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Are PS4 companion apps a fad or the future? The debate

790 days 6 hours ago - OPM: With more PS4 games using companion apps and second screen stuff to expand on their worlds or add new features, the Official PlayStation Magaz... | Opinion piece | PS4


Lego Marvel Super Heroes PS4 review – We built this city on block and roll OPM

790 days 7 hours ago - OPM: It’s official: no film franchise is safe from Lego’s relentless campaign of blockification. This time out silver screen stars Hulk, Wolverine,... | Review | PS4


Skylanders: Swap Force PS3 review – Toy-related collectathon returns with a new trick OPM

793 days 5 hours ago - OPM: Trying to explain to your other half why a 27 year-old man is sat in a dark room surrounded by kids toys might sound a tad weird, but there’s... | Review | PS3


Great PS3 moments: Big Boss’ final cigar & goodbye in Metal Gear Solid 4

793 days 9 hours ago - OPM: Smoking really is bad for your health… and, as it turns out, your tear ducts. The moment Big Boss and Old Snake put two decades of bad blood b... | Opinion piece | PS3


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Contrast PS4 review – Stylish charmer steps out from the shadows OPM

793 days 19 hours ago - OPM: It’s almost impossible not to love Contrast, with its noir-tinged glitz and Parisian swagger. Set in a dreamscape snapshot of Europe in the ‘2... | Review | PS3


inFamous: Second Son’s morality is about “small choices” & Batman say Sucker Punch

794 days 6 hours ago - OPM: A big feature of previous inFamous games has been its morality – decisions made by the player that impact the world and hero, for better or wo... | Interview | PS4


PS4 o’clock – PlayStation 4 big launch & Oculus Rift VR headset teased

794 days 20 hours ago - OPM: Here’s this week’s PS4 O’clock which looks at some of the huge numbers behind the PlayStation 4′s successful launch. There’s also an interesti... | Videocast | PS4


How The Division stole E3 on PS4 – Massive explain how it’s redefining co-op shooters

795 days 3 hours ago - OPM: You’re unveiling a new game – and a new IP, at that – at E3 2013. You’re announcing The Division on PS4, an online-focused shooter at a show t... | Interview | PS4


Battlefield 4 PS4 review – An almost amazing start to DICE’s next-gen ambitions OPM

796 days 4 hours ago - OPM: Interesting discussion (argument) I had while reviewing Battlefield 4 is what constitutes next-gen. Is it just good looks? Or is it something... | Review | PS4


Essential PS4 set up guide – tips & tricks for your PlayStation 4

797 days 5 hours ago - OPM: So how’s that PlayStation 4 settling in then? Got everything sorted just how you like it? Here’s a PS4 guide full of tips and tricks that you... | Article | PS4


Madden NFL 25 PS4 review – Expansion team forgets its personality OPM

800 days 9 hours ago - OPM: Imagine ordering the world’s largest steak sandwich, only to discover that while it looks succulent on the outside, there’s little actual tast... | Review | PS4


Need For Speed Rivals PS4 review – To protect and swerve on the streets of Redview County OPM

800 days 17 hours ago - OPM: PS4 racer Need For Speed Rivals feels like a something you’ve played before. That isn’t surprising at all because what’s happened here is that... | Review | PS4


The PS4 UK midnight launch in pictures – the late nights, the Helghast & the one that’s still going

800 days 18 hours ago - OPM: Were you in the queue last night? Or waiting for the doorbell to ring this morning? Either way the PS4 has arrived in the UK and to celebrate... | Image | PS4


PS4 o’clock how to: Sharing video from PlayStation 4 & Facebook login

801 days 23 hours ago - OPM: Here’s the first of a few PS4 guides and help. This one looks at editing video from your PlayStation 4 and sending it to Facebook using the PS... | Video | PS4


PS4 o’clock how to: PlayStation 4 camera set up & face login

801 days 23 hours ago - OPM: Here’s another PS4 tips guide to help you with the PS4 camera set up and its ability to login to your user account with your face. This covers... | Video | PS4


PS4 o’clock how to: voice commands on PlayStation 4

801 days 23 hours ago - OPM: Here’s a PS4 guide to voice commands using the PlayStation 4 camera. The options are simple but you can use them to switch between games, user... | Video | PS4


PS4 o’clock how to: set up Remote Play on PS Vita & PlayStation 4

801 days 23 hours ago - OPM: Here’s a PS4 guide to setting up Remote Play and Second Screen functions using the PS Vita. It’s a really simple process that can have you pla... | Video | PS4


PS4 o’clock how to: PS4 pad set up, speaker volume & headphone use

801 days 23 hours ago - OPM: Here’s some PS4 tips to help you get the most out of your DualShock 4 pad. It includes things like changing the speaker volume and using norma... | Video | PS4


PS4 o’clock how to: power settings, auto off, DualShock & stand by mode

801 days 23 hours ago - OPM: Power setting’s might not be the sexiest PlayStation 4 guide but if you want some tips to help get the best out of the PS4′s stand by mode, pa... | Video | PS4


PS4 release dates post launch – games on PlayStation 4 in 2013, 2014 & 2015

808 days 20 hours ago - OPM: Here’s all the PS4 game release dates for 2013, 2014 and 2015. There’s more than Uncharted 4 to look forward to over the next couple of years... | Article | PS4


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post
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