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Hands-on with the Revenant in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns | GameZone

3 hours ago - GameZone: "This profession is as much of a throwback to the original Guild Wars as a profession can be in Guild Wars 2. The Revenant successfully b... | Preview | PC


Batman: Arkham Knight's latest trailer has some sort of hidden code in it

5 days 12 hours ago - GameZone: "Towards the end of the trailer, we see Scarecrow standing on a building in the rain. At around the 1:55 mark, some lighting strikes not... | Image | PC


Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review | GameZone

6 days 16 hours ago - GameZone: "A Dynasty Warriors title fused with deep strategy concepts that make it much more like Civilization. If you yearn for more than just kil... | Review | PS4


Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review | GameZone

6 days 22 hours ago - GameZone: "Dragon Ball Xenoverse is not the perfect Dragon Ball game, but it innovates a franchise that has long needed a fresh perspective. And wh... | Review | Xbox 360


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

How 'speed' plays a major part in Battlefield Hardline

7 days 13 hours ago - GameZone: "While our first conversation focused on the strategy portion of the game, a recent round table discussion with Battlefield Hardline's le... | Interview | PC


5 things we want in a new Rock Band

8 days ago - GameZone: "A new Rock Band hasn’t officially been announced yet, but let’s be honest, it’s going to happen. In light of this week’s rumors, which c... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


5 things that The Order: 1886 does well

9 days 21 hours ago - GameZone: "The latest PlayStation 4 exclusive from Ready at Dawn, The Order: 1886, released on Friday. But it was earlier in the week leading up to... | Opinion piece | PS4


Clash of Clans gets sneak peeks for new update

10 days 1 hour ago - Gaming Everywhere: "A new update for Clash of Clans is on the way, but first developer Supercell Games is teasing a few of the new features and twe... | News | iPhone


For MLB 15 The Show's Diamond Dynasty, simpler sounds better

11 days 18 hours ago - GameZone's Matt Liebl: "Sony San Diego has seemingly proved that you can simplify something without completely ruining the overall experience. Alth... | Opinion piece | PS3


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is bringing sexy back, with a whole lot of ass kicking | GameZone

12 days 10 hours ago - GameZone: "The easiest way to summarize DOA5 Last Round would be content, a ton of it. Not only is every character from all the other iterations pr... | Preview | PC


Xbox Ultimate Game Sale vs. PlayStation Critics' Choice Sale: Where are the best deals?

12 days 10 hours ago - GameZone: "Great deals can be found on both platforms -- we're talking hundreds of dollars in potential savings. If you only own of the two platfor... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


New Nintendo 3DS XL Review: A worthy upgrade | GameZone

12 days 12 hours ago - GameZone's Mike Splechta: "Coming from someone who actually enjoys handheld gaming, possibly more than console gaming, this was an easy decision fo... | Review | 3DS


Pokemon Shuffle Review | GameZone

12 days 22 hours ago - GameZone: "I love Pokemon Shuffle's gameplay mechanics. I like how this one is more focused on being strategic rather than fast-paced. I enjoy coll... | Review | 3DS


Why baseball is (hopefully) better with MLB 15 The Show

15 days 2 hours ago - GameZone's Matt Liebl: "MLB The Show has always been a solid series, but I think it's running into the problem that plagues Madden in that every ye... | Opinion piece | PS3


Big boobs are here to stay in the Dead or Alive franchise

17 days 7 hours ago - Gamezone: "That's why it's both interesting and refreshing to hear that Team Ninja is sticking to their guns, and not sacrificing their original v... | News | PC


Evolve Review | GameZone

18 days 2 hours ago - GameZone: "Despite repetitiveness in modes and characters, Evolve offers replayability thanks, in part, to its addictive competitive nature." | Review | PC


Total War: Attila Review | GameZone

19 days 2 hours ago - GameZone: "Long time Total War fans will be interested in the uniquely new features. Hordes, family trees, tech trees, and combat all have enough t... | Review | PC


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review: Wonderfully monstrous grind | GameZone

20 days 22 hours ago - GameZone: "Fans will be pleased with the sweet new weapon additions and some new combat mechanics, while newcomers will find the suite of tutorials... | Review | 3DS


New Nintendo 3DS XL commercials will make you cringe

22 days 2 hours ago - GameZone: "It's no secret that we love the New Nintendo 3DS XL; but, the new commercials for the system? Not so much." | Video | 3DS


Obsessive breakdown of the new Persona 5 trailer

25 days 3 hours ago - GameZone: "As expected of Atlus, there are a lot of aspects of the brand new Persona 5 trailer that need analyzing. Keep in mind that while some of... | Article | PS3


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (XB1) Review

Now - Ken buys too many costumes as Dead or Alive arrives on the new consoles. | Promoted post
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