resident Evil series lacked mysticism and ninja protagonists. So it came to pass that the eng... | Opinion piece | PS2


It’s Cool To Suck At Playing Guitar In Rock Band 4’s Freestyle Mode - VP

150 days 23 hours ago - Victory Point writes:Rock Band 4 is finally back this fall with a new feature shifted towards celebrating the music, rather than climbing the leade... | Preview | PS4


Homefront: The Revolution Dev: ‘You Can Essentially Call This A Reboot’ - Victory Point

165 days 1 hour ago - During our Pax Prime demo with Homefront: The Revolution, Deep Silver talked to us about the transition from Crytek to Deep Silver and what has cha... | Interview | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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