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The Easy Peasy No Hack Guide to unlimited lunch boxes in Fallout Shelter

2 days 7 hours ago - GameZone: "I came across some rumors that sounded too good to be true, a way in which to get unlimited lunch boxes. Well, my friends, it is true. A... | Article | iPhone


343 Industries' Halo 5 ambitions are killing what set the franchise apart

2 days 8 hours ago - GameZone: "Removing split-screen from Halo 5 entirely is quite possibly one of the worst decisions 343 Industries and Microsoft has made with the s... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


RONIN Review | GameZone

2 days 12 hours ago - GameZone: "All in all, RONIN will not be for everybody. It can be very difficult, even seemingly unforgivable at times, but it rewards patience an... | Review | PC

Talking Whispering Willows' PlayStation release with LOOT Interactive

2 days 12 hours ago - GameZone: "Ahead of tomorrow's release of Whispering Willows for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, we had the opportunity to talk with newly inde... | Interview | PS4



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Two big modding features coming to Dying Light 'really soon'

2 days 12 hours ago - GameZone: "In addition to the mix of free and paid DLC for Dying Light, Techland is continuously working to bring PC gamers new modding tools. Spea... | News | PC


Arkham Knight shows PC gamers are the first casualties of the AAA market

2 days 23 hours ago - GameZone: "Batman: Arkham Knight is a new low for AAA PC ports. The game performed so poorly on PC that it has been pulled from stores and digital... | Opinion piece | PC


Terminator Genisys is doing something revolutionary with video games

3 days 10 hours ago - GameZone: "Described as "a true breakthrough for the movie industry," Terminator Genisys will play host to the first-ever in-theater video game exp... | News | iPhone


Steam features Ultimate General: Gettysburg on home page, completely owns Apple

5 days 17 hours ago - GameZone: "Amidst a major nationwide debate surrounding the usage of the Confederate flag in the United States -- a debate that has seen major Ame... | News | PC


Techland formally announces #DrinkForDLC campaign for free Dying Light DLC

6 days 18 hours ago - GameZone: "What started off as a joke mocking Destiny: The Taken King's Red Bull-exclusive quest has turned into an entire campaign of free downloa... | News | PC


Dying Light fans troll Bungie's Destiny Red Bull promotion

6 days 23 hours ago - GameZone: "Internet, this is why I love you. The Dying Light community have begun responding to Techland's request for players to share photos of t... | Article | PC


Fallout Shelter takes top spot on iTunes App Store

6 days 23 hours ago - GameZone: "Bethesda's venture into the mobile gaming space is paying off quite nicely. Announced today, Fallout Shelter -- the first-ever mobile ga... | News | iPhone


Destiny: The Taken King puts Guardians at an intergalactic crossroads

7 days 5 hours ago - GameZone: "Destiny is a game that's all about social connectivity. It's about coming together with your friends and blasting apart Fallen, Vex, Hiv... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Apparently, Destiny players are 'used to paying a premium' for downloadable content

7 days 18 hours ago - GameZone: "Gamers upset with how Activision and Bungie are handling Destiny's add-on content have no one to blame but themselves. After all, you al... | News | Xbox 360


Shape of the World will support Morpheus and Oculus VR

7 days 18 hours ago - GameZone: "Earlier this week, it was announced that evolving exploration game Shape of the World is coming to PlayStation 4, and now GameZone has l... | News | PC


Techland: Dying Light 2 'a no brainer,' but not at this time

8 days 16 hours ago - GameZone: "With Dying Light recently touted as the most popular title in Techland's history -- most recent sales reportedly around 4.5 million copi... | News | PC


Fallout 4 resolution and frame rate 'not limited in any way' on PC

9 days 21 hours ago - GameZone: "Looking to clarify some confusion surrounding Fallout 4's resolution and frame rate, Bethesda has officially confirmed the game will run... | News | PC


Why poor timing caused Metroid Prime: Federation Force's backlash

10 days 1 hour ago - GameZone: "The extreme backlash to Metroid Prime: Federation Force is expressly caused by poor timing on Nintendo's part. The game's quality is com... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Proof that this year's Steam Summer Sale is the worst we've seen yet

10 days 8 hours ago - GameZone's Mike Splechta, "Every year, PC gamers look forward to the Steam Summer Sale as a way to grow their library of PC games with titles they... | Opinion piece | PC


5 big E3 announcements we're still worried about

10 days 11 hours ago - GameZone: "E3 is finally over! It was a rollercoaster ride for video game fans that saw Xbox bring its A-game, Sony make dreams come true, and Nint... | Opinion piece | PC


Batman: Arkham Knight reviews for PC delayed

12 days 18 hours ago - GameZone: "So far, reviews for Batman: Arkham Knight have been overwhelmingly positive. The Batman brand and Rocksteady's history with the franchis... | News | PC


Indie Game Month Contest Details

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